Investigator or Security or Officer or Police or law enforcement

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  • 8/6/2019 Investigator or Security or Officer or Police or law enforcement


    ===========Alan J. Janda===========109 W. 2nd StreetHowell, NJ 07731732-686-5461 Home732-325-4233

    ~~~~~~~~PROFILE~~~~~~~~Versatile and solutions-oriented criminal investigations professional with morethan 14 years of experience in overseeing domestic and international investigations. Versed in planning all investigation phases and coordinating with various agencies to achieve objectives. Solid techniques in conducting searches, seizures, surveillances, interviews, and interrogations, along with establishing proof of facts and evidence through findings that satisfy legislative, executive, and judicial requirements. Expertise includes aggravated felon, financial and child pornography investigations. Unique ability to team effectively with people across

    all organizational levels due to an engaging presence and powerful communication skills. Exceptional visionary focus; develop appropriate strategic plans to achieve targeted results.

    Background InvestigationsEvidence Collection/ProtectionCounter-Terrorism TechniquesFinancial InvestigationsCrisis ManagementReport WritingPublic SpeakingMedia LiaisonCase PresentationCriminal InvestigationFirearms CertificationSurveillanceUndercover Operations

    Worksite Unit LaunchMultilingual Skills

    ~ Possess Secret Security Clearance ~

    --------------------------------------------PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE--------------------------------------------Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)- Newark, NJCriminal Investigator/Special Agent, 1997 - PresentInvestigate issues that threaten national security; use legal authority to investigate immigration crime, human rights violations, smuggling (human, narcotics,

    weapons and other), financial crimes, cybercrimes, and other violations. Protectcritical infrastructure industries vulnerable to sabotage, attack or exploitation. Proactively uncover, develop and disseminate information regarding immigration law violations. Conduct investigations consistent with Treasury Enforcement Case System II, ICE policy and procedures. Present case developments, evidence and results to grand juries, trial juries, assistant U.S. attorneys, trial attorneys, supervisors, and others. Prepare investigative reports, correspondence and statistical reports. Investigate alien smuggling, organized single issue entitlement fraud, document and visa fraud, organized gangs involved with drug distribution, gun sales and violent crime.

  • 8/6/2019 Investigator or Security or Officer or Police or law enforcement


    => Served as ICE IMAGE (ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers) Coordinator for New Jersey for three years:~ Performed outreach and educational visits to employers throughout NJ. Speak to

    groups ranging in size from 2 individuals to 150 companies at once.~ Credited with signing one of the nations largest companies as a full IMAGE member.~ Received highest rating (outstanding) for all three years and an award with special recognition from Washington D.C. for efforts and successes.=> Received a six-month appointment as Acting Group Supervisor to lead the launch of a new worksite investigations unit of seven agents.~ Received outstanding ratings and monetary awards for excellence during assignment.=> Serve as a Lead Agent (Case Agent); develop investigative strategy tailored to fully develop case facts and bring investigations to prompt and logical conclusions.=> Worked on a three-month detail to assist in an investigation that garnered national press coverage, resulting in criminal prosecutions for worksite violations and public corruption. Rated outstanding for performance of duties during assignment.=> Member of the National Security Unit for four years; investigate individualsfrom special interest countries with allegations of ties to terrorist organizations; develop leads into companies and individuals potentially involved in terrorist activities.=> Maintain collateral duties of Firearms Instructor and Non-Deadly Force Instru

    ctor as one of five out of 150 agents qualifying quarterly and instructing up to25 agents daily in techniques promoting officer safety, proper use and understanding of the use of force policy and legal responsibilities as professional lawenforcement.=> Held continuing employer sanctions duties with the addition of presentations(speech, PowerPoint slides) to numerous employers regarding INS requirements for

    employers with respect to the authorized/unauthorized employment of aliens. Served as the Unit Training Officer and occasionally as acting unit supervisor.=> Led 10 INS agents and 30 contract security personnel for five months with accountability for safety of 4,000 refugees during Operation Provide Refuge.~ Performed emergency response to assaults and medical emergencies; assisted DOD

    police with investigations into rape and assault charges, perimeter security against both unauthorized entrance and exit from the compound, initiation of inter

    nal investigations regarding accusations of misconduct on the part of any civilian and or military personnel associated with the operation.~ Developed effective contingency plans for security and emergency situations.~ Coordinated constantly changing civilian, federal and military personnel to ensure uniformity of tactics and procedures in support of security goals.=> Contributed to Operation Tarmac, which dealt with employers and undocumentedaliens at airport security posts and in positions of national security interest:~ Investigated payroll records and employee files, took sworn statements, issued

    administrative subpoenas, made administrative and criminal arrests and presented evidence to the US Attorney's Office for possible prosecution.~ Worked with FBI/DOT/Port Authority/Social Security Administration agents and local prosecutors.~ Acted as lead agent in the NJ Operation Tarmac, with accountability for weekly

    reports to Washington, DC, along with the training of other agents in the proper working of Employer Sanctions Cases.

    Immigration Agent, 1996 - 1997Worked on employer sanctions cases involving use of informants and surveillance,

    obtaining sworn statements, and analyzing employment and payroll records through cooperation or the use of warrants; compiled evidence for civil or criminal penalties.=> Cases often led to apprehension of 100 or more aliens at a time requiring operations plans and logistics for up to 20 INS agents and other cooperating federa

  • 8/6/2019 Investigator or Security or Officer or Police or law enforcement


    l, state and local authorities participating in the simultaneous apprehension ofup to 100 individuals.

    => Prepared presentations and training materials for interoffice training on employer sanctions policy and mandates.

    ------------------EDUCATION------------------ZDAF, German LanguageGoethe Institute - Staufen, Germany, 06/1994Degree signifying proficiency in German

    B.A., Political Science (minor in English and Philosophy)Drake University - Des Moines, IA, 05/1991=> Graduated cum laude.=> Member of Pi Sigma Alpha (honors political Science Organization)

    Additional TrainingFederal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA, 2000=> Received 80 classroom hours to refine firearms skills and grant skills necessary to become an effective instructor.

    Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA, 1996=> Training program providing basic skills needed for federal law enforcement an

    d one month of immersive Spanish Language instruction.-------------------------------------------ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS-------------------------------------------=> Firearms Instructor for ten years and Lead Instructor for two years and TechAgent for two years.=> Collateral duty as Assistant Public Relations Officer (1998 - 2000); delivered numerous presentations to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies regarding INS policy, INS strategies for supporting local law enforcement efforts,

    and course of instruction on identifying fraudulent INS documents.~ Called upon to act as Public Relations Officer to meet with the media, respond

    to congressional inquiries and respond to inquiries of immigration related spec

    ial interest groups.=> Member of Post Bomb Olympic Emergency Response Team, 1996.=> Contributed as part of the post-9/11 emergency response team (2001); worked directly with the FBI and all federal/local law enforcement to investigate the persons and groups involved in the attacks.~ Performed constant and continual investigations/follow-up of leads and informants regarding the events surrounding the attacks and potential future attacks.~ Received recognition from the FBI and INS for service provided.=> Professional Organizations: Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, Fraternal Order of Police, Toastmasters.=> Language Skills: Spanish, German, Portuguese=> Technical Skills: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS project