Introduction to the Internet and HTML. Objectives Students develop an understanding of the origins of the internet Students will be able to identify the.

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<ul><li><p>Introduction to the Internet and HTML</p></li><li><p>ObjectivesStudents develop an understanding of the origins of the internetStudents will be able to identify the major players on the development of the internetStudents develop an understanding of how the internet has affected the way we communicate and live our daily livesStudents develop a </p></li><li><p>Topics related to HTMLThe WWWThe World Wide WebCERNThe European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, SwitzerlandBirthplace of the World Wide WebTim Barnes-LeeThe Inventor of the WebHe had an idea of collaborating with other scientists who would sign in into a remote computer</p></li><li><p>Topics Related to HTMLHypercards first index cards developed for apple computersHypercards could only access information stored within the computer and not remote computersDomain Name Systems (DNS)System of naming computersConsisted of letters separated by dotswww.ebay.comwww.latimes.comHTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol</p></li><li><p>Examples of Domain Extensions</p></li><li><p>Topics related to HTMLHyper Text Transfer ProtocolA protocol used to retrieve documents via the webHyper Text Mark-up LanguageThe text format for HTTPBased on SGML (Standardized Generalized Mark-up Language)An adapted method by the international Internet communityA very simple and useful language</p></li><li><p>Topics related to HTMLMosaicFirst graphics interface web browserLynxFirst text browserUsed on DOS systems instead of a windows based system1993 1994HTML 1 &amp; HTML 2 is developedNetscape was formed in November 1994</p></li><li><p>Interface of MosaicSource:</p></li><li><p>Interface of LynxSource:</p></li><li><p>Interface of Netscape Browser, also called Netscape NavigatorSource:</p></li><li><p>Netscape Navigator with Frames Circa 1995Sources:</p></li><li><p>Internet Explorer In 1995Source:</p></li><li><p>HTMLHyper Text Markup Language is extended with new tagsIssues with Design/what to includeThe HTML Editorial Review BoardComposed of the largest Computer and Internet companies at the time (1996)Goal to agree on a common standard for HTML</p></li><li><p>Lets try it out (HTML)</p></li><li><p>References / Resources</p></li></ul>


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