Introduction To Metal And Aluminum Porch Awnings
Introduction To Metal And Aluminum Porch Awnings

Introduction To Metal And Aluminum Porch Awnings

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  1. 1. Introduction To Metal And Aluminum Porch Awnings Welcome to the website! Metal deck awnings are an attractive alternative to other forms of sun shading and enclosure -- uncomplicated, durable, and the price is right. First and foremost, they block out the sun and other elements and encourage you to use your deck or patio when you otherwise wouldn't due to temperature and other weather conditions. Another advantage to Metal deck awnings is that they protect patio furniture and other accessories from fading, raining damage, or getting blown away in hurricanes (as Florida residents know) and high winds. No awning or fabric sunshade can claim to do that, and metal is much more durable than any of these as well. And in actuality, though they're called "Metal deck awnings" they aren't just for decks! Metal covers have a wide range of applications, from decks and porches to carports and boat covers, to standalone structures. Construction: The majority of Metal deck awnings are aluminum, and they have advanced a great deal in recent years in terms of asthetic appeal. Modern aluminum patio covers are sleek , elegant and designed to match wood and any other materials your home might be built from. Not all Metal deck awnings are enclosed either. Some are designed to block some, but not all sunlight, such as the open lattice style. Deck awnings can also come in vinyl, a sturdy and maintenance-free material that outlasts its wood counterparts ten to one. The best forms of aluminum covers are rust resistant and don't require paint - if you purchase a more inexpensive version that requires periodic touch-ups you'll need to get a certain kind of paint designed especially for use with aluminum and alumawood structures. Installation: Many Metal deck awnings come in a convenient do-it-yourself kit that is easy enough for most homeowners to install. There's also a variety of plans available for people with more construction experience. Keep in mind, if you build your own patio cover than it's on you if it ends up having any kind of problem down the line: leaks, wobbles, gaps and crevices. To properly construct your own patio cover, you must have knowledge of where to insulate, where to reinforce, where the lighting will come from, and so on. For those who can't or rather wouldn't fool with building or assembling a metal patio cover themself, there's always the option of hiring a contractor to handle the particulars. If you go this route, you can be sure the get the right variety of patio cover for your home and particular climate, and have it profesionally added in a way that doesn't look like an afterthought. Prices: Keep in mind going in that a metal patio cover is going to be a fairly significant investment on your part. To give you an idea, here's a break down of several popular models, their sizes and pricing.
  2. 2. 12' x 14' Open Lattice Aluminum Cover, attached, maintenance free: $1600 10' x 20' Arrow Buildings Vinyl Deck cover, attached, vinyl-coated w/ galvanized steel: $1600 10' x 20' Classic Solid Aluminum Cover, attached: $1500 10' x 18' Classic Aluminum Solid Cover, attached: $1400 10' x 20' Classic Open Lattice Aluminum Cover, attached: $2200 8' x 10' Vinyl Patio Cover, attached: $2000 20' x 14' Vinyl Patio Cover, attached: $4500 8' x 10' Vinyl Patio Cover, freestanding: $2600 20' x 14' Vinyl Patio Cover, freestanding: $5000 By: Charles Matthews Article Directory: CB Michaels is a knowledgable generator of informative content and an expert writer, and nowadays writes about ideas to include aluminum patio awnings and vinyl patio covers.