Introduction Architecture.&.Landscape

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GRC 10 Architecture and Landscape

Text of Introduction Architecture.&.Landscape

  • Welcome to the Architecture and Landscape lesson for SAP

    BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0.


  • Architecture and Landscape is the second lesson of the Introduction to SAP

    BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0 unit.


  • After completing this lesson, you will be able to identify

    key components of the GRC 10.0 architecture

    the Access Control 10.0 architecture and components


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  • The GRC 10.0 solution runs on application server (AS) ABAP 7.02 SP5+ or



  • NWBC comes with the NetWeaver 7.02 installation

    Note: the flash player and dashboards work in both the client installation of

    NWBC as well as in the embedded NWBC in the browser.

    Note: A BOE/Crystal Server is NOT required in 10.0 for generating Crystal



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  • Version: ABAP 7.02 SP5+

    In Access Control 10.0 the architecture changed significantly as NetWeaver

    ABAP is used as the underlying platform.

    GRC 10.0 now has a single software component, which includes Access

    Control, Process Control, Risk Management, and Global Trade Services.

    The new Access Control architecture lowers the total cost of ownership

    (TCO) by eliminating redundancy in administration, configuration, setup, and

    end-user training.

    An enterprise GRC platform approach allows you to have complete

    management of all risks and controls from a single environment.


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  • You should now be able to perform the actions listed above.


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