Introduction: AAG 2013 Nystrom Competition Paper

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    Introduction: AAG 2013 NystromCompetition PaperPublished online: 25 Sep 2014.

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    Introduction: AAG 2013 Nystrom Competition Paper

    T he article in this section comes from the 2013Nystrom Competition. The competition, spon-sored by a fund established by J. Warren Nystrom,Executive Director of the AAG from 1966 to 1979,awards annual prizes for papers based on recent disser-tations in geography. Participation in the competitionis restricted to persons who have received their doc-torates within the previous three years and were AAGmembers during those years.

    The competition occurs in two stages. Applicantswho wish to participate in the competition submitpapers to the AAGs Nystrom Award Review Com-mittee. The 2013 Committee was chaired by ThadWasklewicz. Committee members included Julie A.Silva and Kevin Ward. The Committee selected agroup of finalists whose papers were judged merito-

    rious for presentation in special sessions at the 2013annual meeting. Finalists papers were then judged onthe following criteria: originality of ideas and potentialcontribution to the advancement of knowledge in par-ticular subfields of the discipline, clarify and effective-ness of the written paper, and quality and effectivenessof the oral presentation.After the meeting all the presenters were invited

    to submit their papers for possible publication in thisfocus section of The Professional Geographer. Three pa-pers were submitted for peer review, following thesame procedures as with all submissions to The Pro-fessional Geographer. One revised paper was acceptedfor publication in this focus section. We are pleasedto continue the tradition of presenting these Nystrompapers in The Professional Geographer.

    The Professional Geographer, 66(4) 2014, page 525 C Copyright 2014 by Association of American Geographers.Published by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.




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