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Introducing the New Food Guide Pyramid Introducing the New Food Guide Pyramid

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Text of Introducing the New Food Guide Pyramid Introducing the New Food Guide Pyramid

  • Introducing the New Food Guide Pyramid

  • What is the New Food Guide Pyramid?The new symbol for the guide to the food groups is known as MyPyramid. MyPyramid was developed to remind people to make healthy choices and to be physically active every day.

  • Lets take a good look at Mypyramid.What do we notice?

  • Be Physically Active Every DayThe person climbing the stairs reminds us of the importance of being active daily. Kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity on most days!

  • Why are some colored stripes wider than others?Some of the colored stripes are wider than others to remind us that we need more of certain food groups than others.

  • Every Color Every DayThe colors red, yellow, orange, green, purple, and blue represent the five different food groups plus oils. It is important to eat servings from each group every day.

  • How can MyPyramid Help Me?Following the food guidelines helps one establish a healthy diet. A healthy diet and 60 minutes of physical activity daily can make you healthier, feel better, and keep weight at an appropriate level.MyPyramid was redesigned because one size doesnt fit all. MyPyramid helps you choose foods and amounts that are right for you.

  • REDFocus on fruits! You should eat 1 cups of fruits daily. Although fruits do not require as many servings as vegetables or grains, be sure to include them in your diet!

    What are some examples of fruits we need to include in our diet?

  • ORANGEGrains are great! You should eat 6 oz. equivalents daily. For example, 1 oz. equals 1 slice of bread,1 cup dry cereal, or cup cooked rice or pasta. Grains are a large part of a balanced diet.What are some examples of grains we can include in our diet?

  • GREENVary your vegetables! You should eat 2 cups of vegetables daily. You can choose from dark green, orange, starchy, dry beans and peas, and other crunchy veggies!What kind of vegetables can we include in our diet?

  • Oils are not a food group, but you need some for good health. Thats why the yellow stripe is so small. Get oils from fish, nuts, and liquid oils such as corn oil, soybean oil, and canola oil.YELLOW

  • Eat calcium-rich foods and get at least 3 cups of milk daily. Also, 1 cup yogurt or 1 oz. cheese = 1 cup milk.BLUEWhat types of calcium can we include in our diet?

  • PURPLEGo lean with protein! Eat 5 oz. equiv. (1 oz. equiv. is 1 oz. meat, chicken or turkey, or fish, 1 egg, 1 T. peanut butter, oz. nuts, or cup dry beans.What are some examples of protein we can include in our diet?

  • QUIZ1. What are the five colors included in the MyPyramid? And what do they represent?2. What does the person climbing the stairs represent? 3. Why are some stripes wider than others? 4. On most days, how many minutes of physical activity is recommended?5. Why is following the food guidelines important?

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