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  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]




    Executive Summary.2



    Research Objectives5

    Summary of Literature.

    Secondary Data6


    Research Design.7

    Sampling Plan8

    Data Collection Method9


    Frequency Analysis.10-23

    Crosstab Analysis24-25

    T-Test Analysis.26

    One-way Anova Analysis27





  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]



    Executive Summary

    While attending UWW as a student, the research team noticed that for the past

    three years, there has been a lack of awareness in regards to the deadlines of

    intramural sports with the students that are attending.

    Before the team conducted the research into intramural sports, they knew that there

    was a mass interest in the range of sports UWW offered.

    The secondary research was a good source for resourcing the listing of the leagues

    available, this was because it gave us a good base of preliminary information.

    The main objective of this research proposal is to identify if UWW is generating

    enough awareness of intramural sports as they currently only give a 2-3 week period

    on closing the dates to signing up. We also looked into finding ways we can increase

    the participation by grabbing the attention of the UWW students and figuring out the

    main means of communication whether it be E-mail to their university account, text

    messages through their phone or paper posters/flyers.

    After the results of the survey were analyzed, we found that the majority of

    respondents have participated in intramural sports (73.6%). Although this is a high

    portion of the respondents, we noted that the majority of the respondents were

    seniors (57.3%), followed by juniors (21.7%). This suggests improvements for the

    awareness on the freshman.

    Based on these findings, this group recommends the creation of a program to target

    the incoming freshman of UWW. Some strategies suggested to efficiently

    communicate with the student body would be the use of mass SMS messages and e

    mail with a focus on freshmen.

    Females were rated 2.38 a scale of 1 being not aware to 5 being fully aware on

    information regarding intramurals and 44.6% of females have never participated in

    intramural sports. We recommend that more female orientated leagues could be

    introduced as a supplement to the normal intramurals. We also recommend that the

    intramural department should raise awareness on the sports offered to females.

  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]




    What this proposal will consist of is raising the awareness for intramural sports of

    UWW. Currently UWW has a vast range of sports to offer, but getting peopleconscious in the first few weeks are key.

    The problem that UWW has is the lack of awareness of the intramural sports on

    campus. The students are not informed about the range in services that UWW can

    offer and thus missing the deadline.

    By doing this research proposal there will be focus on targeting the students and

    associations to raise the awareness of the intramural sports that UWW provide.

    The proposal will compare what clubs UWW can offer compared to local universities

    as well as what strategies and implementations are used to gain awareness.

  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]




    The University of Whitewater runs an intramural program for both fall and spring.

    In each season the intramural available differentiate due to the differences inweather. This gives students the opportunity to play sports without having to be on

    an official Whitewater team. There are currently 20 intramural sports ranging from

    Indoor Ultimate Frisbee, flag football, soccer, to 9- hole Golf. This wide variety of

    sports gives student athletes the ability to find the sport that suits them best and be

    in more than one intramural sport at a time. The intramural sports have their own

    areas on campus which take place in buildings like the Williams Center, Roseman

    Building and the practice fields, each place used to suit each sport adequately. The

    current Assistant Director of intermural sports is James Friel, he looks over all

    intramural sports. Students choose their own sports and the teams that they will

    compete with. To enter an intramural each team signs up with names, ID numbers

    and team name and must submit them into the intramural offices by a specific date.

    The problem with this system of sign up for an intramural sport is that students

    arent given adequate time in order to sign up. Students are usually given about a

    week or less to find a team, gather the necessary information and hand it in.

  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]



    Research Objectives

    Find ways to increase participation in Intramural.

    Explore earlier notification or extended deadlines.

    Find ways to grab the attention of more students.

    Figure out the most effective means of communication.

  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]



    Summary of Literature

    Secondary Data

    In terms of secondary research there was very little surrounding the awareness of

    students on the UWW campus. There was however a good amount of information

    about the sports provided by the University on the UWW Sports Homepage

    ( ) which was used to obtain the entire listing of

    activities that are already a part of the intramurals program. We then used UWW

    Intramural Sports page to find the schedule of leagues and their respective

    timeframe in order to join them (

    While we did not perform a comparison, the team used two other campus sportspages in order to gather a larger composite list of sports provided throughout the

    state such as on Madison Intramural Sports (

    and Lawrence Intramural Sports (

    campuses. Finally the team used the University Library Marketing 321 research

    resource tool and the MRI+ website in order to gain some more perspective of sports

    participation throughout the state and further aid our preliminary research

    ( University Library

    Marketing 321, - MRI+ Reporter Tool).

  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]




    Research Design

    At first we thought that the research design would have been descriptive. This was

    because we wanted to know who, what, where, when and why students of UWW didnot know about intramural sports. But as we looked into our research objective after

    we had made the survey we concluded that the correct research design to use was

    the causal type of studies.

    We wanted to understand what values have effect on the awareness of intramural

    sports and establish a link between them. We are seeking to understand the reasons

    why students were and were not aware of UWW intramural sports.

    We will look to use a basic method of research via paper based and online surveys.

    What this enables us to do is target our sample market (The UWW students).

    The survey will be handed out to RAs in resident halls and also online through social

    media websites for off campus students.

    The survey will allow us to interact with the results and interpret them such as facts,

    values, attitudes or opinions in regards to the question. The survey we design will beused for both paper based and online, we will not have separate surveys as this

    would generate different responses.

    We selected surveys, as this is a structured way of gathering our responses on a mass

    targeted audience, as most surveys are now done online. This helps provide a

    structured approach to data collection.

  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]



    Sampling Plan

    The sampling plan consisted of looking into the student body of University Of

    Whitewater. This was because our survey consisted of testing how aware students of

    UWW were of the intramural program, thus they were our target market.

    The students were selected at random, through a number of resources; (a) Paper

    surveys, this is where we handed out surveys to RAs in resident halls and selecting

    residents responses. This was so we could target the students on campus. (b) A

    online survey, this was spread through Facebook, Twitter and Emails. We generated

    this survey as it would gather most of our responses as most student would prefer a

    online survey compared with a paper one. This online survey was aimed at lookinginto the UWW students who lived off campus as well as ones who did not live in the

    halls we sent paper surveys to.

    The sample design used was random sampling. This was because we wanted to know

    the probity of respondents who did and did not know about the awareness of

    intramural sports at UWW.

  • 8/2/2019 Intramural Research Report Final Final Version[2]



    Data Collection Method


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