Internship and Bachelor Project Computer Science

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HOP-dag 18. november 2009 UCN Teknologi & Business Datamatikeruddannelsen

Internship and Bachelor Project

Computer Science

1The written report you are to hand in at the endDate to hand inThe written report with signature is to be handed in 7 of November 2014 at 12.00. Size and formThe written report is handed in to the schools office in a signed paper version (maximum of 5 A4-pages) and in an electronically version send by email to both work placement coordinators: and

2The student must keep a log book during the work placement period. The log book makes it possible to write the Bachelor report and make conclusion about the learning outcome for the work placement period.

Working process3Content of the written reportFront page stating names, firm, school and work placement period.Preface with your signatureIntroduction and conclusion.Introduction of the firm.Description of tasks and functions that you have carried out during the work placement period in relation to your stated learning outcome.Reflexion on the educational value of the work placement period:In generalAccording to the stated learning outcome.Perspective and future work.5 pages in total excluding supplements.The firms statement about the students effort and abilities must be placed as a supplement.

4ExaminationThe exam is Oral and internalThe duration is expected to be 15 minutes incl. judgementFoundation for the judgementThe written report.The stated learning outcome.The log book.The firms statement about the students effort and abilities.The oral examination.Judgement: Passed or not passed.5Internship examen 14 of November 2014Friday 14/11-2014 SD 1.1.05StartEndJesper Kiel Jensen08:3008:45Ronni Hansen08:4509:00Richard Spence09:0009:15Tomas Grubliauskas09:1509:30Tomas Rimkus09:3009:45Michael F. Andersen09:4510:00Daniel Jensen10:0010:15Gregory Peter Gomes10:1510:30Jon Steinar Bjrgvinsson10:3010:45Jonas Erkildstrup Hansen10:4511:00Internship examen 14.11.2014StartEndKasper Villemoes Hald11:0011:15Kristian Riishj Jensen11:1511:30Kristian Vassard11:3011:45Nicolai Christiansen11:4512:00Paul Nordahl Andersen12:1512:30Rikke Lund Steen12:3012:45Thomas Helge Skovsgaard Srensen12:4513:00Birgitte Rye13:0013:15Evelina Mihailova13:1513:30Georgi Dimitrov Partulov13:3013:45Pritpal Singh Rupra13:4514:00Zhulieta Tihomirova Lecheva14:0014:15Bachelor projectInformation in generalGroupsReport max 40 normal pages + 20 pr. person Duration 10 weeksCooperation with a firmFrom interest or where you want to workStart 10th of November 2014 and end 12th of January 2014 kl. 11.00 in 2 copies and 1 CD-romExamination at January 20 - 22 2015Graduation 27 of January 2015

Agreements with companyThe agreement is made between the firm and the student at UCN Technology & Business.The firm are to describe the project together with the student. The firm appoint a contact person that are to deal with the student/students during the project.The project are to be documented in a written rapport. The rapport are handed to the firm at the end of the final project.The school appoint a councilor for the group whom in cooperation with the appointed contact person in the firm must ensure the foundation and professionalism in the project.

Problem formulationThe problem formulation must ensure that the students gets the chance to demonstrate there skills learned during the study in a broad sense as well as specialized knowledge. The student must show they can work methodic and on their own in a mature and professional way. Sometime new (for the student)Academic writing

Location and equipmentThe school can buy hardware and/or software for the final project but the budget are limited. The appointed councilor from the school must approve before applying at the IT service department in due time.

You can get access to the school out of normal working hours during the final project period. Contact Sren Topholm.

CouncillorWe appoint you a councillor.

When you start Bachelor Project you are to take contact to your appointed councillor.