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Internet and Social Media in Research-Tools and TipsChristina Baggott, RN, PhD, PNP-BC, CPONAssistant Professor Department of Physiological NursingChristina.baggott@ucsf.eduSeptember 11, 2012My program of research.. Symptom assessment Demographic Clinical Genotypic2My program of research.. Symptom management3Topics Covered Social media research resources REDCap Qualtrics CHR4 Privacy Issues and Security Internet & American Life Project910 Report11pwc Report12REDCap Sanctioned by CTSA Not just for data collection any more Easy communication with outside collaborators If aesthetics are important, consider Qualtrics Import data Create graphs Monitor usage/modifications Validate fields Use branching/skip logic Create paper trail, if desired Connect to other applications with API13Collaborate Worldwide14Instrument Bank15Export Data-One Click16Export: De-Indentified17Export: Statistical Packages18Report Builder19Schedule Study Visits20Upcoming Features Randomizer Matrix responses for Likert scales21REDCap Training22 Intermittent courses Register in Learning Center Visit booth at lunch todayQualtrics2324252627View Responses28Export Data29CHR Issues with Technology Research REDCap and Qualtrics preferred tools Security Privacy Other platforms may be approved, but may require additional scrutiny TIME Pre-Testing is essential Considered similar to other pilot research Maybe exempt if meets criteria Create stand alone application Can be cloned for future research30Exempt Research31Internet and Social Media in Research-Tools and TipsMy program of research..My program of research..Topics Covered Privacy IssuesPrivacy and SecurityPew Internet & American Life ProjectSlide Number 10pwc Reportpwc ReportREDCapCollaborate WorldwideInstrument BankExport Data-One ClickExport: De-IndentifiedExport: Statistical PackagesReport BuilderSchedule Study VisitsUpcoming FeaturesREDCap TrainingQualtricsSlide Number 24Slide Number 25Slide Number 26Slide Number 27View ResponsesExport DataCHR Issues with Technology ResearchExempt ResearchSlide Number 32