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International Trade Shows For Lifestyle Industry Slide 2 Problems of Thai exporters in Lifestyle Industry Losing the competitiveness in term of Capability, Pricing, Merchandising and Logistic. Unable to forecast and control the sales volume. Peak Off peak buying season / Capacity utilization control Mostly depend on the trade fair Slide 3 International Distribution Value chain Chain stores Mass Merchants Chain stores Special Stores Dep. Stores Mail Catalog Boutique Retailers Project Interior Designer Sales Rep. Distributor Wholesaler ImporterManufacturer Distribution Channels Through Sales Rep. Channel Typical ChannelCorporate Customer Channel Own Brand Channel Logistic Operator Customer Service Country Border Slide 4 Type of Customers Account in the Value Chain Direct Import Importers Mass merchants / Hypermarket / Discount stores Lifestyle stores Home improvement centers/warehouse membership clubs Craft/fabric stores/chains Department stores Full-line operations Others Regional / Local / Domestic Home accent/gift stores (Boutique Stores) Direct-to-consumer Retailers Traditional furniture stores Interior designers Department stores Full-line operations (Replenishment Program) Museum shops Others Slide 5 TRADE FAIRS FOR DIRECT IMPORT INTERNATIONAL TRADE Slide 6 Gifts, Home Dcor and Home Textile Slide 7 Ambiente & Tendence Messe Frankfurt Japan Others Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Hongkong International Gifts Fair Hongkong International Houseware Fair HKTDC Slide 11 Admission :Trade only. Visitors under 18 will not be admitted. Admission Fee HK$100/US$15. Organizer :Hong Kong Trade Development Council in cooperation with The Hong Kong Exporters' Association Major Exhibit Categories : Advertising Gifts & Premium Corporate Gifts Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Figurines & Decorations General Gift Items Green Gifts Luggage & Travel Goods Packaging Party & Festive Items/Wedding Favours Personal & Well-Being Gifts Pictures & Photo Frames Stationery & Paper Tech Gifts Testing, Inspection and Certification Toys & SportingGoods Umbrella and OutdoorGoods Watches & Clocks Trade Services Statistical Data : YearNo. of ExhibitorsNo. of VisitorsGross Area 20114,074*46,01988,035 sq.m. Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 Welcome to Christmasworld Slide 15 Slide 16 Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles and the global benchmark for quality design textiles of innovative functionality. Slide 17 Slide 18 Slide 19 Marketing strategy Tips & Trick Objective : Boost up export sales Focus on Big Guys or New Stars Focus by SKU / Items Find the key person Study, Analyze, Strategic offering Wholesale branding Not ready for End-user branding Slide 20 Global Gifts and Home decorative items Import Slide 21 ABROAD REGIONAL / LOCAL / DOMESTIC TRADE FAIRS Slide 22 (Sales Representatives /Sales Reps) Regional Reps Account Reps Showroom Reps Slide 23 US. Trade Center Locations Las Vegas Atlanta Highpoint North Carolina New York Seattle Washingt on Los Angeles (L.A.) California Dallas,Texas Chicago Slide 24 Slide 25 Slide 26 Slide 27 Slide 28 Slide 29 Slide 30 Slide 31 Abroad domestic business Wholesale price / Landed cost Distribute directly to the stores or customers DC. Carry the inventory / Absorb the return policy Very small order : can be 700-2,000 usd. Can be own brand channel Slide 32 Comparison Chart Direct ImportUSD.Domestic TradeUSD. Investment per show 18,000-30,000Permanent /Temp Per show 10,000-25,000 Ave. order5,000Ave. order1,200 Qty. of PO per show 5-20Qty. of PO per show 40-100 Ave. revenue per show 25,000-100,000Ave. revenue per show 48,000-120,000 Production Profit 20% 5,000-20,000Gross Profit per show 28,800-72,000 Fixed Expense per year 15,000x12 180,000 Repeat Customers0-2Repeat Orders0-6 GP per year 4 shows per year 20,000-160,000GP per year(4 shows per year) -64,800-252,000 Slide 33 Pros Higher sale price Less price war Can build the own brand Easier to forecast the sales volume Able to manage the hedge of the currency exchange Long term growth/ More negotiation power Suit for the limited production capacity items Slide 34 Cons Bigger investment Higher fixed marketing expenses Need more budget to carry the inventory Very small production batch Need to absorb the return items Need more market knowledge for design, development, merchandising, positioning and pricing Slide 35 Slide 36 Slide 37 Slide 38 Slide 39 Slide 40 SHOWROOMS Slide 41 Slide 42 Slide 43 Slide 44 Slide 45 Slide 46 Headquarter Thailand Vendor Evaluation Selection & Development Products & Design Selection & Development Market segment SWOT-Five force analysis For each products/vendor Merchandising Marketing plan Sales tools preparation Operation, Production Shipping Logistic And Financial Plan Production Materials Design Costing HR Workmanship Machines System SWOT Five-force Entrepreneurship Development Industry study Products study Competitors Comparison Products select Benchmarking Packaging Testing Design Theme Design Coordination Core competitive search Samples production Inventory data system Documents Paperwork Production planning Samples shipment plan Shipment plan Accounting system Financial projection Money transaction Market size evaluation Market channels research Distribution channels Target market analysis Pricing strategy Core competitive building Add up more strength Marketing strategy Branding strategy Positioning strategy Brand Identity design Catalogue design Display design Shelving design Company profile Brand story Photo offer Sales kit Marketing campaign Premium AD. Launching program Headquarter Function Slide 47 Regional Operation Showrooms, Events, Marketing Campaign Inventory Management/ EDI/ Warehousing/ Distribution and Logistic Brand Building Sales Troops Nation wide Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management Leasing Facilities Display design Maintenance Operation Dealers party Event set up Campaign set up Coding system Products data system Order Entering system Packing/Unpacking Picking /Repacking Shipping Invoicing Import clearing Daily customer response Order tracking Shipment tracking Return policy Customer information Customer feedback Dealer supporting program Media Ad Promotion Point of sales marketing Across the line promotion Premium promotion In store promotion Dealer supporting program Sales hiring agreement Sales commission policy Sales contract Sales kit distribution Sales incentive Sales reps Recruitment Sales reps Conference Sales target & forecast Implementation Monitoring Market feedback info. Accounting and Back Office Law IRS Working permit Visa Accounting Banking Payment collection Credit control Financial management Commission management Regional Office Function Slide 48 Creative Marketing Strategy for Thai Exporters Product development : not enough Channels Development All supply chain information knowledge Biggest No. of End-users : Winner &Highest negotiation power Total competitiveness building solution Low cost brand building Slide 49 : Gifts and Decorative Accessories Trends and Forecasts Survey, 2011 Slide 50 Slide 51 Customer Innovation Differentiation Technique + Function Value of Customer Cost Advantage Economy of Scale Economy of Scope Unique Design Variety Assortment Safety Stock Quick Response Accurate Lead TimeReliable Delivery Quality Control Promising Quality Strategic Alliance Expandable Capacity Back-up Labor Volume Production Committed Order Mill FactoryOffice Total Competitiveness Solution Slide 52 TOY S Slide 53 Slide 54 New York Toy Fair Slide 55 HOUSEWA RE Slide 56 LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS 3 1 1.) MAJOR WORLD FAIRS 1. MESSE, FRANKFURT, GERMAMY - AMBIENTE, FEBRUARY 10 HALLS 4,500 93 HALLS E.U. EXHIBITORS HALLS 4,8 9 HALLS ASIA HALLS 3 & 10 HALL 10 PRODUCT CATEGORIES VOLUME PASSAGE - TENDENCE, AUGUST 6 HALLS AMBIENTE 30% Slide 57 AMBIENTE, MESSE FRANKFURT Slide 58 Slide 59 2. HONG KONG CONVENTION CENTER, WANCHAI - HONGKONG INTERNATIONAL HOUSEWARES FAIR, 20-23 APRIL HONGKONG INTERNATIONAL GIFTS FAIR HOUSEWARES FAIR 5,000 20-30 HKTDC - MEGA SHOW PART 1, 20-23 OCTOBER HOUSEWARES GIFTS 1 5,500 20-30 KEN FAIR INTERNATIONAL Slide 60 Slide 61 Slide 62 3. CANTON FAIR 20,000 - CHICAGO FAIR, MCCOMMIC PLACE JANUARY MARCH - MACEF, MILAN, ITALY FEBRUARY - BIRMINGHAM FAIR, U.K. FEBRUARY MACEF MASION OBJET, PARIS, FRANCE Slide 63 2.) (REGINAL FAIRS) - BIG+BIH APRIL & OCTOBER 1,600-1,700 - SAITEC, JOHANESBURG, S. AFRICA 1,200 ASEAN SINGAPORE,MALAYSIA,INDONESIA & PHILIPPINES GIFTS, HOUSEWARES BIG+BIH 3.) SOLO-SHOW THAILAND EXHIBITIONS U.A.E., INDIA, BANGLADESH, SRI-LANKA, CAMBODIA, ETC. 1 - BUSINESS MATCHING MINI-EXHIBITION TRADE MISSION