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International Sale Old Master Paintings, Drawings and Prints Auction, Friday, October 7th, 2011


<ul><li><p>TheInternationalSaleOld Master Paintings,Drawings &amp; Prints</p><p>Lyon &amp; Turnbull Edinburgh28th September 2011Freemans Philadelphia7th October 20 11</p></li><li><p>TheInternationalSaleOld Master Paintings,Drawings &amp; Prints Friday, October 7th, 201111am</p><p>Sale Number 1411</p><p>1808 Chestnut Street</p><p>Philadelphia PA 19103</p><p>Tel. +1 215.563.9275</p><p>Fax. +1 215.563.8236</p><p></p><p>Catalogue: 15 / $35</p><p>See page 2 for viewing and</p><p>enquiriy details</p><p>Inside Front Cover: Lot 107Inside Back Cover: Lot 9</p><p>Printing by Brilliant Studio</p><p>Exton, Pennsylvania</p><p>Wednesday, September 28th 2011</p><p>11am</p><p>Sale Number LT329</p><p>33 Broughton Place</p><p>Edinburgh EH1 3RR</p><p>Tel. +44(0) 131 557 8844</p><p>Fax. +44(0) 131 557 8668</p><p></p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:24 PM Page 1</p></li><li><p>Viewing and Enquiries</p><p>Auction</p><p>Friday, October 7th, at 11am</p><p>Exhibition</p><p>Friday September 30th</p><p>10am - 4.:30pm</p><p>Saturday October 1st</p><p>12 noon - 4pm</p><p>Monday October 3rd</p><p>10am - 4:30pm</p><p>Tuesday October 4th </p><p>10am - 4:30pm</p><p>Wednesday 5th October 5th </p><p>10am - 4:30pm</p><p>Thursday October 6th </p><p>10am - 4:30pm</p><p>Limited viewing on morning of the sale</p><p>Specialists</p><p>David Weiss</p><p>direct tel: 267.414.1214</p><p></p><p>Maya ODonnell-Shah</p><p>direct tel: 267.414.1210</p><p></p><p>Commission Bids</p><p>Bridgette Bonner</p><p>tel: 267.414.1208</p><p>fax: 215.599.2240</p><p></p><p>1808 Chestnut Street</p><p>Philadelphia PA 19103</p><p>Tel. +1 215.563.9275</p><p>Fax. +1 215.563.8236</p><p></p><p>Auction</p><p>Wednesday, September 28th, at 12 noon</p><p>Exhibition</p><p>Sunday September 25th </p><p>12 noon - 4pm</p><p>Monday September 26th </p><p>10am - 5pm</p><p>Tuesday September 27th </p><p>10am - 5pm</p><p>Morning of sale strrictly by </p><p>appointment only</p><p>Specialists</p><p>Nick Curnow</p><p></p><p>Charlotte Riordan</p><p></p><p>Enquiries and Commission Bids</p><p>Lyon and Turnbull Ltd.</p><p>33 Broughton Place</p><p>Edinburgh EH1 3RR</p><p>Tel. +44 (0)131 557 8844</p><p>Fax. +44 (0)131 557 8668</p><p>email:</p><p></p><p>Please note that the the Conditions of Sale and Buyers Information vary</p><p>between Lyon &amp; Turnbull and Freemans - information for both can be</p><p>found in this catalogue.</p><p>Bidding will be in GB for Lyon &amp; Turnbull and US$ for Freemans - the</p><p>equivalent rate is given for each lot at 1 = $1.60 but should be treated as a</p><p>guide only.</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32:Layout 1 9/12/11 1:18 PM Page 2</p></li><li><p>TheInternationalSaleOld MasterPaintings,Drawings &amp; Prints</p><p>Session One</p><p>Wednesday, September 28th 2011</p><p>at 11am</p><p>Lyon and Turnbull </p><p>33 Broughton Place Edinburgh </p><p>EH1 3RR</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/9/11 11:49 AM Page 3</p></li><li><p>Electrical Goods</p><p>Lots that were once operated by</p><p>mains electricity are bought</p><p>entirely at the buyers risk. They</p><p>are offered for sale for display or</p><p>historical purposes and may not</p><p>comply with current regulations.</p><p>Bidding</p><p>At the Sale</p><p>To bid at the sale all potential</p><p>buyers must be registered with us</p><p>on or before the day of sale. We</p><p>will need proof of identification</p><p>and residence, and may require a</p><p>bank reference. Potential buyers</p><p>must collect a bidding number</p><p>before the sale begins, and show</p><p>that number if successful in</p><p>purchasing a lot. Please ensure</p><p>that the auctioneer repeats the</p><p>number correctly when</p><p>confirming the sale. If there is any</p><p>doubt at this stage as to the</p><p>hammer price or buyer it must be</p><p>brought to the auctioneers</p><p>attention immediately. All lots</p><p>will be invoiced to the name and</p><p>address given on your registration</p><p>form, which is non-transferable. If</p><p>you have purchased a lot you</p><p>may take your bidding number to</p><p>the accounts department and</p><p>receive an invoice immediately. If</p><p>you have not been successful</p><p>please leave the number at the</p><p>Registration or Reception desks.</p><p>In writing</p><p>Bid forms are available at the sale</p><p>and at the back of the catalogue.</p><p>These should be submitted in</p><p>person, by post, or by fax as soon</p><p>as possible prior to the sale and</p><p>we will bid on your behalf up to</p><p>the limit indicated. In the event of</p><p>receiving two identical bids the</p><p>first one received will take</p><p>precedence. They must be</p><p>received at the very latest at least</p><p>an hour before the sale. We will</p><p>do our utmost to execute these</p><p>bids but we offer this service</p><p>entirely at the bidders risk.</p><p>required to collect a royalty</p><p>payment for all qualifying works</p><p>of art, where the artist is still</p><p>living. This royalty will be charged</p><p>to the buyer on the hammer price</p><p>and in addition to the buyers</p><p>premium. It will not apply to</p><p>works where the hammer price is</p><p>less than 1,000 (euros). The</p><p>charge for works of art sold at</p><p>and above 1,000 (euros) and</p><p>below 50,000 (euros) is 4%.</p><p>For items selling above 50,000</p><p>(euros), charges are calculated on</p><p>a sliding scale. </p><p>All royalty charges are paid to the</p><p>Design and Artists Copyright</p><p>Society (DACS) and no handling</p><p>costs or additional fees are</p><p>retained by the auctioneer. Resale</p><p>royalties are not subject to VAT.</p><p>Please note that the royalty</p><p>payment is calculated on the rate</p><p>of exchange at the European</p><p>Central Bank on the date of the</p><p>sale.</p><p>More information on Droit de</p><p>Suite is available at</p><p></p><p>Damage and Restoration</p><p>Occasionally when a lot has</p><p>suffered extensive damage and/or</p><p>restoration it is indicated in the</p><p>catalogue. This is mentioned</p><p>entirely at our discretion for the</p><p>benefit of buyers. Where there is</p><p>no mention of damage and/or</p><p>restoration this should not be</p><p>taken to mean that there is none.</p><p>It is the buyers responsibility to</p><p>ensure that the condition of lots</p><p>is to their satisfaction (see our</p><p>Terms and Conditions of Sale).</p><p>Condition Reports</p><p>If potential buyers are unable to</p><p>inspect lots in person our</p><p>specialists will be happy to</p><p>prepare detailed Condition</p><p>Reports on individual lots as</p><p>quickly as possible. These are for</p><p>guidance only and all lots are sold</p><p>as found (see our standard</p><p>Terms and Conditions of Sale).</p><p>Buying at Auction</p><p>This sale is subject to our</p><p>standard Terms and Conditions of</p><p>Sale. If you have not bought at</p><p>auction before we will be</p><p>delighted to advise you.</p><p>Estimates</p><p>Estimates are printed below each</p><p>lot and do not include the buyers</p><p>premium. The sale will be</p><p>conducted in pounds sterling.</p><p>Dimensions</p><p>Dimensions are for guidance only;</p><p>it is the buyers responsibility to</p><p>ensure that they are correct.</p><p>Buyers Premium</p><p>The buyer shall pay the hammer</p><p>price together with a premium</p><p>thereon. </p><p>Antiques, Jewellery &amp; Silver and</p><p>Pictures (Not Fine Sales)</p><p>17.5% </p><p>All other sales</p><p>(Fine/Special/Collections)</p><p>25% up to 25,000 / 20%</p><p>thereafter. </p><p>VAT will be charged on the</p><p>premium at the rate imposed by</p><p>law. (see our Terms and</p><p>Conditions of Sale).</p><p>VAT</p><p>The symbol * by a lot number</p><p>indicates that VAT is payable by</p><p>the purchaser at the standard rate</p><p>on the hammer price. </p><p>The symbol by a lot number</p><p>indicates that the lot has been</p><p>temporarily imported from</p><p>outside the EU and that VAT is</p><p>payable by the purchaser at the</p><p>rate of 5% on the hammer price</p><p>and the buyers premium.</p><p>No VAT is payable on the</p><p>hammer price or premium for</p><p>books bought at auction.</p><p>Droit de Suite</p><p>This symbol indicates works</p><p>which may be subject to the Droit</p><p>de Suite or Artists Resale Right,</p><p>which took effect in the United</p><p>Kingdom on 14th February 2006. </p><p>Under this legislation, we are </p><p>Important Information for Buyers at Lyon &amp; Turnbull</p><p>By telephone</p><p>Bids submitted by telephone</p><p>must be confirmed in writing.</p><p>Telephone bidding</p><p>If you are unable to attend the</p><p>sale we can normally arrange for</p><p>you to bid on the telephone. This</p><p>service is available entirely at our</p><p>discretion and at the bidders risk.</p><p>All telephone bids must be</p><p>confirmed in writing, listing the</p><p>relevant lots and appropriate</p><p>number to be called. We</p><p>recommend that a covering bid is</p><p>also left in the event that we are</p><p>unable to make the call. We</p><p>cannot guarantee that lines will</p><p>be available, or that we will be</p><p>able to call you on the day, but</p><p>will endeavour to undertake such</p><p>bids to the best of our abilities.</p><p>Methods of Payment</p><p>Goods purchased will not be</p><p>released until we have received</p><p>full payment.</p><p>Cash</p><p>Cash payments can be made at</p><p>the accounts desk during or after</p><p>a sale.</p><p>Cheque</p><p>Cheques should be made payable</p><p>to Lyon and Turnbull Ltd. We</p><p>reserve the right to wait until</p><p>cheques have been cleared by our</p><p>bankers before releasing bought</p><p>goods. Cheques can be cleared</p><p>prior to sale on request. Cheques</p><p>drawn by third parties cannot be</p><p>accepted. If paying by post please</p><p>include the slip from your invoice.</p><p>Switch or Credit Cards</p><p>Payment can be made by Switch,</p><p>Mastercard or Visa cards. There</p><p>is a surcharge on credit card</p><p>payments.</p><p>Collection</p><p>It is the buyers responsibility to</p><p>ascertain collection procedures,</p><p>particularly if the sale is not being</p><p>held at our main saleroom.</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:24 PM Page 4</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; prints</p><p>wednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>5</p><p>1 FB367/2FOLLOWER OF SIR ANTHONYVAN DYCKHALF LENGTH PORTRAIT OFKING JAMES II IN ARMOUROil on canvas</p><p>76cm x 63.5cm (30in x 25in)</p><p>1,500-2,000 $2,400-3,200</p><p>2 FB367/4MANNER OF ANTONIO DAVIDHALF LENGTH PORTRAIT OFJAMES EDWARD FRANCISSTUART THE OLD PRETENDERIN ARMOUROil on canvas, feigned oval</p><p>76cm x 63cm (30in x 25in)</p><p>1,500-2,000 $2,400-3,200</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:24 PM Page 5</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; printswednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>6</p><p>3 FB367/1AFTER SIR PETER LELY HALF LENGTH PORTRAIT OFKING WILLIAM III IN ARMOUROil on canvas, feigned oval</p><p>76cm x 63cm (30in x 25in)</p><p>and a companion his wife Queen</p><p>Mary mounted within the same</p><p>frame (2)</p><p>Note:The portrait of King William is based onan original in Syon House, that of QueenMary on an original in the QueensCollection</p><p>3,000-5,000 $4,800-8,000</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:24 PM Page 6</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; prints</p><p>wednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>7</p><p>4 FB367/3FOLLOWER OF SIR GODFREYKNELLERHALF LENGTH PORTRAIT OFKING CHARLES IIOil on canvas, in shaped</p><p>cartouche</p><p>75cm x 63cm (30in x 25in)</p><p>1,500-2,000 $2,400-3,200</p><p>5 FB367/5AFTER LOUIS TOCQUEHALF LENGTH PORTRAIT OFCHARLES EDWARD STUARTTHE YOUNG PRETENDER INARMOUROil on canvas</p><p>76cm x 63cm (30in x 25in)</p><p>1,000-1,500 $1,600-2,400</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:24 PM Page 7</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; printswednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>8</p><p>6 FA230/2MANNER OF JAN VAN DEMEERTENDING THE FLOCKIndistinctly signed and dated, </p><p>oil on canvas laid down</p><p>13cm x 17cm (5in x 17.5in) </p><p>and a companion a pair (2)</p><p>800-1,200 $1,280-1,920</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:24 PM Page 8</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; prints</p><p>wednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>9</p><p>7 FB347/2FOLLOWER OF FRANCIA BIGIOMADONNA AND CHILD WITHST.JOHNOil on canvas, with the seal of the</p><p>House of Savoy, Seal of</p><p>Emmanuel verso, unframed</p><p>117cm x 89cm (46in x 35in)</p><p>Note:This is a period variant without thefigures around the well of the original inthe Kunsthistoriches Museum in Viennano.208</p><p>Provenance:Royal Scottish AcademyThe Veitch Bequest 1875</p><p>Note:The Veitch Bequest was a substantialacquisition of an Edinburgh collection ofmostly non-British paintings generallydescribed as Old Masters.</p><p>6,000-8,000 $9,600-12,800</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:25 PM Page 9</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; printswednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>10</p><p>9 FB674/116TH CENTURY ENGLISHSCHOOLHEAD OF CHRISTInscribed extensively: THIS</p><p>PRESENT FIGURE IS THE SIMILITUDE</p><p>OF OUR LORDE IHV OUR SAVIOUR</p><p>IMPRINTED IN AMIRALD BY THE</p><p>PREDECESSORS OF THE GRETE TURKE</p><p>AND SENT TO POPE INNOSENT THE</p><p>VIII AT THE COST OF THE GREAT</p><p>TURKE FOR A TOKEN FOR THIS CAUSE</p><p>TO REDEME HIS BROTHER THAT WAS</p><p>TAKEN PRISONER, oil on panel</p><p>27.5cm x 20cm (10.75in x 8in)</p><p>8 FA161/9AFTER HANS HOLBEINHALF LENGTH PORTRAIT OFHENRY VIIIOil on panel, feigned oval</p><p>19cm x 15cm (7.5in x 6in)</p><p>500-800 $800-1,280</p><p>Note:This depiction of Jesus in profile isderived from an image engraved on theEmerald Vernicle in the collection of theVatican. Like St.Veronicas Veil and theMandylion Edessa, the Emerald Vernicle,though not claimed as miraculous, wasaccepted as a portrait of Christ.Around 1429, Sultan Bajazet 11 ofConstantinople, The Great Turk, gave theemerald, carved with the profile of Jesus,to Pope Innocent VIII. Bajazet profferedthe emerald to ensure that his brotherwould remain in Papal custody, thussecuring his own unhindered accessionto the throne. The inscription below theportrait relates to this story, although thepainter has changed the intention behindthe gift.</p><p>800-1,200 $1,280-1,920</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:25 PM Page 10</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; prints</p><p>wednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>11</p><p>10 FB678/1FOLLOWER OF SIR GODFREY KNELLERFULL LENGTH PORTRAIT OFKING WILLIAM III INCEREMONIAL ROBESOil on canvas</p><p>218.5cm x 142cm (86in x 56in)</p><p>Note:A German-born pupil of Bol andRembrandt, Godfrey Kneller became theleading portrait painter in the court ofEngland in the late 17th and early 18thcenturies.The present work is related to severalother examples of Knellers portrait ofWilliam III (or King Billy as he wascolloquially known amongst his Scotsand Irish subjects), including that held inthe Royal Collection. The work differsfrom the Royal Collection version inWilliams choice of footwear, depictinghim in red-heeled shoes. A traditionalsymbol of status which survives in theLouboutins of today, this sartorial choiceechoes the Parisian fashions of hiselegant foe, Louis XIV, whom Kneller alsopainted. For many years it has hung in anhistoric Irish household, where itselaborate crown-topped frame wouldhave attested to the households loyaltyto the throne.</p><p>12,000-18,000$19,200-28,800</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:25 PM Page 11</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; printswednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>12</p><p>12 FB54/1FOLLOWER OF MATHYSSCHOEVAERDTSA BUSY COASTAL SCENE WITHFIGURES AND BOATS IN AHARBOUROil on panel</p><p>20cm x 24cm (8in x 9.5in)</p><p>1,000-1,500 $1,600-2,400</p><p>11 FB207/117TH CENTURY GERMANSCHOOLVIEW OF A FARMYARD WITH ACASTLE IN THE DISTANCEOil on oak panel </p><p>18cm x 24.5cm (7in x 9.5in)</p><p>1,500-2,000 $2,400-3,200</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:25 PM Page 12</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; prints</p><p>wednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>13</p><p>13 FB347/13CIRCLE OF CARLO MARATTATHE ASSUMPTION OF THEVIRGINOil on canvas, unframed</p><p>133.5cm x 97.5cm (52.5in x 38.5in)</p><p>Provenance:Royal Scottish AcademyThe Veitch Bequest 1875</p><p>3,000-4,000 $4,800-6,400</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:25 PM Page 13</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master paintings, drawings &amp; printswednesday, september 28th, 2011</p><p>14</p><p>14 FB211/1FOLLOWER OF ADAM FRANSVAN DER MEULENTHE SIEGE OF VIENNAOil on canvas</p><p>48cm x 56cm (19in x 22in)</p><p>1,000-1,500 $1,600-2,400</p><p>16 FB54/2MANNER OF VAN KESSELMONKEY CARD PLAYERSOil on card</p><p>18cm x 28cm (7in x 11in)</p><p>400-600 $640-960</p><p>15 FB594/2CIRCLE OF ORAZIOGREVENBROECKA BUSY PORT AT SUNSETOil on canvas, unframed</p><p>33cm x 69cm (13in x 27in)</p><p>600-800 $960-1,280</p><p>G11-10622_OldMastersTXT1-32_Layout 1 9/7/11 4:25 PM Page 14</p></li><li><p>LYON &amp; TURNBULLold master pa...</p></li></ul>