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  • OCTOBER 2014, VOL. 11 NO. 1

    7th Fl., KSCE Bldg. 50-7, Ogeum-dong Songpa-gu, Seoul 138-857, Korea Tel. +82-2-407-4115 Fax. +82-2-407-3703 email:


    President Myung Pil Shim, Ph.D. Professor, Inha University

    President-Elect Moon Kyum Kim Professor, Yonsei University

    Immediate Past President Jongsung Sim Professor, Hanyang University

    Vice Presidents Si-Kweon Ahn Gyu-Jin Bae Jedong Hwang Hong-Taek Kim Jeong-Ho Kim Jong-Hae Kim Joong-Hoon Kim Sang-Hyo Kim Young-Bong Kwon Jong-Chool Lee Kyung-Kook Lim Doo-Hwan Oh Kil-Hyun Park Kyung Ho Park Il-Won Seo

    Directors Seung-Cheol Baek Hyeon-Shik Baik Seong Tae Chae Suk-Joon Chang Kyeong-Joon Cho Byoung-Seub Choi Dong Ho Choi In-Gul Choi Jang-Hwan Choi Jung-Kil Choi Yun-Soo Choi Man Yop Han Sang Hoon Han Yeong Seon Im Il-Young Jang Suk Youn Jang Kwan-Sue Jung Byeong-Jin Kim Byung-Suk Kim Ho-Kyung Kim Hung-Soo Kim Jong-Heun Kim Uk Nam Kim Byung-Gul Lee Eui-Joon Lee Nae-Chul Lee Young-Hwan Lee Yun Mook Lim Young-Il Moon Kwan-Woo Nam Beyung-Sam Oh Jae-Woo Park Joo Woon Park Joung-Hwa Park Kwon-Je Park Seong-Yoon Park Soo-Hong Park Yong Deuk Park Bog-Nam Seo Jae-Cheal So Intae Yang Kwang-Ho You Hong-Sic Yun Kyong-Ku Yun

    Auditors Sang Ro Ahn Jun-Haeng Heo

    KSCE International Affairs Committee Chair Jae-Woo Park

    KSCE Secretariat Secretary General Tae-Han Lee

    International Correspondent Hyunsun Song Jieun Park


    NEWSLETTER Korean Society of Civil Engineers

    Greetings from President Shim Over the past 5 decades, the Korean society has achieved a rapid de-

    velopment, and we, the civil engineers, have contributed vastly to our

    nation’s advancement to the world’s top 10 economic powers. No one

    may dare deny that civil engineering technology has played a key role

    in protecting human life and property from natural disasters, heighten-

    ing quality of life, and providing economic development and the foun-

    dation of national competitiveness. I am confident that KSCE has ac-

    tively carried out the social responsibilities at the core of the society.

    Our Society has always exerted its firm presence as the best group of professionals when it comes

    to civil engineering. I wish to express my deepest gratitude towards the members of this society for

    guiding KSCE to a more sound and exemplary Society.

    Nevertheless, we, the people of civil engineering, are not evaluated fairly for who we are nowadays.

    Civil engineering is dismissed and replaced by Social Welfare, and both domestic and international

    construction industry markets are facing much hardship. For the sake of the development of the

    Korean construction industry and civil engineering, we must unite to face the difficulties together.

    The 21st Century is an era of endless competition based on technology and knowledge.

    It is time for us to clearly define the role and responsibility of civil engineering in the diversifying fu-

    ture society. The Society will be at the core in creating an atmosphere where colleges, research fa-

    cilities, industries, and the government can cooperate and support each other for development. Our

    construction industry is within the top 6 international construction industries, and this has been the

    foundation for the economic growth for this country. Our construction technology must secure in-

    ternational competitiveness and once again lead the international economy. I will answer to this call

    of the era by heightening the civil engineering pride, supporting the development of civil engineer-

    ing technology, and uniting us together. I vow to set a clear goal and vision for the future of the So-

    ciety by promoting the following mottos:

    1. A closer, encompassing Society

    2. Redeeming the image and pride of our Society

    3. Invigorating the construction industry towards globalization

    We are all one family of civil engineers.

    With over 25,000 members, Korean Society of Civil Engineers is the truly the largest Academic Society

    in Korea. Please give your unwavering love and support to our Society to make KSCE the best Society

    in the world. I wish each and every one of you on all of your future endeavors and everlasting peace

    and joy in your homes.

    Sincerly yours.

    Myung Pil Shim President, Korean Society of Civil Engineers

  • The 62nd Annual Meeting of the KSCE was held on January 10, 2014, in the Inter- national Conference Room, Construction Guarantee Center, Seoul, Korea. At the meeting, an inauguration speech was given by Prof. Myung Pil Shim of Inha Uni- versity, elected as the 46th President of the KSCE. Vice Presidents and Directors from academic and industrial circles were also newly elected or retained to serve as the KSCE Board of Directors. The meeting also included the annual report on the closing accounts (Year 2013), and plans and bud- get for Year 2014. Awards were given to members who dem- onstrated exceptional achievements in academic and industrial fields and made great contributions to the Society.

    The Awarding Ceremony for the 2013 KSCE-Springer Award took place at the 62nd Annual Meeting, on Friday, January 10, 2014. The KSCE Award, established in

    2008, to commemorate the co-publication of KSCE and Springer, has contributed to the advancement of the Journal both in quantity of submission and quality of papers. The awards went to the following recipients evaluated as the authors of the most cited, most downloaded, and most published papers in the past five years:

    1. Prof. Wuhong Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology

    2. Prof. Joong Hoon Kim, Korea University 3. Prof. Inkyu Lee, Chonnam National Uni-

    versity Sponsored by Springer, Vouchers worth €200, €150, and €100 were presented to the awardees.

    2014 KSCE Events

    •• The 62nd Annual Meeting 2014

    •• New Year’s Reception •• Most Published: Prof. Inkyu Lee, Chonnam National University (left) and Most Downloaded: Prof. Joong Hoon Kim, Korea University (right)

    •• Inauguration Speech by 2014 President Myung Pil Shim

    The 62nd Annual Meeting 2014 2013 KSCE-Springer Award

  • OCTOBER 2014, VOL. 11 NO. 1 • 3

    The 17th Civil Engineers Day under the slogan “Happy Future with Civil Engineer- ing”, organized by KSCE was held on Fri- day, March 28, 2014, at the International Conference Room, Construction Guarantee Center, Seoul, Korea. About 1,300 partici- pants from government, industrial, and academic sectors gathered in this event to honor Korean civil engineers for their outstanding performances and commit- ments to the public welfare and for their contributions to the advancement of civil engineering profession. The origin of the Civil Engineers Day trac-

    es back to the Chosun Dynasty when the construction of the Capital, Hanyang (now known as Seoul) was completed on March 3, 1398 in lunar calendar. In 1998, this date was converted to March 30th in solar calendar, which has been exactly 600 years from the date of the establishment of the capital. Celebrating the 17th Civil Engineers Day, the KSCE has organized a 100-minute Forum, inviting the heads of civil engi- neering-related organizations as panels, to discuss on creating new markets, expanding construction industry, creat- ing jobs, and remolding public image of civil engineering. The Forum presented to

    the young civil engineers with hopes for a bright future, and the older generation with suggestions on how to improve im- ages of construction industry. For the event, “Civil Engineering Grand Prize”, “Civil Structure of the Year” to promote new design and construction technologies of construction companies, “Civil Structure Model Contest” to induce interest and understanding of the civil en- gineering major from undergraduate and graduate students by allowing them to produce creative structure models related to all fields of civil engineering, “Digital Poster Contest” to promote eco-friendly and future-oriented images of civil engi- neering, “UCC Contest” to let undergradu- ates and middle and high school students participate to promote understanding of major technologies and the civil engineer- ing curriculum, were organized. ICE (The Institution of Civil Engineers)-KSCE Mas- ter’s Thesis Award Ceremony was held to raise the awareness of the ICE and KSCE in Korea, and encourage Korean students in the use of English. Future Policy Forum on “Global Construction Strategic Plan- ning”, was also held during the Civil Engi- neers Day event.•• 17th Civil Engineers Day

    •• Future Policy Forum•• “Yi Sunsin Bridge” - Civil Structure of the Year

    •• Civil Structure Model Contest•• ICE-KSCE Master’s Thesis Award Ceremony

    The 17th Civil Engineers Day

  • The Grand Prize for Civil Engineering and Culture of Korea of the KSCE is presented in recognition of outstanding accomplish- ments in the civil engineering field, the

    media, and the culture of Korea. The 132th Grand Prize Ceremony for Civil Engineering and Culture of Korea was held on September 19, 2014, at the Grand Ballroom, Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul, Korea. The Grand Prize has been given to the following awardees:

    2014 KSCE Main Business

    • Purpose - To compile an encyclopedia about bridges all around the world,

    with cooperative co-authorship amongst KSCE, NAVER Corpora- tion, and Seoul Media Group