International Insurance Solutions Prepared for The Forum for Expat Management DFW Chapter

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Text of International Insurance Solutions Prepared for The Forum for Expat Management DFW Chapter

  • International Insurance SolutionsPrepared for The Forum for Expat Management DFW Chapter

  • AgendaAbout ITG WorldwideProductsAdvantages of a BrokerShort-Term TravelForeign National/U.S. InpatsLong Term U.S. ExpatsHigh Risk Coverage Contact Information

  • About UsOver 25 years experience in the international health insurance marketWell-established relationships with all major international insurance carriersExtensive product knowledge with solutions to fit a wide range of client needsDedicated Policyholder Services Manager

  • ProductsInternational health insurance for individuals and groupsTravel medical and trip cancellation insuranceMedical and political evacuation insuranceWar Zones Defense Base Act, High Risk, Kidnap & RansomLife, AD&D and LTDCustom designed programs including self insured

  • Advantages of a Broker Broker has freedom to choose best fit for client from an array of carriers and products not limited to one carriers product lineEmployers can leverage broker relationships with carriersBrokers loyalty is to the client not the carrierDedicated policy services and support to employer and employees

  • Short-Term TravelDefined as six months or less (cumulative or consecutive)After six months the domestic health insurance residency clause goes into effect; employee considered uninsured and claims will automatically be denied (residency clause may be omitted from some self-insured plans)Things to consider:Does the employee have a pre-existing or current condition?Will they need sojourn or dependent coverage?Do they require additional AD&D coverage?Does their domestic life policy follow them outside the U.S.?Do they need war and/or terrorism coverage?

  • Foreign Nationals U.S. InpatsDo you provide coverage for short-term inpats?If yes, what benefits are covered and how does the plan work?Direct pay or expense reimbursement basis?How are large claims or hospitalizations handled?Are pre-existing conditions covered?Are family members covered if traveling with employee?Are there benefits for medical evacuation to home country, bedside visit or repatriation of remains?

  • If no, does home country health plan cover them in the U.S.?Consequences:Risks of inadequate coverage or no coverageNo doctor referral sourcesNo PPO discountsInconvenient for employee -- paying costs upfront may be difficultHidden soft costs -- employees may go home for treatment rather than completing their assignmentMay not have repatriation of remains, bedside visit or medical evacuationForeign Nationals U.S. Inpats

  • Long-Term U.S. ExpatsDefined as six months or more Again, residency clause goes into effect once they are outside the country 180 days or more cumulative or consecutive and may be omitted from self insured plans.Things to consider:Does the employee have a pre-existing or current condition?Do they require additional Life, AD&D or LTD coverage?Short Term Disability is not available with international plansU.S. benefits with HIPAA compliant carrierRepatriation of RemainsEmployee on assignment/family coverage

  • High Risk CoverageWhen is high risk coverage necessary?Where is high risk coverage necessary?All of Latin and South America (specifically Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela & Panama).In Africa the big countries are: Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and ChadIn Middle East: All of the countries except UAEFar East: Indonesia & Philippines Types of coverage:War and Terrorism CoverageKidnap & Ransom Insurance

  • Worldwide helpingcompanies solve the complex challenges of global business

  • Contact InformationWilliam ColeVice President858.755.4900 San Diego Office858.213.4111 Mobile415.373.0786 Faxwillc@itgworldwide.comKristin AshSales Director972.722.6399 Dallas Office415.786.3424 Mobile415.373.0786 Tami PettittPolicy Services Manager415.599.4462 Novato Office877.598.8646 Toll-Free415.373.0786 Faxtamip@itgworldwide.comVicki Sutton-BeattieSales and Marketing Coordinator415.599.4615 Novato Office877.598.8646 Toll-Free415.373.0786