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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Submission of AQAR Page 1 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Annual Quality Assurance

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Text of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

  • Submission of AQAR Page 1

    Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

    Annual Quality Assurance Report

    for the Period July 2015 – June 2016


    Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College (Autonomous)

    Pollachi-642107, Tamilnadu, India

    Accredited by NAAC with Grade A in 2014

    Re- Accredited by NAAC at Grade A with CGPA 3.17 out of 4

  • Submission of AQAR Page 2

    Part – A

    1. Details of the Institution

    1.1 Name of the Institution

    1.2 Address Line 1

    Address Line 2



    Pin Code

    Institution e-mail address

    Contact Nos.

    Name of the Head of the Institution:

    Tel. No. with STD Code:


    Name of the IQAC Co-ordinator:


    +91 73737 66550, 99432 66008,







    642 107

    [email protected]

    Dr. V. Venkateswaran

    9344864211, 7373766550


    Dr. V. Anuratha


  • Submission of AQAR Page 3

    IQAC e-mail address:

    1.3 NAAC Track ID (For ex. MHCOGN 18879)

    1.4 NAAC Executive Committee No. & Date:

    (For Example EC/32/A&A/143 dated 3-5-2004.

    This EC no. is available in the right corner- bottom

    of your institution’s Accreditation Certificate)

    1.5 Website address:

    Web-link of the AQAR:

    For ex.

    1.6 Accreditation Details

    Sl. No. Cycle Grade CGPA Year of




    1 1 st Cycle B++ 80.40 2007 30.03.2012

    2 2 nd

    Cycle A 3.17 2013 22.03.2018

    3 3 rd


    4 4 th Cycle

    1.7 Date of Establishment of IQAC: DD/MM/YYYY

    1.8 AQAR for the year (for example 2010-11)

    1.9 Details of the previous year’s AQAR submitted to NAAC after the latest Assessment and

    Accreditation by NAAC ((for example AQAR 2010-11submitted to NAAC on 12-10-2011)

    i. AQAR : 20/06/2013 (DD/MM/YYYY)

    ii. AQAR : 01/08/2014 (DD/MM/YYYY)

    iii. AQAR : 16/09/2015 (DD/MM/YYYY)


    [email protected]


    [email protected]



  • Submission of AQAR Page 4

    1.10 Institutional Status

    University State Central Deemed Private

    Affiliated College Yes No

    Constituent College Yes No

    Autonomous college of UGC Yes No

    Regulatory Agency approved Institution Yes No

    (eg. AICTE, BCI, MCI, PCI, NCI)

    Type of Institution Co-education Men Women

    Urban Rural Tribal

    Financial Status Grant-in-aid UGC 2(f) UGC 12B

    Grant-in-aid + Self Financing Totally Self-financing

    1.11 Type of Faculty/Programme

    Arts Science Commerce Law PEI (Phys Edu)

    TEI (Edu) Engineering Health Science Management

    Others (Specify)

    1.12 Name of the Affiliating University (for the Colleges)

    1.13 Special status conferred by Central/ State Government-- UGC/CSIR/DST/DBT/ICMR etc

    Autonomy by State/Central Govt. / University

    University with Potential for Excellence UGC-CPE

    B.Sc (Psychology), B.Com (Professional Accounting),

    B.Com (Business Process Services), B.Sc (IT) & B.Sc (CT)

    ------------ ------


    Bharathiar University, Coimbatore

  • Submission of AQAR Page 5

    DST Star Scheme UGC-CE

    UGC-Special Assistance Programme DST-FIST

    UGC-Innovative PG programmes Any other (Specify)

    UGC-COP Programmes

    2. IQAC Composition and Activities

    2.1 No. of Teachers

    2.2 No. of Administrative/Technical staff

    2.3 No. of students

    2.4 No. of Management representatives

    2.5 No. of Alumni

    2. 6 No. of any other stakeholder and

    Community representatives

    2.7 No. of Employers/ Industrialists

    2.8 No. of other External Experts

    2.9 Total No. of members

    2.10 No. of IQAC meetings held : 66

    2.11 No. of meetings with various stakeholders: No. Faculty

    Non-Teaching Staff, Students Alumni

    Others (Parents and IQAC Annual Meeting)

    Insurance, Foreign trade Policy, E-Commerce, Dot net, Multimedia,

    Information & Computer Technology, Client server technology,

    Web designing and office Automation












    1 (in the advisory Committee)







    1 3 (discipline Wise total)


  • Submission of AQAR Page 6

    2.12 Has IQAC received any funding from UGC during the year? Yes No

    If yes, mention the amount

    2.13 Seminars and Conferences (only quality related)

    (i) No. of Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposia organized by the IQAC: 8

    Total Nos. International National State Institution Level

    (ii) Themes

    2.14 Significant Activities and contributions made by IQAC

     IQAC co-ordinator attends all department meeting and gives suggestions.

     IQAC advisory meeting is conducted once in a year with internal and external experts to improve the quality of the institution.

     A newsletter is being released once in six months


    As per IQAC suggestions 8 conferences /seminars/workshops were organized during 2015 -


     The PG & UG Department of Management Studies organized National Conference on “Skill India Initiative-Powering the Performers” on 09.10.2015.

     The Department of Social Work has organized an International Level Workshop on “Emotional and Mental well-being among Z generation” on 18.01.2016

     The Department of Tamil organized National Level Workshop on “Empowering the Youth to Enrich Mankind” on 29.01.2016.

     The Department of Mathematics conducted a National Level Seminar on “Modern Techniques and Applications in Mathematics (“NSMTAM’16”) on 11.02. 2016.

     The Department of UG, PG Computer Science, Computer Applications, Information & Computer Technology jointly with PSG Institute of Technology & Applied Research and

    with professional support of The Computer Society of India (Coimbatore Chapter) and IEEE

    Computer Society (Madras Chapter) organized a Two Day National Level Workshop on

    “Fundamental of Data Analysis and Analytics” on 12 th

    and 13 th

    February, 2016. Dr. L. S.

    Ganesh, Professor, IIT Madras was a resource person and trained the current tools of

    statistical analytics.

     The Department of Commerce and Computer Applications conducted a two day International Level Seminar on, “Emerging Trends in Personal Financial Management” on

    “26 th

    and 27 th

    February 2016. Smt. Manju Pillai, I.Po.S, Post Master General, Western

    Region, Tamil Nadu Circle inaugurated the session.

     The Department of National Level Workshop on “Job Opportunities for Psychology Today” on 10

    th March 2016.

     The Department of Commerce (Business Process Services) jointly with TCS, Chennai organized a Institutional Level Workshop on “Career Aspiration Workshop – TCS” on


    8 2 5 1

  • Submission of AQAR Page 7

    2.15 Plan of Action by IQAC/Outcome

    The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards quality

    Enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the year *

    S.No Decision Action taken


    The CED can submit

    proposals to

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