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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Annual Quality ... · PDF filePage 1 AQAR 2014-2015 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Annual Quality Assurance Report For the Period 2014

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Text of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Annual Quality ... · PDF filePage 1 AQAR 2014-2015...

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    AQAR 2014-2015

    Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

    Annual Quality Assurance Report

    For the Period 2014 to 2015





    Accredited by NAAC with Grade A in 2004

    Re-Accredited by NAAC at Grade A with CGPA 3.38 out of 4 in 2011

    Submitted to


    An Autonomous Institution of the University Grants Commission P. O. Box. No. 1075, Opp: NLSIU, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore - 560 072 India

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    AQAR 2014-2015

    Vidya Pratishthans


    Vidyanagari, Baramati, Dist. Pune - 413 133 Phone / Fax No. : 02112-243488 Resi. : 243832

    Affiliated to S.P.Pune University I.D. No. : PU/PN/ASC/101/1994 Jr. College Code No.: J 11.02.016

    Best College Award by Pune University, Pune NAAC reaccredited A Grade with 3.38 CGPA

    Best Principal Award by Pune University, Pune Best Vanshri Award by Mah.Govt.

    DBT STAR College status DST-FIST funded College.

    Website : E-mail ID : [email protected]

    Principal Dr.Bharat Shinde

    Ref. No. : VP/ASC/842/2017

    Date : 07/03/2017


    The Director,

    National Assessment and Accreditation Council,

    P. O. Box No. 1075, Nagarbhavi,

    Bangalore -560072,

    Karnataka, India

    Subject : Submission of the AQAR for 2014-2015

    Dear Sir,

    As per the subject mentioned above, I am submitting herewith the AQAR of

    Vidya Pratishthan's Arts, Science & Commerce College, Baramati, Dist. Pune

    (Maharashtra) for the academic year 2014-2015. File name of the AQAR is

    : EC_57_RAR_43dated30-11-2011-VidyaPratishthansArtsScienceandCommerce


    Kindly acknowledge the same and oblige.

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    (Dr. Bharat Shinde)


    Encl. : AQAR 2014-2015.

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    AQAR 2014-2015

    The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC

    Part A

    AQAR for the Year 2014-15

    1. Details of the Institution:

    1.1 Name of the Institution : Vidya Pratishthans Arts, Science and Commerce College

    Address Line 1 : Vidyanagari, Bhigwan Road

    Address Line 2 : Baramati

    City/Town : Dist. Pune

    State : Maharashtra

    Pin Code : 413133

    Institution e-mail address : [email protected]

    Contact No. : 02112-243488, 239300

    1.2 Name of the Head of the Institution: Dr. Arun Adsool

    Tel. No. with STD Code : 02112 - 243488, 239300

    Mobile : +91-9822331857

    Name of the IQAC Co-ordinator: Prof. Nilima Pendharkar

    Mobile : 9922868384

    IQAC e-mail address e-mail : [email protected]

    1.3 NAAC Track ID : Yet to be received

    1.4 NAAC Executive Committee No. : EC/ 57/RAR/43, 30th

    November, 2011

    1.5 Website address :

    Web-link of the AQAR : 57_RAR_43dated30-11-2011-


    - Maharashtra.pdf

    1.6 Accreditation Details :

    Sr.No. Cycle Grade CGPA Year of

    Accreditation Validity Period

    1 1st Cycle A 87.50% 2003 5 years

    2 2nd

    Cycle A 3.38 2011 5years

    mailto:[email protected]://

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    AQAR 2014-2015

    1.7 Date of Establishment of IQAC : 07/07/2005

    1.8 Details of the previous years AQAR submitted to NAAC after the latest

    Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC

    AQAR 2011-12 submitted to NAAC on : 04/04/2013

    AQAR2012-13 submitted to NAAC on : 05/05/2014

    AQAR2013-14 submitted to NAAC on : 24/12/2016

    1.9 Institutional Status:

    University State Central Deemed Private

    Affiliated College Yes No

    Constituent College Yes No

    Autonomous college of UGC Yes No

    Regulatory Agency approved Institution Yes No (e.g. AICTE, BCI, MCI, PCI, NCI)

    Type of Institution Co-education Men Women

    Urban Rural Tribal

    Financial Status Grant-in-aidUGC 2(f) UGC 12B

    Grant-in-aid +Self FinancingTotally Self-financing

    1.10 Type of Faculty/Programme:

    Arts Science Commerce Law

    PEI (Phys Edu) TEI (Edu) Engineering Health Science

    Management Others (Specify)

    1.11 Name of the Affiliating University : Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune

    (Formerly University of Pune)

    1.12 Special status conferred by Central/ State Government-


    Autonomy by State/Central Govt. / University

    University with Potential for Excellence UGC-CPE

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    AQAR 2014-2015

    DBT Star Scheme UGC-CE

    UGC-Special Assistance Programme DST-FIST

    UGC-Innovative PG programmes Any other

    UGC-COP Programmes

    2. IQAC Composition and Activities:

    2.1 No. of Teachers 03

    2.2 No. of Administrative/Technical staff 04

    2.3 No. of students 06

    2.4 No. of Management representatives 01

    2.5 No. of Alumni 02

    2. 6 No. of any other stakeholder and 02

    community representatives

    2.7 No. of Employers/ Industrialists 01

    2.8 No. of other External Experts 01

    2.9 Total No. of members 20

    2.10 No. of IQAC meetings held 06

    2.11 No. of meetings with various stakeholders: No.09

    Faculty 05 Non-Teaching Staff /Students 02 Alumni -01 Others - 01

    2.12 Has IQAC received any funding from UGC during the year? Yes No

    If yes, mention the amount--

    2.13 Seminars and Conferences (only quality related)

    (i) No. of Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposia organized by the IQAC -

    Total Nos.-13 International -00 National -00 State -02 Institution Level - 11

    (ii) Themes -

    State level short Term Course on Inspiring and Committed Teachers under faculty

    Development Program by Academic Staff College, SPPU, Pune

    13th State level Pratibha Elocution Competition

    Workshop on Histological and Preservation Techniques in Zoology

    One Day Workshop on Restructuring of Syllabus for SPPU of. T.Y. B.Sc. Botany

    Organised One day workshop Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan (Fearless Girl Mission)

    Wild Life week by organizing Poster presentation

    Organized Intercollegiate weight lifting and Powerlifting competition

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    AQAR 2014-2015

    Best Book Reading Competition and Incessant Book Reading Competition for 18


    Campus placement interviews and Aptitude tests by Apostle, Pune and Acconix software


    Youth week Celebration

    Dr.Babasaheb Jaykar Vyakhyanmala (Lecture Series) of Extra Mural Board

    Orientation Workshop for competitive Exams

    2.14 Significant Activities and contributions made by IQAC:

    1. It catalyzed an Institutional SWOC Analysis

    2. It has enriched the infrastructural and other allied facilities.

    3. It motivated the staff to apply for research projects and other research relevant events.

    4. Academic Audit is conducted by Internal Audit Committee.

    5. Innovative Certificate courses under Star College Scheme,

    a. Infection and Infectious Diseases

    b. Bioinoculant Production

    6. Organisation of Hands on Trainings

    a. Bioreactor Design

    b. Blood banking and Haematology procedures.

    c. Pathology and Epidemiology

    d. Virology

    e. Large scale Manufacturing of Bioinoculants.

    7. IQAC Organised 13th State Level Pratibha Elocution Competition

    2.15 Plan of Action by IQAC/Outcome:

    The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards

    quality enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the year *

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    AQAR 2014-2015

    Plan of Action Achievements

    June June

    Formulation of College

    Committees to distribute responsibility of various

    academic and co-curricular


    Admission of UG students

    Preparation of timetables and academic calendar.

    Invite recurring, non- recurring and infrastructure requirement

    from all the departments.

    Planning of STAR college activities

    Enhanced academic and co-curricular excellence

    through 42 College Committees by planning,

    implementation and documentation

    Admission committee monitored the entire admission process to UG students which was transparent.

    Time table committee prepared time table and

    Academic calendar of the entire College and distributed to all departments for smooth conduct of

    academic session

    Student projects, workshops, HOTs, certificate courses, lead lectures, Visits, Lab Manuals, Teaching

    kits, SOPs etc. are successfully implemented.

    July July

    Admission of PG students


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