INTERNAL CSS Casey Ames Different types of CSS There are three different types of CSS: ◦ External CSS ◦ Internal CSS ◦ Inline CSS In this presentation

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Internal css

Internal cssCasey Ames

Different types of CSSThere are three different types of CSS:

External CSSInternal CSSInline CSS

In this presentation we will discuses Internal CSS.What is internal CSSThe type of style is defined by where you place the CSSInternal CSS is used in a single sheet document when it has a unique styleInternal CSS is placed between tags inside the of the web pageCSS code is different from HTML so it is written differentlyCSS is actually manipulating the HTMLInternal CSS FormatThe format for internal CSS looks like this:"HTML tag"{"CSS Property":"Value"; }

HTML tag: this is element that needs to be manipulatedbody{background-color:green;}h1{color:white;}p {margin-left:40px;}

CSS Property: this is the CSS attribute that will be changingbody{background-color:green;}h1{color:white;}p {margin-left:40px;}

Value: this is stating what the attribute needs to change the HTML tag tobody{background-color:green;}h1{color:white;}p {margin-left:40px;}It looks like this:


Advantages of Internal CSSIt only effects the page you are working onYou can still use classes and IDsIt doesnt require multiple pages which is great when you can only upload one HTML fileIt has a higher precedence in the CSS peaking order, it will override the external CSS sheet

Disadvantages of Internal CSSIt only effects one pageIt will increase the load time for the pageIf it doesnt workIf the CSS code is not working, check to make sure that the : and ; are placed in the right placeThis is the most common rookie mistakeSourceshttp://www.w3schools.com/css/css_howto.asphttp://www.expression-web-tutorial.com/Types_CSS_Styles.html#.VF5wsPnF9yUhttp://www.tizag.com/cssT/internal.phphttp://webdesign.about.com/od/beginningcss/a/aa021807.htm

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