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Interactive Student Notebooks. What? Why? How? Adapted from. Have you ever heard yourself say. I can't remember what we did in class last month, last week, yesterday. I can't find my........ notes, homework, map. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Interactive Student NotebooksWhat?Why?How?

    Adapted from

  • Have you ever heardyourself say . . .

  • Get it together with yourINTERACTIVE STUDENTNOTEBOOK


  • What is an Interactive Notebook?*A place where all of your work (notes, class work, reflections) will be kept.*Your own PERSONALIZED textbook!*Provides you with the opportunity to collect and process the information learned in class.*Also known as the ISN.

  • Why?ISNs give you the power of choice!! They allow you to take ownership of your learning in unique and creative ways..ways that are meaningful to YOU!ISNs will help you develop your reading and note taking skills.ISNs will help you with organization.ISNs will teach you approaches to learning that you can use in all subject areas!

  • HOW?

    Notebooks will be divided into UNITS.Units will be divided into LESSONS.Lessons will be divided intoLeft Side and Right Side activities/assignments.

  • UNITSAll units will have a TITLE PAGE and a Table of Contents.The title page must include: *the title of the unit *six illustrations with labels that pertain to the unit *Color (crayons/color pencils only)*The table of contents must include: *the page number * the title/description of the assignment/activity in the unit.

  • LESSONSEach lesson will have a left side and a right side activity.Each page will be numbered so that everyone will always be on the same page the correct page.Example: L-1 or R-1 (Left side page 1 or Right side page 1) L-12 (Left side page 12) R-19 (Right side page 19)* Each page will have a title/description.

  • Left SideLEFT is for LEARNING !!The left side is teacher guided.This side will include: *Notes *Graphic Organizers *Handouts *Book Assignments *Maps *Question Strips

  • Right SideRight is for REFLECTION !!The right side is student created.The right side gives you the opportunity to work with what you learned and show what you know.The possibilities are endless!!

  • Right Side ExamplesSensory Figures

  • Right Side ExamplesConcept Maps

  • Right Side ExampleIllustrated Outline

  • Right Side Examples

    Sensory Figure Wanted Poster Freehand Map

  • TIPS forMaintaining the ISNBring the ISN to class EVERY DAY!Each page should be correctly numbered and titled.Use PENCIL to write all text and initial sketches.Use color (highlighters, colored pencils) to help focus important parts of your notes. DO NOT use markers in your notebook.No ripped out pages or torn corners.No doodling that doesnt relate to the learning.Check the ISN bulletin board for missed work and reflection ideas. YOU are responsible for the work!This is YOUR notebook! Make it meaningful to you!


  • Notebook GradingISNs will be checked often!Quick Checks:*weekly*focus on a particular assignment*class work gradesISN Collection: *at the end of a unit*announced one week in advance *all parts of ISN will be considered *test/project grade

  • Notebook Grading/RubricISNs will be graded using the following rubric.

    ScaleExplanationGrade Range 0 no requirements met 69 and below 1minimal requirements met70 76 2all requirements met77 84 3 all requirements met with minimal learning extensions included85 92 4 all requirements met with learning extensions consistently included93 - 100

  • Notebook GradingAll requirements met indicates that your ISN is.. *Neat *Organized correctly *all activities/assignments are completeThis is the minimal work required of you. This will earn a grade within the C range.Work below the required minimal will earn a grade within the D and F range.Work above and beyond the required minimal will earn a grade within the B and A range.

  • Notebook GradingGoing ABOVE and BEYONDThe goal of the ISN is for you to make the learning meaningful in creative and unique ways!This will require you to go ABOVE and BEYOND the classroom assignments.Left SideRight Side*Use color to indicate key *Add color to your reflection points in your notes. activities.*Annotate your notes.*Add details to your reflections*Illustrate in margins. that exceed the requirement.*Create mnemoic devices.*high quality work that indicates*Write questions in margins. time and effort *Write personal connection.