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Interactive Notebooks. Getting Busy Learning. Is this your last year’s notebook?. It’s time to organize your notes!!. Did You Know???. Taking effective notes can help students raise their grades… Students who learn to take good notes can raise their grades by 34% - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interactive Notebooks

Interactive NotebooksGetting Busy LearningIs this your last years notebook?

Its time to organize your notes!!

Did You Know???Taking effective notes can help students raise their gradesStudents who learn to take good notes can raise their grades by 34% Learning to take good notes is one Of the most effective things you Do to become a better learner.

What is an INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK?A personalized textbookA working portfolioall of your class notes and class work in one convenient spot!!

Why use this FORMAT?Simply writing down lecture notes does not mean you have LEARNED the informationneither does doing the work.

Why use this FORMAT?You must ACTIVELY do something with the information in order to really understand it. Note taking becomes an active process.

BOTTOM LINE:It will serve as a portfolio, showing everything you have done over the course of the year. You will have the best study guide for Ms. As English class right in your hands at final exam time. Okayso whats the deal?Begin by decorating your COVER (AUTHOR)PAGE:Class Information:The name of the courseThe class period The Teacher: Ms. Anders Your name B. Visual Content: Literary/Grammatical InformationInclude at least three references to literature or grammar that you like or are interested in. These can include books, movies, plays, signs, symbols, etc. Draw the images on your cover and label them if you feel its necessary. C. Personal Information:Identify one aspect of yourself as a person or as a student and place it on the cover. If you are a skateboarding expert, use the skateboard as a symbol for yourself. If you play the violin, use the violin as a symbol for yourself and include it in your cover design. The symbol can be your favorite thing, a hobby, or something special about you.

Some Examples of Cover Pages of Contents:You will create this in the front of your notebook, so leave plenty of blank pages or add them with loose leaf as we go. Update on a daily basisYour pages must be numbered to correlate to your TOC. Dividing Your Notebook into Sections:Your notebook will be divided into the UNITS we study and each unit will have four sections:DARTS or (Learning Goals)VocabularyNotesWorksheets and handoutsMaintaining Your Notebook:No doodling that does not contain notes or reflection of the right sideContains only ENGLISH workNo other classes!!Date and number EACH pageMake sure each page is in its proper sectionDoes it Count?Yep!

EVALUATIONYour notebooks will be checked periodically, and sometimes unannounced!Sometimes you will check your notebooks.EVERY assignment should complete and neat.Sometimes I spot check and sometimes I will grade on thoroughness, creativity, organization, and quality of work.Your artistic and creative touch should be visible throughout the notebook.

Examples of Assignment Pages WorryThis is going to be AWESOME!!!