Intelligent Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Visualization
Intelligent Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Visualization

Intelligent Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Visualization

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  • 1. netTerrain DCIM4800 Hampden Ln,Bethesda, MD 20814Phone 301.947.6714info@graphicalnetworks.comGraphicalNetworks.comWith todays quest to meet ever growing and changing IT, the Data Center hasbecome a complex ecosystem. Data center consolidation, virtualization, cloudcomputing, green energy and mobility are a few of the many dynamics that arechanging the Data Center landscape. They also present challenges for IT staffto manage assets more efficiently and with lower costs while ensuring highavailability and reliability. If you could easily automate and document all of yourIT assets - including physical space, networks, racks, devices, subcomponentsand links - into a centralized repository, youd have the insights to manage yourentire IT infrastructure more efficiently. With Graphical Networks netTerrainDCIM, you can get the power to simplify the management of your data centerand improve how you can prepare for and respond to business changes.netTerrain DCIM is a next-generation, enterprise-level Data Center InfrastructureManagement software that provides the insights to drive data center performance.netTerrain DCIM provides a centralized, multi-user, web-based visualization ofyour entire IT infrastructure. Easy-to-use navigation provides powerful hierarchicaland subcomponent diagrams of data centers, IT inventory and networks. You gaingreater visibility, control and governance to improve capacity planning and changemanagement, isolate troubleshooting and reduce downtime, and ensure servicelevel availability.With netTerrain DCIM, you can:Optimize asset performance and investmentsLower risks and costs of ownershipImprove governance and complianceEnsure service availability with greater confidenceDeliver new levels of operational and business valueGet Visual. See netTerrain DCIM in Action Today.Contact us to request a

2. netTerrain DCIM Highlights Automate, document and visualize Data Centers, IT inventory and Networks from a central, graphical place. Optimize asset performance and capacity planning with detailed inventory and audit trails. Troubleshoot problems and reduce downtime by isolating root causes and problems. Reduce risks and ensure compliance with better control and governance. Obtain higher return on investments by extending the life of data center assets and improving asset utilization. Deliver business value with improved service availability and reliability. Consolidate and share knowledge in a multi-user, single repository.Admin Console Your are logged as: Jan Logout PDF GuideFile Edit View Favorites Tools HelpHierarchy- Root+Catalog+Dashboard- DCIM+N/A- UMD+ UMD College Park- UMD UCollege- 252- 1st Floor- Data CenterProperties EditEntity Group: DevicesID:Name:Size:Type:Assigned To:Status:Cabinet:Floor:Building:Site:Rack Position:Serial Number:IP Address:++Page SettingsDouble-click to add DocumentDDouble-click to add CommentDouble-click to add ShapeDouble-click to add StampPower StripUMDCP CPE-1UMDCP CPE-1UMDCP-JUN-1UMDCP-JUN-2UMDUC POWERUMDCP-SW-10UMDCP-SW-11UMDCP-SW-12UMDCP-SW-14UMDCP-SW-16CHECK STATUS10.10.10.13110.10.10.510.10.10.1410.10.10.1310.10.10.2010.10.10.1210.10.10.1010.10.10.11UMDUC-FP-JUNUMDCP-FP-JUN-2UMDUC-SERVER 1UMDUC-FIBER PANEL 1UMDUC PATCH PANELUMDUC FIBER PANELBACK VIEW FRONT VIEW44434241403938373635343332313029282726252423222120191817161514131211109876543214443424140393837363534333231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321Root :: DCIM :: UMD :: UMD Ucollege :: 252 :: 1st Floor :: Data Center :: C1netTerrain DCIMs feature-rich, robust visualization capabilities provide a smarter wayto gain IT asset intelligence so that you can deliver unparalleled business value. 100% web-based, real-time, data-driven graphical diagrams to increase enterprise-wide accessibility to mission-critical data. Scalable multi-user, centralized repository using SQL Server. Easy to use template-based vendor specific device catalog to automate data asset inventories. End-to-end data center sites spanning regions, buildings, floors, racks, devices, cabling, circuit, and resource visualization. On-demand connectivity views for what-if scenarios and data/power troubleshooting. netTerrain integration toolkit with built-in adapters. Includes netTerrain Logicals powerful network documentation platform capabilities with netTerrain Enterprise license option.Automate, Visualize and Optimize Your Data CenterTo learn more about Graphical Networks, please visit us at GraphicalNetworks.comnetTerrain DCIM Features 100% web based, multi-user, multi-browser Simple; easy-to-use Flexible; tailorable reporting engine Dynamic physical views Template-based device catalog Speed data entry with built-in adapters and integration toolkit Advanced search and drill down features Complete database audit trail Health dashboard that displays DCIM and network KPIsSoftwareMS SQL Server 2008Windows Server 2008MS IIS 6.0 or better, .NET Framework 3.5 or betterHardwareIntel i7 Processor50GB Free Space8GB RAM