Intelligent Backup & Recovery of Documentum Intelligent Backup & Recovery of Documentum EMC Documentum

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    Intelligent Backup & Recovery of Documentum EMC Documentum is a mission-critical platform that has to be protected. Backup & Recovery solutions such as IBM Tivoli Storage Manager provide pro- tection against disasters and help to recover the systems to the latest backup status. However they only protect on a fi le level, but not on an object level such as Documentum objects (documents or metadata such as audit trails, digital signatures or renditions).

    And they do not provide any protection against logical errors or the accidental deletion of a single Documentum object by an end user or an administrator. Moreover the recovery of a full system takes time and requires the reprocessing of all cases that had been processed since the last backup – resulting in system downtime and high productivity losses in the Lines-of-Business.

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    Online Backup & Recovery

    CYA HOTBackup & CYA SmartRecovery allow the hot and granular backup and recovery of Documentum content and metadata – preserving Documentum encryption. Shutting down the system for backup purposes is no longer neces- sary, which is important in times of shrinking backup win- dows. Even the recovery is done online. Recovering single documents allows reducing recovery times significantly, avoiding inconsistencies and reprocessing of cases. Errors in metadata, e.g. inconsistencies between a document and its lifecycle information, can be detected automatically and solved by the administrator easily.

    □ CYA HOTBackup: Automated hot backup of full-text index, metadata and storage area(s) in conjunction with central system backup – protection against sys- tem failure

    □ CYA SmartRecovery: Hot backup & granular recovery for an interruption-free operation of Documentum Content Server – protection against logical data loss

    Retention Policies support a time-based deletion of docu- ments in the backup capture sets. CYA also integrates with EMC Documentum Retention Policy Services to execute its policies in the backup copies and delete documents reliably.

    CYA works with classic backup solutions such as EMC NetWorker, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager or Symantec NetBackup. This integration allows using the central backup infrastructure to store CYA Capture Sets, so you do not need a separate infrastructure.

    Using CYA hot backup and granular recovery solutions provides the following benefits:

    □ The Hot Backup & Recovery allows for an interrup- tion-free operation of Documentum – protecting against system failure and logical object losses

    □ The granular recovery of single objects reduces the recovery time to a minimum and avoids reprocessing of cases in the Lines-of-Business –> improving both Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives has a direct impact on the end user’s productivity

    □ Automated execution of Retention Policies in the backup copies

    □ Marginal utilization of system resources (like a Documentum user) allows for short backup cycles (down to 15 minutes), improving both Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives

    Attractive Package

    The CENIT implementation covers: □ Analysis and Conception □ Installation and Configuration of CYA HOTBackup/

    CYA SmartRecovery □ Integration into central Backup & Recovery (if

    required) □ Administrator Training □ Project Management and Documentation

    Talk to us and we provide you a solution scenario based on your requirements.


    □ Roland Merkt, □ Michael Anger,

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