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  • Inteliscope PRO+ Bundle — Apple Version The Inteliscope PRO+ Bundle for Apple includes everything you need to turn your iPhone 5 or newer,

    into a thermal riflescope... And, as always — the Inteliscope app is FREE! PRO+ Includes:

    The Inteliscope PRO+ coupled with the Inteliscope App , represent an

    evolution in firearm accessories. PRO+ allows you to firmly mount a

    smartphone to your rifle while utilizing the Inteliscope App or any number

    of other apps. It includes an opening in the top that allows users to make

    use of the space by accepting modular attachments for future products

    such as the SEEK Thermal. It fits nearly every smartphone on the market

    including aftermarket cases. It is constructed of aluminum with a rubber-

    ized tactile finish and heavy duty mounting thumb screws. It fits on any

    Picatinny rail.

    SEEK XR is the eXtended Range version of the SEEK Thermal imaging mod-

    ule. Sometimes you need to see further—and with Seek XR, you can.

    With its narrow 20° field of view, XR has nearly twice the viewable range

    as Compact, making it perfect for use outdoors. Simply connect-and-

    detect at up to 1800 feet away.

    The SEEK Mount Kit serves to firmly attach any SEEK Thermal camera

    module to your Inteliscope PRO+. It includes both Apple and Android ca-

    bles custom made to fit between the SEEK XR and the Inteliscope housing.

  • What’s in the Box? Inteliscope PRO+

     Aluminum smartphone mount

     Cover plate

     Long thumb-screw

     Short thumb screw

     Packaging

    SEEK XR Thermal Camera

     SEEK XR Camera for Apple

     Water proof case

     Keyring

     Packaging

    SEEK Mounting Kit

     SEEK adapter bracket

     Custom 6” Apple cable

     Custom 6” Android cable

     Packaging

    The Inteliscope App comes in both Android and apple versions. We have integrated thermal night vision functionality for use with the SEEK XR. Users can now toggle from day vision to night vision with a single tap. The Inteliscope Heads-Up features in- clude:

     Record video

     Zoom

     GPS location

     Reticle Library

     Ammo library

     Strobe/flashlight

     Compass direction Inteliscope LLC, 273 Birch Banks, Sagle, Idaho 83860

    PH: 208-920-0176