Inteli Selects Oracle for Portugal's EVs

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<ul><li><p>10 July/August 2011 | Renewable Energy Focus</p><p>News Research:Projects | Full news service at</p><p>Elsevier launches biofuel research tool</p><p>ELSEVIER, WHICH pub-lishes Renewable Energy Focus, has launched a new </p><p>online search and discovery tool for biofuels: the Biofuel Information Discovery Tool.</p><p>Elsevier Biofuel provides biofuel managers and research develop-ment professionals instant access to the scienti c, industrial, and commercial biofuel information needed for continuing innovation. </p><p>According to Elsevier, the new tool should help companies make key decisions more quickly and effi ciently, using keywords to pin-point the exact information needed. Moreover, with the Elsevier Biofuel Tree Thesaurus, research profession-als can navigate through more than 900 journals and 800 books, and 5.8 million patent documents.</p><p>Marcus Gay, Biofuels Infor-mation Consultant for Elsevier Biofuel, says: Bioenergy RD&amp;D </p><p>(Research, Development and Demonstration) is a complex interdisciplinary challenge. As a former bioenergy R&amp;D manager, I am acutely aware of the technical, economic and commercial chal-lenges faced by professionals in the industry. We have sought to pull together scienti c and commercial information, enabling research-ers to have this critical binocular vision during every stage of the development process.</p><p>Dr Skye Thomas-Hall, Senior Scientist for algae-based biofuel developer Cellana, says: Having tested the beta version of Elseviers biofuels discovery tool thoroughly, it became immediately apparent how limiting internet-only search is by comparison. The combination of high quality journal, book and patent information in one location increased my effi ciency by at least 15%-20%.</p><p>Inteli Selects Oracle for Portugals EVsInteli, a private, non-pro t association, is working with Oracle to install 1,300 slow charging stations and 50 fast charg-ing stations in Portugal, to support the governments MOBI-E vehicle electri ca-tion project, described as the rst true universal and integrated platform for electric mobility.</p><p>Portugal produces 43% of its current electricity from renewable sources.</p><p>The pilot project, which is being rolled out across 25 municipalities and main highways throughout the country, will consist of an integrated platform able to deliver electric mobility in a single system, open and easily accessible to each user. Additionally, Portu-gal will host one of Renault-Nissans bat-tery plants, which will support the rollout of EVs across Europe. </p><p>The MOBI-E platform will include the implementation of Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing. This will deliver base rating and billing functionalities, enabling monthly at rate and time-of-day rating of electric-ity consumption, network usage and/or additional service charging such as parking, roaming between Electric Vehicle (EV) operators and Energy Retailers, as well as the settlement and clearing of all transac-tions among the service providers. </p><p>REF124p4_17.indd 10 8/12/2011 5:14:09 PM</p></li></ul>