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  • Business Solutions from One Source

    Who We Are

    We are in the business of helping business. We know what it takes to structure, launch, and grow a company. The

    intricacies of each department alone can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned professional.

    We are a Business Services Firm consisting of specialized business groups:

    Consulting & Advisory

    Capital Funding

    Business Brokering/Mergers & Acquisitions

    Marketing & Sales

    Talent Management/Recruiting & Staffing

    IT Solutions

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to establish a long term business relationship with our clients and to partner with them as an extension

    their company. This approach allows us to provide vital business solutions to meet all of our clients critical business

    needs, while working with them throughout every phase of business.

    In a nutshell, our team works as a part of your team creating a win-win for both of us.

    Our Team

    We help our clients achieve their pinnacle of success through our network of services and business professionals.

    Our network of professionals is from various industries and areas of specialization. Our team has the training,

    experience, and foresight to remove some of the burden off your back and give you peace of mind knowing your goals

    will have the best chance of becoming achievable when partnering with us.

  • Integrated Business Solutions Model

    Our unique "Integrated Business Solutions" model provides business clients with full integration of business services and

    solutions which maximize our client's profitability and success.

    Advantages of the Integrated Business Solutions Model:

    Provides clients one source for the most critical business services of which companies need in todays

    competitive business environment.

    Assists clients in every aspect of business and in all stages of the business cycle, from start-up, expansion,

    acquisition and sale.

    Our network of services works together creating synergy and expertise for our clients needs which give them a

    competitive advantage over competitors.

    Our clients save time and money when partnering with our firm.

    Integration Business Resource


    Consulting & Advisory

    Capital Funding

    Business Brokering

    Marketing & Sales

    Talent Management

    IT Solutions

  • What We Do

    Our integrated business services provide clients with the confidence and convenience of working with one firm. Our

    clients depend on us for:

    Business Analysis

    Business Advisory

    Business Start Up

    Strategic Planning

    Strategic Management

    Leadership Training


    Public Relations

    Sales Agency

    Human Resources

    Recruiting and Staffing

    Finance and Accounting

    Information Technology


    Construction Planning

    Quality Assurance

    Legal Compliance

    Customer Satisfaction

    Capital Funding

    Business Brokering

    Real Estate Investment

    Business Investment

    Our Approach

    We believe in using a thorough and methodical approach when working with businesses like yours. We have developed

    our own systems, procedures, and analysis in order to offer you a complete approach.

    We begin by gathering all pertinent information about your business through our Integration Strategic Business Analysis.

    This analysis covers 12 critical aspects to any existing or new start ups value chain, which corresponds with a clients

    business plan.

    The goal of our strategic business analysis is to identify problems and opportunities within core operational areas of our

    clients business, and to help develop strategies aimed at reducing inefficiencies, pursuing opportunities, and maximizing

    profitability and growth potential. After our analysis, we develop a report based on the results of your companys

    analysis results.

    Integrated Business Analysis

    Our "Integration Strategic Business Analysis" offers an in depth 12-point value-chain analysis. Our signature analysis

    evaluates our clients business by assessing the following strategic areas:

    1. Executive/Owner Discovery

    2. Strategic Design & Planning of the Firm

    3. General Management

    4. Finance/Accounting

    5. Human Resource Management

    6. Information Technology

    7. Technology/Research & Development

    8. Supply Chain Management

    9. Operations Management

    10. Marketing & Sales

    11. Customer Service/Service Department

    12. Capital Needs & Credit

  • Results of our Strategic Business Analysis

    Determine which business services are needed for your company; and offer Recommendations for how these services will be best suited for you; then we Develop an implementation plan outlined with Strategies aimed at reducing inefficiencies, pursuing opportunities; while Maximizing efficiency, profitability, and growth potential, which leads to a higher level of

    Success for you

    How We Work

    Partnering with You

    Like we state in our mission, we want to partner with our clients and form long lasting business relationships, as well as

    take a proactive approach. For clients who want us to become an extension of their company, we will develop a specific

    plan that outlines the services and rates most suited for their needs.

    Business Advisory & Coaching

    Our most popular service is our Business Advisory & Coaching Engagement plan. This is a monthly rate plan contracted

    for a minimum 12-month period. With this plan, we provide our clients remote analysis, advisory, coaching, and general

    consulting services for one flat monthly rate.

    We believe that our Business Advisory Engagement plan allows us to more closely work with our clients and stay more

    involved in decision making and problem solving. Unlike traditional services that charge hourly fees AFTER a client has a

    need, our program spearheads issues BEFORE they arise. Because of this, we can proactively work with our clients to

    continue to move in a positive direction. This service is a proven way for clients to save money and stay successful.

    Additional fee plans for needed business services may include hourly rates, flat fee, and/or equity payment options.

    Additional services such as on-site consulting, website development, or other services that incur additional costs will

    require an additional agreement and rate quote.

    Strategic Partners Network

    Integration Business Resource Group is not founded on the experience or abilities of just one person. We believe in

    employing experienced professionals with expertise to best serve our clients. But we dont work with just anyone. We

    take seriously our responsibility to our clients to provide high quality, reputable resources to enhance the goals and

    vision of their business.

    We believe in cooperation and forming strategic partnerships with Independent Consultants, Business Professionals, and

    Business Service Firms. We have developed a Strategic Partner Network in order to offer companies unlimited resources

    to meet their needs.

  • Consulting & Advisory Service Plans

    Business Analysis:

    Business Analysis

    Monthly Analysis & Review

    Quarterly Analysis & Review

    Annual Analysis & Review

    Strategic Business Planning:

    Business & Strategy Planning

    Develop and Update Business Plans

    Develop Pitch Decks & Investment Overviews

    Business Advisory & Executive Coaching:

    Weekly interfacing, strategy, and advising via email/phone/video conference

    Monthly interfacing, strategy, and advising discussing reviews, metrics, and goals

    Quarterly interfacing, strategy, and advising discussing reviews, metrics, and goals

    Annual interfacing, strategy and advising discussing reviews, metrics, and goals

    Monthly Peer Group Webinars

    Direct Access to Integration BRGs other business groups

    Indirect Access to Integrations Strategic Partner Network of professional service providers

    Business Consulting:

    On site or remote consulting services

    Individual Consultant or Consulting Teams

    Fractional/Interim C-Level Services:

    On site or remote C-level services

    Part Time/Full Time

    Short or Long term

    Deliverable Business Services & Content:

    Leadership & Management Training

    Writing Business Plans & Reports

    Marketing Services

    Sales Services

    HR Consulting Services

    IT services

    R&D Services

    Supply Chain Services

    Customer Support Services

    Operations/Project Management

    Quality Assurance/Support Services

    Legal Consulting Services

    Construction Consulting Services

  • Consulting & Advisory Pricing

    Initial Business Discovery Questionnaire Free

    In-Depth Business Analysis $2,500 plus expenses for Solopreneur. $5,000 plus expenses for Small Business. $10,000 plus expenses for Corporations. Includes on-site analysis & discovery for 1 business

    analyst. Includes recommendation report on findings Includes general implementation plan with proposal for

    required services.

    Business Advisory & Executive Coaching Minimum 12-month engagement $1,500 month up to 10 hours of remote advisory only, for