Integrating Technologies in Instructional Environments Lauren Cifuentes.

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<ul><li><p>Integrating Technologies in Instructional Environments</p><p>Lauren Cifuentes</p></li><li><p>deskbookcasetolibrarytableA possible floor-plan for a collaborative instructional environment.</p></li><li><p>Shakespeares Life and Times-- CD-Rom by Intellimation: Students Roleorchestrate your own scene placing actors and props on virtual stage and directing characters movements;write essay describing influences of personal/historical events on W.S.s writing; create multimedia presentation describing defining characteristics of Elizabethan lit., art, architecture, &amp; music.One workstation in a unit on Romeo and Juliet might include the above packaged instruction with instructions to choose from one of the activities described. </p></li><li><p>Teachers Roledesign and or install multiple activities;assure that all students are challenged, none lost;provide content mentorship;coach students (management);evaluate students.</p></li><li><p>RestructuringDepartures from conventional practice that fundamentally change the roles of teachers, administrators, students, and parents working with schools</p></li><li><p> REFORM: PREPARING STUDENTS IN SCHOOLS Environments</p><p> where</p><p> effective</p><p> strategies</p><p> are activateda variety of </p><p>methodsa variety of</p><p>technology</p></li><li><p>Effective StrategiesTime on taskindividualized pacingindividualized feedbackperformance based instructioncooperative learningpeer tutoring</p></li><li><p>TechnologyThe replicable means, forms or vehicles by which instruction is formatted, stored, and delivered to the learner.</p></li><li><p>MethodsAny way to shape information that activates, supplants or compensates for the cognitive processes necessary for achievement or motivation</p></li><li><p>TEACHING METHODS SURVEYRank the methods below: 1= most used, 2= second most used, etc.Lecture</p><p>Demonstration</p><p>Questioning/tutorial</p><p>Discussion</p><p>Student performance</p><p>Self-directed study</p><p>PackagedInstruction</p><p>Other; please describeSuccessful teachers use student performance as their primary method. </p></li><li><p>Technology Frees Teachers to--motivate students to spend more time on task interacting with content;implement student centered, individualized activities;spend more time with students one-on-one and in small groups;support performance based instruction, cooperative learning, and peer tutoring</p></li><li><p>Your Assignment is to Create a Classroom of WorkstationsWork areas where students conduct activities independently or cooperatively. Remember learning centers? </p></li><li><p>Rationale for WorkstationsStudent-centered;cooperative learning, full participation;multi-delivery systems;individual responsibility;motivation of technology and interactivity.</p></li><li><p>During Design Phase Describe Each Workstation --Desired outcomesTechnology resourcesProcesses students will go through (methods)Guidance you will provideProduct(s) requiredEvaluation procedures</p></li><li><p>Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story--Videodisc by SunburstRemember the unit on Romeo and Juliet? A second workstation in that unit might include a videodisc. During creation of your media resource list find resources to support your instructional environment.</p></li><li><p>Shakespeare &amp; the Varieties of Human Experience-- Audiotape lecture by Americas Superstar Teachers.A third workstation in the Romeo and Juliet unit.</p></li><li><p>Shakespeare for Students: Critical Interpretations for High Schoolers-- BookA fourth workstation in the Romeo and Juliet unit.</p></li><li><p>Shakespeare and the Globe--Videocassette by Films for the Humanities and SciencesA fifth workstation in the Romeo and Juliet unit.</p></li><li><p>Student Made Video of Play--Video CameraA sixth workstation in the Romeo and Juliet unit.</p></li><li><p>Research Paper-- InternetA seventh workstation in the Romeo and Juliet unit.</p></li><li><p>Classroom ManagementNo one workstation can have another workstation as its prerequisite; students need to be able to rotate through the workstations in any sequence.Each workstation should require students to work the same amount of time. </p></li><li><p>deskbookcase</p><p>libraryCD-RomVideodiscinAudiotapeBookVideoCameraVideoCassetteInternetThe Romeo and Juliet unit.</p></li><li><p>If you were to implement your unit you would assess students using portfolio assessment methods by keeping a folder to document each students</p><p>ProcessesProducts</p></li><li><p> STATION STUDENT COMMENTSTEACHER GRADE COMMENTS</p></li><li><p>deskbookcaseAudiotapeBooks,etc.VideoCameraVideoCassetteInternetDVCCD</p><p>Internet CDbookcaseVideodisc andInternetaccessinlibraryPresentation monitor from ceiling</p><p>Another floor-plan.</p></li></ul>


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