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"Integra has been our vendor for some time. They are professional, knowledgeable and have the highest integrity, what makes Integra truly valuable to us is their ability to anticipate issues we might have in the future and to recommend proactive steps we can take now to address them. Integra's foresight and expertise helps us both to avoid problems and to save money. I recommend them highly." Gordy Hulten, Champaign County Clerk

2StabilityIntegra Business ServicesFounded in 2005 and celebrating 7 years of successful growthJeff Vangetson over 40 years of election experience (1968) John Kruszynski has over 30 years of election experience (1982)Integras Foundational PrincipalsIntegrity, Dependability & QualityOur Goal is SimpleMaintain our Foundational Principals and Exceed Client Expectations

"What's the highest praise you can give a company: they deliver what they promise, how they promise, and when they promise. That's Integra Business Services, a company of their word. Mark A. Von Nida, Madison County Clerk3ExperienceIntegra offers the experience and dedication I look for from all our partners in the election business. Integra offers a quality, valuable, service at an affordable price which translates into the best possible product for my constituents. Larry W. Reinhardt, Jackson County Clerk

4ClerkServeElectionServeWeb-based election results display, reporting, and analysis. Receives data in electronic format from the various reporting systems and provides access to the results for the media and general public on election night, and historical results analysis. VoterServeVoter Registration and Current Election information provided on the Internet for use by the voting public. VitalsServeWeb based vital records system for generating and printing Marriage, Civil Union, Birth & Death records. "ElectionServe gives our constituents in DeKalb County immediate web access to election results. It's so simple. We love not being dependent on an IT person to provide voters with what they need." John Acardo, DeKalb County Clerk5BenefitsWeb-Based Solution and Research ToolStronger and more viable election analyticsEliminate your reliance on IT staffAllow constituents the option to watch returns on election night on their iPads, other tablets, smart phones, mobile phones and computersStreamline the delivery of your election resultsReduce operational costs by increasing efficienciesImprove transparency and visibilityProvide constituents an easy to use, reliable and intuitive system that builds voter confidence and increases voter turnout

The Leading Provider of e-Government Web-Based, On-Demand Software Services!6



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