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  • 1. The Insular Cortex
    By Hagar & Mikaela
  • 2. Location
    Cerebral Hemisphere
    Connected with the primary/secondar somatosensory areas amygdale , prefrontal cortec, etc.
  • 3. Functions
    Bodily Awareness
    Risky Decision Making
    Taste-Processing Gustatory Process
  • 4. Disfuntional Insular Cortex
    Hard time evaluating pain, and processing it.
    Plays a positive role in addiction.
  • 5. Study 1: Sacktor, Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel)
    Aim: To determine result of blocking an enzyme that strengthens the neuron connections, creating long-term memory.
    Result: Memories erased by injecting the inhibitor into the insular cortex (taste-processing gustatory process).
  • 6. Study 2: Dr. Urbanik
    Aim: To examine whether men and women respond differently to danger.
    Results: Mens insular cortex is more activated than womens, which creates a physical reaction of fight or flight rather than an emotional.
  • 7. Study 3: Nasir Naqvi, University of Iowa
    Aim: To see whether head injury that leads to dysfunction of the Insular Cortex will have an effect on drug addiction.
    Results: Cigarette smokers for example who suffer from damage of the Insular Cortex due to a stroke had their addiction to cigarettes almost eliminated. Up to 136 more likely to stop smoking then smokers who suffer damage to another part of the brain.
    Make this area of the brain a promising target for anti-addiction medications.
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