Instant replay in sports (stats)

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1.Instant Replay In SportsJonathan NagarWeston McCollumCody KustrinDe Nguyen2. IntroductionINSTANT REPLAY: The recording and immediate playback of a part of a live television broadcast of a sporting event (used by officials).ISSUE: Controversial calls continue to affect the outcome of sporting events.3. Instant Replay JurisdictionNational Football League (NFL)Each team is allowed two instant replay reviews a game (coach challenges).Challenges can be used on:scoring playspass completionsout-of-bounds playsforward passedfumblesdown-by-contact playsforward progress playstouching of a kick and placement of the football.4. Instant Replay JurisdictionMajor League Baseball (MLB)Reviews boundary home run calls to determine:Fair (home run) or foul.Whether the ball actually left the playing field.Whether the ball was subject to spectator interference.5. Instant Replay JurisdictionATP and WTA World Tour TennisReview calls on balls in or out of the playing surface.National Hockey League (NHL)Review calls on controversial goals scored.National Basketball League (NBA)Review shots made before the buzzer.6. Questions To Be AnsweredIs Instant Replay at an appropriate level in sports?Does Instant Replay have a positive impact on sports?Does Instant Replay ultimately make the games more fair?7. Questions To Be AnsweredConcerns:Does Instant Replay slow down the pace of the game?Is it practical to implement Instant Replay in Division II and III sports?8. World Cup: England vs. Germany9. Additional ControversiesMLB: Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland IndiansGalarraga Perfect Game lost on final call.Philadelphia Phillies vs. Florida MarlinsGaby Sanchez walk off hit ruled foul.(WS) San Francisco Giants vs. Texas RangersDouble play was ruled safe at first base.10. Main Research HypothesisQuestion: Should Instant Replay be further implemented in sports?11. Data Collection & PreparationCollection MethodsUsed Survey Monkey (Sample Size 40)10 MC Scaled Response Questions.Used on Facebook as an event.Interviews (Sample Size 20)Target AudienceSports Fans/Followers12. Descriptive StatisticsHow many hours a week do you spend watching sports?0 to 5 - 136 to 10-1411 to 15- 416 to 20 - 6 20+- 313. Descriptive StatisticsMode is 6 to 10 hoursMedian is 6 to 10 hoursMean is 9.112514. Descriptive StatisticsWhich sport do you watch the most?Baseball - 11Basketball - 3Football - 23Hockey - 1Soccer - 1Tennis- 0Other - 115. ProbabilityProbability of choosing someone from our data who watches football the most.P(E)=23/40=.575 Probability of choosing someone that does not watch football the most.Using the complement rule: P(E)=1-P(E)=.425 16. Descriptive StatisticsHave you ever played sports at a competitive level?Yes - 32No - 817. Descriptive StatisticsInstant replay has a positive impact on sports.Strongly Agree - 23Somewhat Agree - 14No Opinion - 2Somewhat Disagree - 1Strongly Disagree - 018. Hypothesis Test for Positive Impact19. Descriptive StatisticsInstant replay is at an appropriate level in sports. Strongly Agree - 5Somewhat Agree - 24No Opinion - 5Somewhat Disagree - 5Strongly Disagree - 120. Hypothesis Test for Appropriate Level21. Descriptive StatisticsInstant replay slows down the pace of the game.Strongly Agree - 11Somewhat Agree - 15No Opinion - 1Somewhat Disagree - 11Strongly Disagree - 222. Hypothesis Test for Pace of Game23. Descriptive StatisticsIt is practical to implement instant replay in Division 2 and 3.Strongly Agree - 5Somewhat Agree - 12No Opinion - 7Somewhat Disagree - 7Strongly Disagree - 924. Hypothesis Test for Replay in Division II and III25. Descriptive StatisticsInstant replay corrects official/referee decisions.Strongly Agree - 25Somewhat Agree - 13No Opinion - 1Somewhat Disagree - 1Strongly Disagree - 026. Hypothesis Test for Correcting Mistakes27. Descriptive StatisticsInstant replay ultimately makes the games being played more fair.Strongly Agree - 19Somewhat Agree - 17No Opinion - 2Somewhat Disagree - 2Strongly Disagree - 028. Hypothesis Test for Fairness29. Descriptive Statistics30. Conclusion and RecommendationsThe average (mean) for hours of sports watched per week was 9.112575% of the sample played sports at a competitive level at some point in their lives.37 of the 40 people surveyed agreed that instant replay has a positive impact on sports.65% also agreed that usage of instant replay slows down the game.31. Conclusions and Recommendations29 of the 40 people sampled agreed that instant replay is at an appropriate level at this time.23 of 40 feel that it is not practical to implement instant replay in Division II and Division III sports.95% of the sample agreed that instant replay corrects mistakes made by officials.90% of the people surveyed agreed that instant replay makes the gameplay more fair.32. Conclusions and RecommendationsGiven the data collected, we determined that instant replay should be implemented across all professional sports.For the sports in which instant replay is already utilized, it should be refined and used to a further degree.As a group, we collectively believe in the usage of instant replay for professional and college sports.33. Suggestions for Improving StudyConduct survey to broader age groups.Ask more questions regarding each sport individually.Acquire a larger sample size with more participants.


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