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Inside Out IntermediateLessons 1-2. Units and topics 1 Friends Fame p. 4. Close up p. 6. 1/2 Noughts and Crosses p. 7. Friends for life p. 9. 1/3 Anecdote p. 10. Youve got a friend p. 11. . 1/4 Youve got mail p.13 Talking about a close friend Speaking and writing Talking about friends, relatives and famous people Using basic question forms Reading and listening Interview with Jade Jagger Grammar Lexis Pronunciation Stress in questions Question forms Subject questions Prepositions That was then this is now Conversation about a close friend Song: Youve got a friend Friendship expressions Vowel sounds English in pop songs




Writing an e-mail and an informal letter about yourself TEST

Lessons 9-10.

Units and topics 2 Relax The Little Book of Calm p.14. Close up p.15. 2/2 Sally sees herself as she really is p.17. Close up p.18. 2/3 Books, films and music p.20. A good read p.20. How are you feeling? p.21. Anecdote p.21.

Speaking and writing Talking about stress and ways of relaxing


Reading and Grammar listening Four people talking about their lives and The Little Book of Calm Adverbs of frequency Sally sees herself as she really is People talking about books, films Present and music tenses

Lexis Expressions about stress, mannerisms and self-control


Adjectives with -ed/ -ing Words and expressions about books, films and music


Giving opinions about books, films and music How do you choose a book to read? Talking about a film you have seen or a book that you have read recently Web movies Writing a review TEST


2/4 Net reviews p.22. A film review p.23.

Lessons 17-18.

Units and topics 3 Dating Twenty-first century dating p.24. Close up p.25. 3/2 How we met p.27. Dream date p.28. 3/3 Ki astrology p.29. I dont fancy yours much p.30.

Speaking and writing Talking about first dates and relationships

Reading and listening How two couples began their relationship


Lexis Love and relationship expressions



Interview about the Present relationships one perfect and year later past simple Since and for Talking about how How we met couples meet The schwa Talking about the qualities of an ideal partner Ki astrology I dont fancy yours much Simple and compound adjectives describing personality Criticisms and generalisations: can be, tends to be Get meaning become



3/4 A boyfriends worst nightmare p. 31.

Writing a final paragraph TEST

A boyfriends worst nightmare

Lessons 25-26.

Units and topics 4 Adrenalin My name is Mike and Im a skydiver p.32. 4/2 A sporting life p.35. Close up p.36.

Speaking and writing Talking about frightening and exciting experiences Talking about sport

Reading and Grammar listening

Lexis Expressions about risk and excitement Gradable and absolute adjectives

Pronunciation Intonation: practising stress to express strong feelings


Interview with a female boxer People talking about past experiences

Past experiences: past simple/ present perfect/ past continous



4/3 Anecdote p.38. Talking about past experiences The Adrenalin Game p.39. 4/4 Close up p.40. People talking about sports River Deep Mountain High p.41. Song:River Deep Mountain High TEST

Comparison: comparative and superlative adjectives

Lessons 33-34.

Units and topics 5 Kids A childs point of view p.42. Close up p.43.

Speaking and writing Talking about the qualities of a good child and a good parent Writing a definition

Reading and listening Childrens definitions of a mother Childrens definitions of everyday things




Defining relative clauses Relative pronouns Relative clauses with where, when and whose Stress timing: childrens rhymes Vocabulary: bicycle Education expressions



5/2 Omitting relative pronouns p.44. Where, when and whose p.44. Definition auction p.45. 5/3 Childrens rhymes p.46. First memory: The Bicycle p.47.


Talking about First memory: The stories you read as Bicycle a child 5/4 Second Second memory: memory: The Great The Great Mouse Mouse Plot p.48. Plot Close up p.49. Talking about life Anecdote p.49. at the age of eight TEST

Used to and would

Lessons 41-42.

Units and topics


Speaking and writing 6 News Talking about The hunters and the celebrity gossip hunted and privacy p.50. 6/2 Close up p.52. 6/3 Headline news p.54. 6/4 Personal news p.56. A letter from Berlin p.57. 7 Party Spains third city sees winter off with a bang p. 58. 7/2 Close up p.60. Invitations p.61. Writing a radio news broadcast Completing a personal letter Replying to a letter TEST Talking about festivals

Reading and listening Paparazzi News in brief


Lexis Collocations


Irregular verbs The passive voice Stress and intonation: showing empathy

45-46. 47-48.

Radio news broadcasts Conversations giving personal news


Spains third city sees winter off with a bang

Phrasal verbs

Short vowels


Inviting people out Conversation about Future forms making excuses dates and and arrangements boyfriends

Lessons 53-54.

Units and topics 7/3 Parties p.62. Anecdote - Lets party! p.63. 7/4 Its my party p.64. Special occasions p.65.

Speaking and writing Talking about parties Planning a party

Reading and listening Conversation about a good party Questionnaire Are you a party animal or a party pooper? Song: Its my party and Ill cry if I want to


Lexis Socialising expressions



Writing a letter of invitation and a reply TEST



8 Review 1 Test yourself p.67. Once in a blue moon p.67. Friends p.68. Fancy going out? p.68. Sound and vision p. 69. Keep in touch p.69. Do you know Paris? p.69. 8/2 Did you know? p.70. People and places p.70. far,far away p.71. A letter to a friend p.71. MID COURSE TEST

Six people talking about how they met Vowels: Sound and vision Do you know Paris? Sentence stress

A letter to a friend

Lessons 61-62.

Units and topics 9 Soap Pacific Heights p.72. 9/2 Pacific Heights: Scene 1 p.74. Close up p. 76. 9/3 Pacific Heights: Scenes 2-4 p.77. 9/4 Pacific Heights: The next episode p.79. Close up p.80.

Speaking and writing Talking about family relationships

Reading and listening Whos who in Pacific Heights





Talking about the Pacific Heights: characters in Pacific Scene 1 Heights Talking about friends and family Writing a TV preview

Family relationships Describing people Say/ tell Phrasal verbs Reported speech Everyday expressions

65-66. 67-68.

Watch the next Will for episode of Pacific prediction with Heights continous and Talking about your perfect tenses future Writing predictions TEST

Lessons 69-70.

Units and topics 10 Time Sayings about time p.82. Punctuality p.83. 10/2 Dates p.84. Prepositions p.84. Time expressions p.85. 10/3 Things to do p.86. Collocation p.87. Close up p.88. 10/4 Office cultures p.89. To whom it may concern p.90

Speaking and Reading and writing listening Comparing sayings about time Questionnaire A woman talking about dates that are important to her



Pronunciation Sounds: /s/, /z/,//, //


Time prepositions and expressions Must, should, can, have to: obligation, prohibition and permission


Talking about rules Time-saving tips: and regulations lists


Talking about work places Writing a business letter Writing a letter of application TEST

People talking about their work place Flight attendants

Lessons 77-78.

Units and topics 11 Journey The Beach p.92. Conrads round-theworld trip p.93. 11/2 Close up p.94. Wish you were here p.95. Anecdote p.95. 11/3 Close up p.96. Coast to coast p.97. Anecdote p.97. 11/4 Close up p. 98. Tell us a story p.99.

Speaking and writing Talking about reasons for travelling Describing places

Reading and listening The Beach Conversation about a roundthe-world trip


Lexis Geographical location Describing places



Writing holiday postcards Talking about a perfect weekend

Speculation and deduction: must, could, may Interview with three people talking about a perfect weekend Past perfect A motorbike trip


Talking about a journey


Writing a narrativeTEST

A pilots mistake

Lessons 85-86.

Units and topics 12 Basics First date p.100. Close up p.101. 12/2 Eating out p.102. Anecdote p.103. 12/3 Whats for dinner? p.104. Incredible edibles p.105. 12/4 Bedtime p.106. Report writing p.107.

Speaking and writing Talking about eating habits Using formal and informal register Talking about eating out Designing a meal Talking about unusual foods

Reading and listening Conversation at a restaurant on a first date

Grammar Quantifiers Countable and uncountable nouns

Lexis Restaurant language



Social register


Interview about eating unusual foods Sleep survey report

Vocabulary of food, tastes and ways of cooking Words and expressions about sleep habits


Writing up the resul