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<ul><li><p> Inserting Google Drive Videos </p><p>Inserting Google Drive Videos </p><p>1. Before you can insert a Google Drive video to your site, you must have uploaded the video to the drive, </p><p>associated with your account, which stores documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and videos for you. If </p><p>you dont know how to do this, please see separate instructions Google Drive Storage for doing so first at </p><p> </p><p>2. In editing mode on your Web site, click the New Page c icon (document with a + sign in it) at the top. </p><p>3. In Name your page: create a title for the new page, such as Video of 2013 Awards Banquet. </p><p>4. Leave the default settings Web Page and Put page at the top level and click the red CREATE button </p><p>at the top. Your new page will show in a few seconds. </p><p>5. Click the text Insert up in the top left of the page. </p><p>6. A pop-up box will appear with many different items you can insert on your page. Find the one called </p><p>Drive under the Google heading and hover over it to get a dropdown list. Go down to Video and </p><p>click on it. </p><p>7. A pop-up box will appear with a list of all the videos you have uploaded to your Google Drive area. Click to </p><p>the right of the video you want to put on the page to highlight it in a blue box and then click the blue </p><p>Select button at the bottom of the box. </p><p>8. In the Insert Google Docs Video box that pops up, put a new title in the box Include title: if you dont </p><p>want to use the original title of the video on your Web page. You can also select the size of the video and </p><p>whether or not it has a border around it in this box. </p><p>9. When you are finished setting up your parameters, click the red SAVE button. </p><p>10. The video will not appear on your page until you click the blue Save button at the top of your page. (You </p><p>have the option of editing the alignment of the video on the page before saving it and may want to select </p><p>Align center for best placement on the page.) </p><p>11. The video with a Play button for viewers to click to watch it now appears on your page. </p><p>12. To change the properties you set in step 8, click the Edit page (e) icon (looks like a pencil) at the top of </p><p>your page. In the bottom left of the Google Docs Video box, there is a Properties icon (looks like a </p><p>wheel). Click on that and make your adjustments, and follow steps 8 and 9 again. </p><p>13. See either Adding and Deleting Pages in Your Left-Hand Sidebar or Adding and Editing a Horizontal </p><p>Navigation Bar under Navigation at to put your Video page on a navigational bar </p></li></ul>