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  • How can you effectively and trustfully reach audience on Instagram?

    You can do it only with influencers, a new big thing in marketing that already brings great results for top and local brands.

  • Can you run Ad Campaign with a number of influencers within a day?

    Yes, if you have a database of 3500+ influencers, trustful and fast communication with them and easy pay outs. Do you?

  • Insense is a tool connecting curated brands and influencers to bring relevant branded content to Instagramour clients

  • How it works

    Influencers opt in and accept campaign

    You list a brief on our app

    You accept/deny content via our dashboard or chat with influencers




    Influencers get paid after posting 4


    Momondo $ 4,320Lets fly. Tell everyone how to travel


    Not interested

    Starting on 21.06.16

    3 days 3h 23m

    My campaigns ArchiveOffers


    Jameson $ 23,000 Jameson new taste promo


    Not interested

    Starting on 21.06.16

    3 days 3h 23m

    My campaigns ArchiveOffers

    Jameson Text

    Content has been sent20.06 7:15 pm

    Photo has been checked

    Photo has been confirmed

    Publish photo

    21.06 11:23 am

    21.06 12:05





  • 1 You choose influencers based on their #followers, engagement rate, category and other criteria

  • 2 You brief influencers who are ready to participate Its a short questionnaire to get relevant content

  • 3 You accept content or chat with influencer If content is out of brief you can talk to influencer directly via dashboard or email.

    Once you accept the content influencer will post it.

  • 4 You get posts, likes and engaged followers!

    You can see/download brief report with all data of the campaign to analyze and share with others.

  • 2 Look, how amazing this content can be integrated into the influencers feed!

    This is what we call trustful advertising

    alex.mazurov 133k followers

  • You can achieve higher results working with Insense. Let all manual work make done by our tool.

    Make your campaigns trustful and easy to run

    Instagramerly yours, Insense team

  • Business case: Reach and Engagement for McCafe Russia

    12 946likes & comments

    Published on 28 blogs Total audience: 972 760 followers

  • Business case: New followers for Uber (test campaign)

    40 000total reach + X new organic followers

    We have been working with Insense team for 2 months and it was successful experience. Our goal was to increase amount of followers for Uber account. In the beginning the account had 600 followers. Publications on the relevant Instagram blogs resulted in new native followers. Guys worked well and were in touch every time it was needed. I definitely recommend Insense! Katerina Khomich Marketing Manager, Uber

  • Business case: Activation for Chef Market


    10 posts Total audience: 33 565 followers