Innovative Technologies for Collaborative Learning Environments Mike Sharples University of Birmingham, UK

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  • Innovative Technologies for Collaborative Learning EnvironmentsMike SharplesUniversity of Birmingham, UK

  • New TechnologyUser centredPersonalNetworkedPortableUbiquitousDurableNew Technology

  • New LearningLearner centredIndividualisedCollaborativeSituatedUbiquitousLifelongNewLearning

  • New TechnologyUser centredPersonalNetworkedPortableUbiquitousDurableLearner centredIndividualisedCollaborativeSituatedUbiquitousLifelongNewLearning

  • Co-evolution of technology and learning(Andrews,2004)Technology 1Technology 2Technology 3Learning 1Learning 2Learning 3

  • Mobile Learning:MOBIlearn project ( Framework IST project24 partner organisations across Europe, Israel, US, AustraliaDevelop technology and services for mobile learningFocus on learning outside the classroom ScenariosArt gallery, First aid, Work-based MBA course

  • Mobile and contextual learning

  • Small group learning:Interactive LogbookTo develop software for wirelessly-connected pen tablet computers to enhance student team learning throughOnline mentoringCommunicationPeer collaborationAssessmentPersonal Learning Management

  • MultimediaNotesShared filesShared resourcesContext-dependent teaching material

  • Collaborative Learning Spaces: CETADLFlexible Learning Room to explore new learning environmentsVideoconference seminarsCollaborative contextual learningOutdoor learningWebcast masterclasses from Botanic Gardens

  • Technology and Collaborative LearningMobile and contextual learningCo-evolution of learning in contextTechnology-mediated small group learningCo-evolution of informal collaborative learningCollaborative learning spacesCo-evolution of new environments for learning