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    Innovation contest around waste

    Famae unveils the Laureates of the 1,000,000 award Paris, May 31, 2018,

    The Famae foundation internationally aroused a passion for its first innovation contest to bring out innovative and sustainable solutions for waste recycling and waste reduction. Over 1,500 projects from 70 different countries and 60 colleges and universities applied. On May 26, at VivaTech, surrounded by its prestigious jury and its partners, Famae awarded the most promising projects to revolutionize the management of our waste.

    Laureates making our planet green again

    After several selection stages, three candidate projects were finally awarded. Each laureate receives up to 300,000 and will be assisted by Famae and its network of experts to expand its ambitious project.

    o Grand Prize: a consortium for first 100% biodegradable diaper in the world

    Each year in France, nearly 3.5 billion diapers, often made up of chemicals and petroleum-based plastics, are used and thrown away. Each child thus generates an average of 1 ton of non-recyclable and non-recoverable soiled diapers, while cellulose and human excrement make formidable natural fertilizers. In order to adress to this ecological challenge, several candidates of the competition, the Dycle-project from Berlin, the Bordeaux-area start-up Mundao, and the Alchemists, based in Ile-de-France become a consortium to develop the first biodegradable diaper in the world.

    Composed of organic materials, the aim of this future diaper is in the end to be transformed into compost suitable for the agriculture, and must meet the environmental and health standards in force.

    More information: and

    o Protifly, how to transform organic by-products in valuable compounds thanks to insects

    Based in Mont-de-Marsan (40) in South West France, Protifly provides an accurate response to the logistical and financial constraints of agricultural stakeholders and the food industry by offering a smart solution to deal with their residual organic matter and to generate new sustainable resources.

    Protifly recycles these organic by-products into food for insect farms (fly larvae Hermetia illucens - Black soldier fly). These generated nutrients are then transformed into three products without any use of chemicals: protein meal, an oil for animal feed, and green manure for soil fertilization. The ultimate goal is to allow treatment of household organic waste with these insects.

    More information:

    o Precious plastic, the open source of plastic recycling

  • Created in 2013 in the Netherlands by Dave Hakkens, Precious Plastic brings together a community of people around the world, working together to provide solutions against plastic pollution.

    This community develops machines, tools and knowledge sharing to recycle plastic. The proposed machines, whose plans are shared open source, are low-tech projects and do it yourself easy to manufacture and composed of economical materials and accessible to all.

    The goal: that anyone, wherever, can contribute to the recycling of plastic. In some countries, community members use the Precious Plastic toolkit for economic development and job creation. This is typically the case with the social enterprise Koun, based in Morocco that collects and transforms plastic into decorative objects.

    More information:

    In addition, Famae and its partners awarded special prizes to three other projects:

    - The "Design Award" by Famae and Zero Waste France has rewarded an easy to use and functional solution for apartment composting with the composter flower pot Transfarmers ( and Bin up, a new generation and more beautiful sorting bin submitted by a consortium of Portuguese entities.

    - Famae and Spark News choice for the "Best-liked/Favorite Award" was the American NGO "The Shoe That Grows" and its shoe that expands following the evolution of the foot of children who wear it in developing countries:

    - The "Student Social Entrepreneur Award" by Famae and Enactus is awarded to Campus Market, a solution for low-cost student furniture collect and resale, tested in Lille and Roubaix: watch? v = QUA8myhYqMc.

    In addition to this prize list, and because of the quality of their projects being nominees, Famae decided to support in their development in France Israeli start-ups UBQ that transforms the contents of our bins into new sustainable materials ( and Homebiogas with its bio-toilet project: a micro-biogas system that transforms biowaste from individuals (food and slurry) into biogas for cooking. (

    Eric Philippon, President of the Famae Foundation says: "This first competition is a real success for our young foundation both in terms of quantity and quality of the projects that we received. All the laureates we have decided to award carry revolutionary projects that meet challenges of the future of our planet. This success confirms us in our ambition to renew the initiative with a new environmental theme in the coming months. We will soon announce future projects that will position Famae as a major player in the Greentech ecosystem. "

    About the Famae Foundation

    Famae is an independent, financially autonomous family initiative of people who share the same values: natural empathy, initiative and openness in the service of respect for the environment.

    The aim of the foundation is to organize inventivecompetitions to support projects of brilliant inventors - whether students, researchers, community activists or entrepreneurs - and the creation of simple and innovative services or products that will enable to change our daily lives, lowering our expenditures and greatly reducing our environmental footprint.

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