INNOVATION AND CORPORATE ENTR AND CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ... Innovate or Die Innovation ... Day 3 is further devoted to developing and implementing a convincing innovation and ...

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  • BARCELONA, November - December 2011

    INNOVATION AND CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIPThe Art and Science of New Business Creation for Ambitious Corporations and Startup Entrepreneurs



    The course provides insights into the key aspects of glo-

    bal entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, open innovation

    and corporate venturing:

    How to organize and leverage the corporate setting to start

    and grow new, significant, globally competitive businesses.

    How to use new business development and venturing as a

    tool in strategy making processes and corporate transfor-


    How to collaborate effectively with start-up firms and tech


    How to generate successful (corporate) start-ups in an Open

    Innovation setting. Searching for complementarity: the role

    of incubators, spin-ins, spin-outs, corporate venture capital

    and other partners.

    The course addresses critical issues related to growing

    new business start-ups:

    Starting the venture: The Team. The Customers. Entrepre-

    neurship/Intrapreneurship. Opportunity scouting. Creating

    value through technology. The role of intellectual property.

    Marketing, sales, financials: Sales and marketing for intra-

    preneurs. Venture capital: corporate venturing, public ven-


    Setting up a business plan: Elements of the plan. Getting

    your message across. The importance of global ambition.

    How to build your team: Stages and evolution of the organi-


    How to scan the environment for new ideas.

    How to create and recognize new opportunities for innova-


    How to organize the corporation to optimally embrace,

    assimilate, and integrate new technologies and business


    How best to work effectively and negotiate deals with tech-

    nology providers (small start-ups and research institutes).

    What is the role of flexibility and complementary compe-

    tences in these negotiations?

    The will to win: the importance of leadership and the team.

    Global ambition means planning global sales from the

    start, but how?

    The Innovation Imperative: Companies need to achieve strategic growth through both incremental and Radical Innovation in order to survive the tsu-nami of global competition.

    Creating new markets, embracing new business models and identifying new customer segments within existing business units is a major challenge. Achieving significant innovation rapidly in tradi-tional corporate environments is a daunting task. Almost all established companies recognize the strategic importance of innovation, intrapreneur-ship, corporate venturing and the creation of new markets. However, many large companies, espe-cially those in Europe, have failed to realize the anticipated growth they need to remain significant and competitive global players.

    This course provides participants frameworks for innovation where, through collaboration with a va-riety of partners, new ventures can be created with an improved perspective and faster clock speed, outside their current corporate or start-up environ-ment.

    This course conveys the latest concepts of entre-preneurship, intrapreneurship and corporate ven-turing with a focus on new product/new market/new business models combinations including the finance, marketing, sales, technology and human capital frameworks relevant for start-up ventures.

    Innovation is introduced as a tool to create a meet-ing ground for corporate environments, university labs and and start-ups where resources, know-ledge and especially new business options can be jointly developed.

    This Corporate Entrepreneurship course teaches the fundamentals of Innovation as applied to deve-loping new venture options for global corporations. The participants will develop and refine a new busi-ness case, which will be evaluated during the last day of the course by an objective and demanding team of experts.

    The combination of world-class teaching, business case development, and access to networks will strengthen each participants new business deve-lopment and venturing capabilities.


    In this first day, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of corporate innovation as it is practiced in emerging markets and advanced economies around the world. The traditional model is based upon a logic of internal vertical integration. As we shall discuss, the surrounding innovation environment no longer supports this internal logic, because the knowledge landscape has become too diverse and distributed for any one company to monopolize useful ideas in a given technology area. We will then present new and different models of corporate innovation, including Open Innovation and Corporate Venturing, and show how these models fit better with this more diverse and distributed environment.

    Time Program DAY 1

    09.00 Welcome by Dean Alfons Sauquet, Jaume Hugas and/or Josep Piqu

    10.00 The Innovation Imperative: Achieving Global Competitiveness through Entrepreneurship and InnovationKen Morse

    10.40 Break

    11.00 The Changing Context of Industrial Innovation: Open Innovation and Corporate Venturing Marcos Gmez, Ken Morse

    12.30 Lunch

    14.00 Open Innovation & other Business Models Marcos Gmez

    15.30 Developing and Sourcing new Innovative IdeasMarcos Gmez

    17.00 Break

    17.20 Innovating Beyond the current Business Models, including ServicesRequired reading: CHESBROUGH, Henry. The New Environment for Business Models. In: Open Business Models. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2006. p. 49-80Marcos Gmez

    18.00 Working with Venture Capitalists to Access Early Stage TechnologiesKen Morse, Eric Achtmann

    20.00 - 22.00

    Evening Study Tour: Antoni Gaud, Paseo de Gracia

    Begin to form teams to develop a new business idea

    DAY 1: Monday, 28 November The Innovation Imperative: Innovate or Die Innovation = Invention + CommercializationAlternative Innovation Business Models, and the Pros and

    Cons of each

    Marcos Gmez, Kenneth P. Morse Day 2 is devoted to what is consistently described as the most challenging Critical Success Factor in achieving Innovation: Selling the new concept and product, both to new customers, and inside your organization. The focus of this day will be on defining and quantifying the value proposition, preparing an effective elevator pitch, and then involving potential lead customers to prove the case. At the end of the day, the course attendants will have the opportunity to test their business proposition in a Networking and Sales Pitching Exercise with leaders of the Barcelona Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

    Time Program DAY 2

    09.00 Welcome by Ken MorseFramework and Definition of High Tech Sales, SalesManagement, and Building Predictable StrategicCustomer RelationshipsCase Example: Quantifying the Customer Value PropositionKen Morse

    10.30 Break

    11.00 Communicating your Value Proposition toProspective CustomersKen Morse

    12.30 Lunch

    14.00 Finding Value through Alternative Business Models (inside-out)Required reading: CHESBROUGH, Henry; GARMAN, A.R.How Open Innovation Can Help You Cope in Lean Times. Harvard Business Review. December, 2009.Marcos Gmez

    15.30 Break

    16.00 What makes a Great Elevator Sales Pitch +PracticeKen Morse

    17.30 Transfer to the Building Roof

    18.15 Reception and Live Graded Networking and SalesPitching Exercise with Barcelona Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

    19.45 -21.00

    Standing Buffet Dinner and Networking Event for the Participants at ESADE

    DAY 2: Tuesday, 29 November

    Engaging Customers and Generating Sales

    Kenneth P. Morse, Marcos Gmez

  • Day 3 is further devoted to developing and implementing a convincing innovation and commercialization strategy. Go to market lectures cover a wide variety of important aspects ranging from how to build a sales and customer oriented company to how to close the deal.

    Time Program DAY 3

    09.00 Global Sales StrategiesRequired Reading: Spotfire case + QuestionsCase discussion: Spotfire - How a SwedishSoftware Company Built Their Global SalesStrategy: Lessons learnedKen Morse

    10.45 Break

    11.00 Creating a Sales and Customer FocusedCulture in Your Company and with YourCustomersKen Morse

    12.30 Lunch

    14.00 Managing a Global Sales Organization: Makinga Successful CloseKen Morse

    15.30 Break

    16.00 -18.00

    Teams and Case PreparationsMarcos Gmez, Ken Morse

    18.15 Evening Study Tour: Networking Dinner at Barcelonas Beach: Escriba

    DAY 3: Wednesday, 30 November

    Global Ambition, Global Sales

    Kenneth P. Morse

    Overcoming the Innovators Dilemma and Building World Class Management Teams

    In the morning, participants will have time to further refine their case presentations. Then, all business cases will be discussed in several groups consisting of both your fellow students and also invited guests with expertise in the relevant areas knowing when, but also when not, to finance your new venture plans.

    Time Program DAY 4

    09.00 Overcoming the Innovators Dilemma: Corporate Venturing in Major FirmsEnric Huguet

    10.45 Break

    11.00 Building World Class Management Teams to Accomplish the Innovation and Corporate Venturing ImperativeLaura Morse

    12.30 Lunch

    14.00 The Critical Importance of Teamwork vs. Individual PerformanceRicard Huguet

    15.30 Break

    16.00 - 18.00

    Coaching the teams for their final presentationsEric Achtmann, Laura Morse

    Evening Study Tour: Barcelona City Tour and networking dinner at Poble Espanyol, Montjuic

    Time Program DAY 5

    08.00 Case preparations, as needed

    10.00 - 13.00

    Taking the Learnings Home.

    13.00 - 14.30

    Closing luncheon at ESADE

    14.30 - 15.00

    Wrap-up, followed by presentation of certificates. Closing CeremonyKen Morse

    DAY 4: Thursday, 01 December

    Eric Achtmann, Ricard Huguet, Laura Morse

    DAY 5: Friday, 02 December

    Reviewing, Coaching, and Judging the Business Plans

    Marcos Gmez, Ken Morse

  • FACULTYProgram Directors

    MARCOS GMEZESADE Lecturer in Innovation and Marketing Man-agement. Specialist in corporate innovation, he has worked as R&D Manager, Industrial Manager and As-sistant General Manager, of various companies. He focusses on expert methods for the exploration of opportunities, strategic project selection, and inno-vation creation. He is a founding partner of Orbita97 Innovation Company and Director of innovation proc-ess introduction programmes for groups of SMEs from the associations ASCAMM, ASEPRI, CEPTA. He has managed the creation of various technological incu-bators. Director and Co-founder of five tech start-ups.

    KENNETH P. MORSESerial Entrepreneur. Visiting Professor, ESADE Busi-ness School. Chair in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Competitiveness, Delft University of Technology. Founding Managing Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center. Chairman & CEO, Entrepreneurship Ventures, Inc. National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepre-neurship (USA). Member Telefnica Disruptive Council. Member Citi SFS Advisory Board. Commercialization Advisor, Dynasil Corporation. Commercialization Advi-sor, Scottish Enterprise. New Zealand GNS Science Ex-ternal Expert Panel. MassChallenge, Board of Advisors. MIT Enterprise Forum Global Board. Member Barcelona HiT: The Hothouse of Innovation & Technology. Board of Advisors for several ambitious start-ups. Bachelor of Science, MIT; MBA, Harvard Business School.

    GUEST SPEAKERSLAURA MORSEManaging Director, Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc., Boston, MA, USA. 2009 Co-instructor with Professor Diane Burton, MIT Sloan School: Designing & Lead-ing the Entrepreneurial Organization. Former Human Capital Partner, Atlas Venture: London, Paris, Munich, and Boston. Former senior executive with S.W.I.F.T. sc, Belgium. Prior twenty years as a Partner with Leading Global Executive Search Consultancies; Russell Rey-nolds Associates and Heidrick & Struggles in Chicago, Boston and Brussels. B.A. and graduate work, Uni-versity of Iowa; Elected to Mortar Board.

    ERIC ACHTMANNManaging Director in Global Capital Advisors GMBH, In-dependent advisory for corporate finance, investment, M&A, strategy and restructuring. Former Managing Partner for Polytechnos Venture- Partners GMBH, early-stage private equity/venture fund focusing on technol-ogy and life sciences. MS, Aeronautics & Astronautics

    and MBA, Finance.

    RICARD HUGUETFounding Managing Director, Invenio learn. by.doing. Former Innovation Director, City of Barcelona. BA, Phar-macy, University of Barcelona. Degree in Business Ad-ministration, Open University of Catalonia. MA, Manage-ment of Technology, MIT.


    This Innovation and Corporate Enterpre-

    neurship course is directed toward cor-

    porate intrapreneurs and tech startups

    interacting in an open innovation setting,

    responsible for building new businesses

    based on breakthrough technologies. It is

    also designed for managers responsible

    for new business model implementation,

    targeting sustainable long-term corporate

    growth, including:

    Internal and External Venturing

    New Business Development

    Corporate R&D

    Corporate VC


    Since successful business development,

    intrapreneurship and venturing is based

    on the integration of several business ac-

    tivities, we encourage companies to send

    teams of 2 to 4 people with a cross-func-

    tional, interdepartmental background.


    Registration deadline: 14th November, 2011.

    Cancellations before 14th November are free of charge. Between 15th No-

    vember and 22nd November 2,300 will be charged. The cancellation fee

    after 22nd November is 3,500.

    Without cancellation, at the beginning of the course the full amount will

    be charged. Substitutions within companies are permitted.


    Registration should be made online by providing full company and contact

    details, as well as details of your motivation to attend the course.

    Your participation will be confirmed by e-mail from


    Register online:

    LOCATIONBarcelonaESADE Business SchoolExecutive EducationAv. Esplugues, 92-96E-08034 Barcelona. SpainTel. +34 932 804 008

    DATESFrom 28th November to 2nd December, 2011From 9:00 am to 22:00 pm

    FEES 8,900

    7,850 ESADE Alumni

    7,900 per person for teams of 3 or more executives from the same company

    The Tuition Fee includes:

    Five-day Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneuship course.

    Course Book (including all Case Studies, Articles and Presentations).

    Photo Book with full Contact Details of all Attendees for Future Networking.

    Networking Reception, and Dinner, with Special Invited Guests:- Leaders of the Entrepreneurial and Business Community- Executives of the Local Innovation Ecosystem- Business Angels and Venture Capitalists

    5 nights 4* hotel in DUI room.

    Study Tours.

    Luncheons, Dinners and Coffee Breaks during the course days.

    It does not include travel and extra hotel expenses


    For further information, candidates may consult on any matter con-

    cerning the program or its admission process, arrange their personal

    interview and present their admission application by contacting:

    Hiba Taja