Inner Beauty Doesn't really exist

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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 Inner Beauty Doesn't really exist</p><p> 1/1</p><p>Inner Beauty Essay Nate Czech</p><p>While writing, to be successful, one must typically be knowledgeable and/or have an</p><p>appreciation of the subject of said writing. On the topic of Inner Beauty, I have neither. While I</p><p>am aware of the majority beliefof inner beauty, this does not necessarily imply that I believe in</p><p>what most people interpret inner beauty as. I believe that people are not just born with things likeInner Beauty, I think, that, over time, as a result ofwhat is predominantly based on</p><p>experiences and background, they develop what many consider a Beautiful Inside.</p><p>From what I know, Societys conception ofhaving Inner beauty andbeing a Good</p><p>Person are more or less synonymous. One of the reasons why this topic, along with many</p><p>others akin to it, is difficult is because the interpretation of good is relative. For example, from</p><p>his misguided eyes, Adolf Hitler thought that what he was doing was good. This is why inner</p><p>beauty exists only as far as we believe it does within ourselves or others, an idea as opposed to</p><p>an object, somewhat similar to time or imagination.</p><p>Here is where controversies come into play. One must be careful while dealing with the</p><p>subject of ethical relativity, as offence can be easily taken. If being a good person really</p><p>depends on someones point of view, then how does the justice system work at all? This is where</p><p>we implement respect. The difference between humans and (known) non-humans is that humans</p><p>have the ability to define morality, and the definition generally uses respect as a focal point. For</p><p>instance, we know, without the law or superiors, that killing somebody would be immoral. This</p><p>is because of respect; we know that we want to live our life, so we respect others wishes, as long</p><p>as we consider them equals. Which we must, because they are equals.</p><p>Obviously everybody is different, so we are not equal in that sense. But we are equal in</p><p>the fact that we did not choose what we excel at and what we dont. Just because somebody is</p><p>more efficient in an area of study, does not denote they are superior in the human sense, all it</p><p>means is that they were NATURALY selected, through what was chiefly genetics, without their</p><p>contribution, to be better. This is why Talents are meaningless. Even when somebody is not</p><p>naturally good at something, but put forth much effort to improve, and become the best even,</p><p>they were still NATURALY born with the drive, with the motivation, with the dedication. Their</p><p>experiences and genes which they had no control over gave them what they have, even the want,</p><p>that is, the desire to be good at their specific area.</p><p>So, In conclusion, Inner beauty does not truly exist. Not to say there are no good or for</p><p>that matter bad people, but to say that everybody is good andbad, not according to some higher</p><p>system of Ethical Judges, but according to howyou interpret them. In a way, everybody is</p><p>Ethical Judges, judging each according to their own code of morals, which none can correct</p><p>nor discourage.</p></li></ul>