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This initial necklace tutorial is going to show you a stenciled way about how to diy personalized mommy necklace as her mothers day gift.


  • 1. Initial necklace for mom- personalized mommy necklaceInitial necklace, which means in stenciling way youengrave moms name onto plate, or deeply on your mind,will be an affectionate mothers day gift. To level with you,if the personalized mommy necklace is seriouslyconcerned and finished off with heart and soul, it willbecome a sweetest treasure for mom.Materials and tools: Letter stencils Ball chain Silver blanks Pearls Jump rings Head pins Clasp Bench blocik&hammer Round nose plier Flat nose plier Wire cutter MarkerInstructions:step 1: stencil letters onto blanks1st, place your favorite stencil onto blank;2nd, hammer it and get the well engraved letter;3rd, depict the engraved letter with marker.This initial necklace tutorial is going to show you a stenciled way about how to diy personalized mommynecklace as her mothers day gift.

2. The final necklace is like this:Now our personalized mommy necklace project isdone! As you can see, besides the tool kits it requiresa lot, the diy skill is much easier than somelook-simple projects. However, you might need tospend some time practicing stenciling skill; after all,practice makes perfect, and you must not want toscrew up this precious initial necklace.Buy the tools for your jewelry making please click: 2: attach initial letter to ballchain1st, snip a piece of chain measuring thecircumference of neck;2nd, punch a hole at top and attach it to ball chainwith jump ring;3rd, repeat to finish off other stencil letter units.Step 3: attach pearl to ball chain1st, slide pearl to head pin and do a wirewrapped loop at top;2nd, attach this pearl unit to ball chain.