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PowerPoint Presentation3 Nov. 2020
All physically travels/events/activities are subject to the World wide COVID-19 situation
Available Programmes
BSc Students only 1. Exchange Programme to McGill University, Canada
2. Exchange Programme to Technical University of Munich, Germany
3. Exchange Programme to University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
4. Exchange Programme to Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland
5. Exchange Programme to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
(limited major subjects in English + free electives)
6. Exchange Programme to University of Limerick, Ireland
7. Exchange Programme to Yonsei University, South Korea
8. UG Overseas Summer Research Scholarship
BSc and MSc Students 1. Study Tour (Destination is to be confirmed) 2. Joint Design Workshop 3. UNIPG-HKBU Italy Workshop Internship
MSc Students only 1. Double Degree Programme with OTH Regensburg, Germany
Joint Design Workshop 2020 Programme Briefing Dr. Kristen Li
Dec. 2019
Design Workshop
Traditional Workshop
Design for
Multi-locations Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong
2 Dimensions Inter-cultural Inter-disciplinary
Collaboration with Other Universities Companies Social Enterprises NGOs Government Offices
To design solution for Real World Problems Design Thinking Creativity and Innovation
2021 Joint Design Workshop
Tentative Theme: D4S - Design for Inclusive Society
Japan 4 days in early June
Financial Support by Department: Round trip flight tickets & accommodations Requirements: Academic Performance, Motivation and Interview Performance Eligibility: COMP BSc, MSc and RPg students How to apply: to be announced by email
Thank You General Enquiry
• an educational experience in one the world’s oldest universities
• a great time with fellow Italian students
Official Certificate from UniPG organizing committee:
• Course Attendance of IT Seminars
• Internship of IT Companies/Labs
Hong Kong Baptist University
1308 A.D. Pope Clement VII established UniPG
we celebrated the commencing the 8th century on 2008
Luca Pacioli, scholar Mathematician sec.XV
he wrote the Divina Proportione
illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci
University of Perugia today
• > 35,000 students enrolled
Other University level institutions in Perugia:
• University for Foreigners (Languages, Italian History/Arts course for Foreigners)
• Academic of Arts
• Conservatorio of Music
• 60 Faculty members
Fuzzy Logic – Grid Computing & Parallel Processing – Evolutionary Computation – Wireless Networks Algorithms – Image Processing – Planning and Scheduling – Information Retrieval & Data Mining – Virtual Reality – User Interface & E-learning
Computer Science Programs:
MSc./MD. Computer Science (2 Years) • artificial intelligence • network • information security
Joint PhD Mathematics & Computer Science
• Course: seminars on advanced IT topics
• Internship: project teamwork
• Events: social and cultural activities, visits, final farewell banquet, etc.
• Instruction media: English
Internship IT Labs
Internship projects will be provided by scientific and governmental institutions, IT companies selected from Province Board of Association of IT Industry (from 2019)
Internship projects in previous editions have been held in:
• IT Labs in University Hospital and Departments
• INFN National Institute of Nuclear Physics
• KITLab – Knowledge and Information Technologies Lab & Cyberlab
• LABEL – LABoratory for Elearning
• CRBM - BioMasses Research Center
Internship Project
• you will be assigned to a team of colleagues with a role depending on your skills
• each team will be assigned an IT lab project and internship tutor
• Awards: Best projects, Best presentations, etc.
Assignment of certificates upon positive attendance and positive report of internship tutors
• Certificate of Course Attendance
Program Fee EUR€ 1,400
Includes course/seminars, Internship, hostel accommodation, pickup and return to Rome Fiumicino Airport on official arrival/departure date, social and cultural activities, visits, final farewell banquet
Meals Campus Canteen EUR€ 3-6 per meal
Travel/Medical insurance Around HKD 500-600
other costs (estimate)
• Selection based on motivations and study performance
Complete the online application form • personal particulars & study status
• motivation and objectives for joining this internship programme
• a recent passport photo
Important Dates (all tentative)
Application Deadline 5:30pm, 15 Nov. 2020
Selection Interview 21 January 2021
Release of Admitted Participants List 24 January 2021
Deadline for Confirmation of Programme Participation & non refundable 1st payment fees
7 February 2021
mid April 2021
Exchange Programme starts (arrival date) 15 June 2021
Exchange Programme ends (departure date) 24 July 2021
For the most updated info, see:
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Rome! I am coming!
Welcome Reception at Dormitory
Dormitory is super ancient!!!!!
Italian Course - Ciao~~~~
OTH Regensburg, Germany
4 Majors:
Software Engineering
Double Degree Programme with OTH Regensburg, Germany
• Eligible: • COMP MSc students (GPA Top 30%) with Bachelor degree in IT/Computer
• Quota: 1-2
• Free activities in University orientation: German language and culture exposure
• Application will be open soon, you will receive email notification.
Project Studies 2 (PST2) 5 Project Studies 1 (PST1) 5
Scientific Seminar (WIS) 5
2 out of: (“mandatory subjects”,VT) 10 3 out of: (“mandatory subjects”,VT) 15
Modern Software Techniques(MST) 5 Distributed Computing(DCO) 5
Modern Theoretical Informatics
Specific Algorithms (SAL) 5 Secure Programming(SPG) 5
3 out of: (“elective subjects”,WPM) 15 1 out of: (“elective subjects”, WPM) 5
Advanced Comm. Systems(FKS) 5 Advanced Real Time Systems(FES) 5
Hardware-Software-Codesign(HSC) 5 Embedded Systems Design(ESD) 5
Advanced Production Planning(FPP) 5 IT Controlling (ITC) 5
Modern DatabaseConcepts (MDK) 5 Expert Systems/AI (EKI) 5
Supply Chain Management(SCM) 5 Biosignal Processing(BSV) 5
E-Health (EHA) 5 Analysis of Medical Processes
Module ECTS Module ECTS
• Credits: 3 x 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) = 90
ECTS credits
- 30 ECTS credits master thesis (semester3)
• 1 ECTS credit = 30 hours workload
1st Year 2nd Year
• Student studies winter (lectures, 30 ECTS) and summer (thesis, 30 ECTS) at OTH
• Cross credits 30 ECTS from home university
Courses Courses Thesis
More info about the course in OTH Regensburg:
2020 Fall Entry
Event Website:
17 Diverse Teams
Plan B: Virtual Exchange Events 2020 Global Students Virtual Hackathon Empower Community during and after COVID-19
2020 Global Students Virtual Hackathon Empower Community during and after COVID-19
Event Website:
Department of Computer Science (Attn: Miss Sophia Cheng) Tel: 3411-2385 Email: [email protected]
Exchange Coordinator (Prof. Joseph Ng) Tel: 3411-7864 Email: [email protected]
Programme Coordinator (Dr. Kristen Li)
UNIPG-HKBU Internship, Joint Design Workshop, OTH-HKBU MSc Double Degrees Tel: 3411-2366 Email: [email protected]