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* with support from ANBIMA, B3 and SEBRAE Meetings of the OECD International Network on Financial Education (INFE) OECD-CVM* Global Symposium Aiming high: financial education for short-term needs and long- term goals 3rd Annual Meeting of the OECD-CVM Centre on Financial Education and Literacy in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) INFORMATION NOTE 8-11 October 2019 Othon Palace hotel Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

INFORMATION NOTE - oecd.org · contained in this note covers all events. Information specific to OECD/INFE meetings will be sent Information specific to OECD/INFE meetings will be

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Text of INFORMATION NOTE - oecd.org · contained in this note covers all events. Information specific to...

  • * with support from ANBIMA, B3 and SEBRAE

    Meetings of the OECD International

    Network on Financial Education (INFE)

    OECD-CVM* Global Symposium

    Aiming high: financial education

    for short-term needs and long-

    term goals

    3rd Annual Meeting of the OECD-CVM

    Centre on Financial Education and

    Literacy in Latin America and the

    Caribbean (LAC)



    8-11 October 2019

    Othon Palace hotel

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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    The OECD-CVM* Symposium on Financial Education will be held back-to-back with the meetings of the OECD/INFE working groups, Advisory Board and Technical Committee and the 3rd Annual Meeting of the OECD-CVM Centre on Financial Education and Literacy in LAC. The information contained in this note covers all events. Information specific to OECD/INFE meetings will be sent separately to those concerned. Please note that meeting times are subject to change.

    Date and Time Event Participants

    8 October

    09h00-10h45 Meeting of the OECD/INFE Working Group on Standards Evaluation and Implementation

    OECD/INFE working group members and invited observers

    11h00-12h30 Meeting of the OECD/INFE Working Group on Digital Financial Literacy

    12h30-13h15 Lunch break hosted by CVM

    13h15-14h45 OECD/INFE Working Group on the Implications of Ageing Populations and the Needs of Older Consumers

    15h00-16h30 Meeting of the OECD/INFE Working Group in Financial Education in the Workplace

    16h45-18h45 Meeting of the OECD/INFE Advisory Board meeting OECD/INFE Advisory Board members 19h15

    OECD/INFE Advisory Board working dinner hosted by OECD (Fasano del Mare restaurant)

    9 October

    10h00-17h00 12th meeting of the OECD/INFE Technical Committee OECD/INFE full members* 17h00-20h00

    Evening reception hosted by CVM (Othon Palace Lobby Bar)

    10 October

    09h00-17h30 OECD-CVM Symposium on Financial Education

    All delegates 18h00-20h00 Evening reception hosted by CVM (Othon Palace Lobby Bar)

    11 October

    09h30-13h00 OECD-CVM Symposium on Financial Education

    13h30-14h30 LAC networking lunch hosted by CVM Full & regular OECD/INFE members from LAC 14h30-16h30

    3rd Annual Meeting of the OECD/CVM Centre on Financial Education and Literacy in LAC

    * OECD/INFE full associate members, Research Committee members and invited observers may attend the Technical Committee meeting after the closed session.

    Documents and website

    All documentation relating to the symposium will be available at http://www.oecd.org/daf/fin/financial-education/oecd-cvm-financial-education.htm

    OECD/INFE Technical Committee, Advisory Board and working group meeting documents will be made available on the member-only community as they become available. OECD/INFE full members are reminded to set up email alerts: https://community.oecd.org/community/infe/full-members.

    We would very much appreciate your feedback after the event. Please take a minute to evaluation the symposium: http://bit.ly/2pGCFdk. Thank you.


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    Rio Othon Palace Address: Avenida Atlântica, 3264 - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil - CEP: 22070-001


    Accommodation must be reserved and paid for directly by participants. Below is a list of suggested hotels with negotiated rates and booking instructions. This is only a guide. You are free to choose any other hotel.

    Rooms are not blocked and reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking.

    All rates are in Brazilian Real (R$), include breakfast and are subject to 15% tax and service charge and R$/day tourism tax (unless otherwise stated). See current exchange rates: https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/

    Rio Othon Palace

    Please click here to book, using promo code SEDUFIN.

    Room category Occupancy Rate

    Superior SGL / DBL R$ 388,00

    Superior TPL R$ 494,00

    Superior (side ocean view) SGL / DBL R$ 416,00

    Luxo (side ocean view) SGL / DBL R$ 475,00

    Luxo (ocean view) SGL / DBL R$ 572,00

    Super luxo (ocean view, high floor) SGL / DBL R$ 643,00

    Junior suite (panoramic view) SGL / DBL R$ 714,00

    Conditions: Check-in: 15:00; check out: 12:00. Free Wi-Fi included. Bookings made through this link can be paid in up to three instalments. Reservations are non-refundable. Rates are valid from 7-13 October.

    Savoy Othon

    Please click here to check rates and book, using promo code SEDUFINS. See above for conditions.


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    Other hotels (within 2km of the venue, see map on page 3):

    Please contact your chosen hotel directly to book, mentioning “OECD-CVM Symposium on Financial Education” to benefit from the negotiated rate.

    Hotel Star

    rating Single Double Triple Luxury single

    Luxury double

    1. Premier Copacabana Hotel

    5 R$1,302.96

    (including tax) R$1,433.30

    (including tax) R$1,885.88

    (including tax)

    2. Miramar Hotel by Windsor

    4 R$598.00 R$598.00 R$747.50 R$747.50

    3. Hotel Arena Ipanema

    4 R$460.00 R$506.00 R$563.50

    4. Hotel Arena Copacabana

    4 R$350.75 R$402.50 R$483.00

    5. Windsor Martinique 4 R$289.50 R$289.50 R$348.45 R$348.45

    6. Olinda Rio Hotel 3 R$220.00 R$250.00 R$325.00 R$270.00 R$300.00

    Please check the website of your chosen hotel for cancellation policy and check-in/check-out times.

    Travel documentation

    Please check the visa requirements for your nationality to enter Brazil and indicate when registering if you require a personalised invitation letter to support your visa application. Citizens of Australia, Canada, the USA and Japan no longer require a visa to enter Brazil.

    Please ensure that you have valid international travel insurance and that coverage will be available in Brazil for the duration of your stay. The organisers accept no responsibility for any consequences of failure to comply with the necessary health, passport and visa requirements.

    Meals and refreshments

    Lunch and refreshments for OECD/INFE Technical Committee meeting participants on 9 October, and for all participants on 10 October (day 1) of the symposium, will be provided during breaks.

    Social events

    9 October: Cocktail for OECD/INFE full members attending the Technical Committee meeting (Othon Palace Lobby Bar)

    10 October: Cocktail for all symposium participants (Othon Palace Lobby Bar)

    The hosts will do their best to accommodate any special dietary requests.


    8-9 October: The OECD/INFE meetings will be conducted in English only.

    10-11 October: The symposium will be conducted in English with Spanish and Portuguese interpretation.

    11 October: The annual LAC meeting will be conducted in English with Spanish interpretation.


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    Recommended dress

    The recommended dress for the symposium and social events is business casual.


    Free Wi-Fi will be available during all meetings and the symposium.

    Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant, tropical city that welcomes thousands of tourists a year. It is the most visited city in South America and home of samba, Carnaval and bossa nova. The city has multiple attractions, including the iconic Cristo Redentor (Corcovado) and Sugar Loaf, the green-blue atlantic ocean beaches, the forests that surround the city, the exciting soccer games, the friendly local people, the rich multicultural life with hundreds of options, including Lapa’s traditional pubs, etc. Rio’s citzens enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so for those who

    enjoy sporting activities, the options are multiple. For more information about the city, please visit: http://visit.rio/en/welcome/

    Getting there

    Rio de Janeiro–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, popularly known by its original name Galeão International Airport, is the main airport serving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is located 20 km from the city center of Rio de Janeiro. http://www.aeroportogaleao.net/en/

    The information desk, and tourist information (RioTur), are located on the 2nd floor at arrivals (map).

    The airport offers free WI-FI service: net Free Wi-Fi RIOgaleao.

    Airport Transfers

    The trip from the airport to Copacabana takes around 30 minutes in light traffic but can take an hour or more at rush hour.

    We recommend you take a pre-paid taxi (Taxi Especial) to your destination. There are five different companies (Coopatur, Cootramo, Coopertramo, Transcopass and Transcootour) offering this service in the arrivals hall. Credit cards are accepted and the fare is around R$130.00.

    Yellow cabs are available outside the airport, but the level of service might be not as comfortable as the pre-paid services.

    Apps: Uber, Cabify and Taxi99 operate at the airport and all over Rio city.


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    Getting around

    Rio de Janeiro is spread across a concentrated area and all amenities are readily accessible, including a range of hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars and shops, all within easy walking distance or a short taxi or shuttle ride from the venue. Those wishing to travel further afield should consider pre-booked tours, shuttles or the option of renting a car.

    Useful information

    CLIMATE: October is springtime in Rio, with average temperatures between 25 – 30 ºC (77 to 86 ºF). Remember to bring your sunblock and a mosquito repellent.

    CURRENCY, PAYMENTS, AND BANKING: The monetary unit of Brazil is the Brazilian Real (R$).

    Major credit cards are widely accepted in the country for trade transactions as well as local currency cash withdrawals at ATM machines. Debit payment is widely offered, even among street sellers.

    Foreign currency can be exchanged at most commercial banks and Bureaux de Change are widely available, including in the airport. Exchange is called “cambio” in Brazilian Portuguese, and exchange offices can be recognised by the “exchange/cambio” sign. View the latest exchange rates: https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/.

    ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: The electricity supply is 110 volts. Type C plugs and sockets are widespread, but you may also find type N ones.

    LANGUAGE: Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. English is spoken in most hotels.

    TIME ZONE: GMT -3 hours

    TIPPING: It is customary to tip waiters, porters, caddies, and other service providers. In restaurants, a 10% tip is included in the bill.

    TAX: There is no tax refund in Brazil.

    TOURIST INFORMATION: Visit http://visit.rio/en/welcome/ for tourist information, sightseeing, and attractions.

    VACCINATIONS/INOCULATIONS: There is no risk of the disease in Rio de Janeiro but please check if your country requires you to take yellow fever vaccination to enter Brazil.

    WATER IN RIO: It is recommended to drink bottled water in Rio.


    Registration and OECD/INFE meetings Symposium content and Logistics

    Ms. Jennah Huxley, OECD Email: [email protected]

    Mr. Andrea Grifoni, OECD Email: [email protected]

    3rd Annual LAC meeting Mr. Fernando Gaspar, CVM Email: [email protected]

    Mr. Florisvaldo Gonçalves Email: [email protected]

    Ms. Paloma Cupello, OECD Email: [email protected]

    https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=BRL&To=USDhttp://visit.rio/en/welcome/mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:///C:/Users/maugusto/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.Outlook/FI5CQHPT/[email protected]:[email protected]