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Information about YG Entertainment AuditionI posted the information about YG Audition for those who are interested to send in their demo and to be apart of the family. I know most of you out there has the potential and talent to be train as an artist, therefore i think you should go for it. As long as you have passion, persistence and sincerity in what you are doing, anything is possible. Harrison Rules! Fate. Destiny. Love .One! Quote: Music is oxygen. If you dont have oxygen you cant breathe. To me music is something thats always there, wherever I go its a part of me, without it I cant live. It breathes with me. ~Kwon Ji Yong PS: This is not an announcement. Strictly Information Only!! Answers to your questions: 1. No Deadline> therefore you can send in your demo tape at anytime you like 2. If you got the TALENT, YG Personnel will contact you for further instructions! And you dont have to be a Korean to go for an audition. As long as you have the talent, thats all that matters regardless where UR FROM! 3. For SM and JYP> you can google it and all the information regarding the audition are stated in the website respectively and they have English translation [ am sorry i cant post the info here] 4. Note> u dont have to fly all the way to Seoul just to go for the audition. Do things step by step. Send in your demo with the application form and we just wait and see how it goes from there on. And if youre wondering if they can converse in English, the answer is YES. I understand that some of YG Representatives can speak English very fluently. So you dont have to worry on that part. ~momovip ADDRESS: YG audition Sangsu-dong 349-10 Hoseong Building 4F Mapo-Gu, Seoul South Korea, ZIP 121-829 KOREAN application form ENGLISH application form REMEMBER: do not use this form. only use it to figure out the meaning of the sections in Korean form. FAQs 1. when is the YG online audition? -we currently have no plans for an online audition. we accept mail auditions and for those whose mailed audition qualifies, that person will go through the online audition. for korean online auditions, for the auditioners, the time & date are given

2. is there an age limit to audition? do you guys have a preference of gender? -we have no age limit . those with potential and talent are considered and we do not discriminate against neither males nor females 3. can only those with good singing voices audition? -YG considers everyone with a talent, whether it be rapping, singing, etc. your singing probably hasnt been evaluated, but dont be afraid, and audition thinking that your talents are going to be evaluated. also, for those who have unrefined talents, we can adapt, so dont worry and audition. 4. what kind of song do we have to sing?what kind of genre do we have to sing to qualify? do we have to sing a YG song or hiphop or R&B? -there are no specific genres to qualify. hiphop/r&b/dance/ballad/rock..just send in what you are most comfortable in. also, you can sing songs other than YGs songs. whatever the song may be, please choose what you are most confident in. and liven the emotions when singing. we prefer singers with emotion rather than a good voice 5. what kind of pictures do you need? -when uploading your pictures, pictures taken by camcamera[t/n: i dont know what that is], cellphones, photoshop, or anything image-altered is not acceptable. you dont need to go to a studio to take it, we just need a picture where your face is clearly shown. 6.?how do we make a demo file? is it okay to record something at the noraebang/karaoke? what do we do when we no instrumentals?. - there are several ways to make a demo tape 1. recording at a studio 2. using your computer to record 3. recording at a noraebang/karaoke 4. using an MP3 with a recording feature, and etc you dont necessarily need to spend a lot of money to record at a studio. if it is too difficult to get an instrumental, it is alright to sing a capella. however, if you end up recording over an instrumental, please make sure your voice is clear we have to be good dancers? i really cant dance(momchee). if we dance badly, does that count against me? im an average singer but i dance well. is that an advantange? -at the YG audition, you dont necessarily need to be a good dancer. even if you cannot dance one bit, it will not be counted against you. however, if you are a good singer, you will be held in a higher favor. nonetheless, the voice comes before the dance, so the advantage wont be a big one 8. can we audition as a team with friends? -it is alright to audition as a team with friends. however, you have to make sure to send in separate applications. 9. is the online audition only at seoul?if we qualify through the mail audition, do we have to go to korea to audition in person? what about those who live far from there? -YG entertainment is stationed in seoul, the online audition [t/n: i think that means an audition in person..literally translated, it means "online audition"] is going to take place in

seoul only. for online auditions outside of seoul, the specifics are going to be sent to you after. 10. what happens if we pass the online audition? after making the audition, do we have to pay fees for the training?after making the audition, how long do we usually train?after making the audition, do we have to come live with the entertainment? -for the people who pass the online audition, they will officially become trainees and begin training. at that time, the trainees dont need to prepare anything, like a training fee or an entrance fee [t/n: like a down-payment..kinda thing]. all fees are to be paid by the entertainment. there is no set length a person has to train. depending on that persons talents, training can be either long or short. also, not everyone has to come live at the entertainment. those who need to come live at the entertainment (and maybe their parent or guardian) will be decided. Credit to: Eng. Trans credit to loveablekrnstar FAQs from soompiers 1.Can I send demo by email or do I have to send it by mail? - I recommend you NOT send your demo by email. You can but its not a good idea. As for now, they dont have online audition or email anymore so the only way is MAILING DEMO. 2. Can I just send in an audio or just video? Do I have to dance? Can I just sing? - You can send either audio OR video file but BOTH RECOMMENDED. I do not have to dance. You can either sing or dance or do both. Its up to you. 3. Would they care if Im not Korean? Do you have to know how to speak Korean? - YG doesnt care if youre Korean or not. You dont have to be fluent in Korean but at least be fluent enough to not pronounce a word wrong in your songs. Try to take some lessons before auditioning. They would wanna hear you speak a lil bit of Korean. 4. Do I have to sing a Korean song? - You dont have to if youre Korean. Korean and English songs are top choices. If youre not Korean, I highly recommend you chose one Korean song to include in your demo. 5. Can I send in a tape or does it have to be CD/DVD? - It can be whatever, as long as they can hear you clearly. Credits: / jsm@soompi / lovablekrnstar for translating. ~ by Momo on May 1, 2008.

SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment's Casting and Trainees System How to get into and be 'discovered' by SM Entertainment... It was not easy for trainees of SM Entertainment to finally make it big in showbiz. Although Heechul already had fans since his training days because of his unique fashion sense and Girls Generation member So Hyun was just discovered in a subway, they had to go through intensive training. Aside from auditions held every Saturday at 3 pm in SM Entertainments head office in Apkujeong, Seoul, where Super Juniors Heechul and Girls Generations Yoona was discovered, aspiring SM artists participate in its Youth Best Selection, wherein applicants are classified into a certain group of expertise and battle it out to be the winner within the group. TVXQs Hero and Max, Super Juniors Shindong and Kangin and actress Go Ara were selected as trainees through this casting system. Every year, more than 7,000 people compete in the Youth Best Selection, which is held in 5 cities in Korea. SM Entertainment also holds global auditions in the US and Asia. Super Juniors Hankyung became a trainee after being selected in a global audition. Technology has also brought about new ways of auditioning. Now, trainee applicants can submit recordings through CD and mail and participate in ARS and UCC auditions. If getting in is already a challenge, then being a trainee is harder. Trainees go through vocal, dance, acting lessons and even foreign language and composition trainings. Training also lasts for a long time. Girls Generations members had to go through an average of 5 years in training. In fact, members Soo Young, Jessica and Hyo Yeon had to train for almost 7 years to become versatile entertainers. Moreover, as SM Entertainment regularly holds recitals, trainees push themselves to be better.

YG Entertainment's Training Process What is it like to be a trainee in YG Entertainment, a label which focuses on black music and has churned out a lot of famous Kpop singers like Se7en, 1TYM, BIG BANG, Jinusean, Gummy, Lexy, and Wheesung? The last two have now left YG Entertainment and are now under SB&W and Orange Shock, respectively. Trainees are guided by Yang Yun Suks words, Before becoming a singer, you must first become a person, hanging on a wall in the training room. It is Yang Hyun Suks policy that character should be given priority though ability is also important. Trainees usually start young like G-dragon and Taeyang and practice until late in the evening and only have Sunday as their rest day. It is said that as a YG trainee, he/she abandons his/her private life and just focuses on training. Aspriring YG singers undergo dancing, singing, foreign languages and physical trainings. They are supervised by a vocal trainer for three or more times a week in order to train them on basic singing concepts and in singing live. Dance trainings are also done three or more times a week and YG Entertainment also employs, two or more times a year, international dancers to teach its trainees. Currently, Justin Timberlakes female dance partner Michele Martinez is the dance trainer for YGs trainees. Trainees also study English, Chinese and Japanese 3 or more times a week. Moreover, basic equipment for weight training are also available within the office. YG Entertainment, unlike other labels, does not select its trainees through public auditions. About 4,000 applicants tried to enter YGs doors in 1998 through a public audition but no one succeeded. But aspiring YG singers need not to despair because according to a YG

official, in 2 months time, Yang Hyun Suk will be coming out with a new system in discovering amateurs.

JYP Entertainment: passion is the most important Sincerity and passion, like what Wonder Girls Sunye and Lim Jeong Hee has shown, are the most important. For Park Jin Young, an applicants passion is the most important. JYP explained before that in order to become a star, he/she must have the passion to sing, the passion to dance, and the passion to be the best. JYP Entertainment opens auditions every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, in which more than 1,000 hopefuls participate per Sunday. Three important criteria are taken into consideration in selecting trainees. They are passion, star quality and skills. A JYPE official part of the artist development team revealed that Lim Jeong Hee failed twice in public auditions and it was her passion to become a singer that gave her the push to finally make it in her 3rd audition. This official also mentioned that Wonder Girls member Sunye trained and never gave up for 7 years. The following are the JYPE training process according to an official in the artist development team: How are trainees selected? Last year, a large-scale nationwide trainee audition was done with the help of Mgoon. Applicants submit a video introducing themselves and showing their skills in dancing and sining. They have to pass a local preliminary contest then go on to a nationwide preliminary contest and those who pass the finals become trainees. Applicants are processed on a first-come-first-served basis during public auditions held every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. Trainees are recruited in a lot of ways like public auditions, Internet auditions and recommendations/referrals. How many apply during auditions? About 1,000 applicants usually come on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. However,

trainees are not chosen weekly because if no one catches the attention of audition masters, then no one will be accepted. During last years nationwide audition (JYPE and Mgoon), 5 passed as trainees and 2 of them are Jang Woo Young and Yoon Doo Jun, who are now featured in the cable program Hot Blood Boys. This year, the 2nd nationwide audition took place with more than 12,000 participants. 32 applicants have managed to reach the finals but only 4 are planned to remain as trainees. What do trainees go through? Trainees undergo vocal, dance, foreign language and other trainings. Training process differs as each trainee has specific weaknesses and strengths. How long do trainings take? Trainee life may last for as long as 7 years or as short as 2 years. Wonder Girls member Sunmi and Joo debuted after 2 years and Sunye and Lim Jeong Hee only debuted after 7 years.


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