Industrialized Jeopardy

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Industrialized Jeopardy. Michael Leskoviansky. Bibliography. Minds of Innovation 200. This individual started out as a telegrapher who later was the lead producer of steel in the United States. Question. Minds of Innovation 400. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Progressive Movement 1000President Theodore Roosevelt Game BoardThe Fight Back 200This group was founded by Samuel Gompers in 1881 and was intended for skilled workers only focusing on conditions of the workplace.QuestionTechnological Advancements 200The creation of this allowed and ensured stronger foundations and created the idea of building vertically. QuestionWeintz, Elton. Business in the Gilded Age. American History since 1880. Macomb Community College, Macomb. Fall 2013. Lecture.

Weintz, Elton. The American Labor Movement. American History since 1880. Macomb Community College, Macomb. Fall 2013. Lecture.

Weintz, Elton. The Progressive Era. American History since 1880. Macomb Community College, Macomb. Fall 2013. Lecture.

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Bibliography Game boardProgressive Movement 200The Legal act of stopping the manufacture, transportation and the selling of alcohol. QuestionMinds of Innovation 400This individual helped create railroads across the country after the Civil War. He also carries the nickname of Commodore.QuestionTechnological Advancements 400Post Civil War era these were used to link cities across the country in the transportation of mass goods. QuestionUrbanization and the City 400The idea of these started the creation of building vertically rather than horizontally. QuestionProgressive Movement 400The for women to vote and to stand for office.QuestionMinds of Innovation 600This individual invented the first affordable automobile for middle class Americans and sponsored the idea of the assembly line and mass production.QuestionThe Fight Back 1000This event was called by the AFL in support of an 8-hour work day which concluded in a bomb explosion and gunfire. QuestionTechnological Advancements 600The creation of this was the first that was affordable to the middle class of America and shaped the way of transportation for a modernized society. QuestionUrbanization and the City 600The idea of married women will more than likely be unable to find unemployment outside of their homes. QuestionProgressive Movement 600This book was written by Upton Sinclair in 1908 describing the living conditions of new immigrants in the inner city.QuestionMinds of Innovation 800This individual was co-founder of Standard Oil and revolutionized the petroleum industry. QuestionThe Fight Back 800This strike led to the first major defeat for the Knights of Labor and soon led to their decline.QuestionTechnological Advancements 800Also used for Kerosene and gasoline, this resource was used prior to the light bulb and also was a key that fueled industrialization. QuestionUrbanization and the City 800This group was known for leaving Europe post 1880s and was known as being unskilled. QuestionProgressive Movement 800This term was used to describe reform-minded journalists during the progressive era that attempted to exploit issues with current political ideology. QuestionMinds of Innovation 1000This individual was most famous for his industrial consolidation and created the company General Electric. QuestionTechnological Advancements 1000This system created a way of easy means for transportation for workers to travel from suburbs to the inner city.QuestionUrbanization and the City 1000These living arrangements often provided housing for many families at a time and were poorly maintained leading to illness in the inner city. QuestionProgressive Movement 1000This President was known as the most influential leader during the progressive movement and was known for his regulation of big business.Question