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    +++ Systems and Service +++ Industrial Networking and Connectivity +++ Industrial Identification +++ Object Detection +++ Linear Position Sensing and Measurement +++ Fluid Sensors +++ Accessories

    www.balluff.comDoc. No. 882218/Mat. No. 214033 ENH15; Subject to modification. Replaces B14.

    Object Detection

    Linear Position Sensing and Measurement

    Fluid Sensors

    Industrial Identification

    Industrial Networking and Connectivity


    Systems and Service

    USA Balluff Inc. 8125 Holton Drive Florence, KY 41042 Phone: (859) 727-2200 Toll-free: 1-800-543-8390 Fax: (859) 727-4823 E-Mail:

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    Products + News Top quality for efficient automation

    Service n 24 hour on-call service. n Complete in-house technical support n Comprehensive product selection, cross

    reference, and application assistance. n Fast, friendly experienced service – guaranteed! n Same day shipping – in by 2:00 p.m. EST, out

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    Florence, KY

    Balluff North America Florence, Kentucky USA Balluff’s Florence, Kentucky United States headquarters is located just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our customers are in industries such as automotive, machine tool, robotics, injection molding, packaging, material handling, and more.

    In addition to sales, marketing, and logistic functions, this facility manufactures Micropulse® magnetostrictive linear position sensors and warehouses over 60,000 products.

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    Benefit from comprehensive sensor expertise from a single source. Achieve solutions suited to your requirements.

    As the leading sensor specialist and system provider with more than 90 years of company tradition, Balluff has been a recognized partner in factory automation for decades. The global player has a strong presence with 61 sales branches and representative offices as well as nine production sites on all continents. The corporate headquar- ters in Neuhausen a.d.F. is located near Stuttgart.

    Balluff offers a wide array of products with varied operating principles taking advantage of the broad spectrum of technology available, including high-quality sensors and systems for position measure- ment and identification, as well as sensors for detecting objects and measuring fluids. The full-range assortment includes optimal network and connection technology and a comprehensive line of accessory products.

    We offer innovative, first-class products tested in our own accredited laboratory and maintain certified quality management in accordance with DIN EN 9001:2008. Our technology speaks for itself in international applications since it also meets regional standards.

    Balluff stands for application-specific customer solutions, com- prehensive services, individual consultation and prompt service. Our staff of more than 2750 employees is committed to providing outstanding service worldwide.

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    Products + News Contents

    Systems and Service

    Industrial Networking and

    Connectivity IO-Link

    Network Technology for Reliable Data Transfer on page 10

    Profinet Profinet Master with 16 IO-Link Ports

    on page 12 Push-Pull Module on page 14

    Push-Pull Connectors on page 16 New Valve Connectors on page 18

    Accessories on page 19 SmartLights

    LED Signal Tower Light with IO-Link on page 20 SmartLight Accessories on page 24

    Valve Connectors on page 26 BIC M12 Parallel on page 27

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    Industrial Identification

    Vision sensors on page 30 Industrial RFID System BIS V on page 32 Industrial RFID System BIS M on page 34

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    Products + News Contents Object



    Photoelectric Sensors MICROmote® on page 38

    BOS Q08M on page 40 BOS 08E on page 42 BOS 12M on page 46

    BOS 6K on page 50 BOS 6K and BKT 6K on page 54

    BOS 23K with IO-Link on page 60

    High-Resolution Lighting Strip BLA on page 62

    Color Sensors BFS 33M with IO-Link on page 64

    Ultrasonic Sensors BUS M30E2 on page 66

    Inductive Sensors BES Ø 3 mm and M4 in Short Housing on page 68

    BES Steelface and Factor 1 on page 70

    Capacitive Sensors Immersion Sensors BCS on page 72

    Micro-Box BCS for Object Detection on page 74 Micro-Box BCS for Level Detection on page 76

    BSI R65 on page 90

    Electrical Accessories Line Lasers on page 94

    PlungerProx on page 96 Mounting Rods on page 97

    Tubular Mounting on page 98

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    Magnetically Coded Position and Angle Measurement System BML-S2C on page 80

    Micropulse Transducers BTL6-V and BTL7-V on page 82

    Photoelectric Distance Sensors BOD 6K on page 84 BOD 23K with Laser Class 1 on page 86

    Inclination Sensors BSI Q41 on page 88

    Fluid Sensors

    Linear Position Sensing and Measurement

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    Industrial Networking and Connectivity

    IO-Link Profinet Master SmartLight


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    IO-Link Network technology for reliable data transfer and more efficiency

    More efficiency, lower costs IO-Link saves time and money in overall production IO-Link is all you need to make automation even more high-perfor- mance. This is because IO-Link provides substantial optimization and cost reduction potential for the overall production. The uniform, simple wiring, continuous diagnostics and central con- figuration via the controller consequently provide an all-encompassing effect. And they do this in entirely different ways.

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    Simplified installation n Faster, simpler connection to an unshielded, three-core standard cable n Standard sensors can also be integrated into the fieldbus level n 8-fold IO-Link master for eight different IO-Link devices or eight hubs,

    each with up to 16 binary sensors n Cost-saving due to faster installation compared to wiring the cabinet n High data reliability against interference thanks to digital communication

    Predictive maintenance n Continuous diagnostics n Automatic configuration via the controller n Predictive error detection n Longer maintenance intervals

    High operations efficiency n Positioning of the sensors right where the action is n Process monitoring, configuration and error analysis of the IO-Link devices via the controller n Fast, high-performance data transmission n Time-optimized machine processes n Application specific configuration with the simultaneous use of binary, analog, and IO-Link sensors

    High machine availability n Fast, error-free sensor replacement and prompt commissioning n Automatic configuration of an IO-Link sensor n Prompt format changes and recipe changes centrally via the controller n Additional security from clearly identifiable IO-Link devices

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    First Profinet Master BNI with 16 IO-Link Ports For maximum flexibility

    A Balluff exclusive: 16-port IO-Link master The first Profinet IO-Link master with 16 IO-Link ports. With this module, Balluff has doubled the previous number of available ports and increased the capacity of each individual port. This industrial Ethernet based module enables applications that require high band- width without compromising data transfer rate.

    More output per port: 32 bytes Each IO-Link port transmits up to 32 bytes of process data in cyclical form. At the same time, parameter or diagnostic data can be transmitted acyclically at each port. Total capacity of this module is 1Kb of process data.

    Digital and analog signals IO-Link succeeds in transmitting both digital and analog signals at each port. In contrast, conventional fieldbuses can do only one or two signals per port.

    Process up to 480 I/O signals If sensor/actuator hubs are connected to the IO-Link master, up to 256 I/O signals can be processed. With use of Balluff expansion I/O hubs, 480 I/O signals can be processed. A 3-cord standard sensor cable is sufficient. The bottom line: Users now have the ability to make full use of Profinet's capacity, all the way to the intelligent devices in the field without adding more profinet nodes.

    Additional features: display, integrated switch and webserver Like all Profinet modules from Balluff, the 16-fold master has an integrated display for information and additional diagnostics. Its inte- grated switch serves to establish a Profinet line structure. The built-in webserver shows the status of the module with all current informa- tion for advanc