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A Project report On Study of Marketing Mix and buying behaviour Of Uflex Limited, a leader in Flexible Packaging Industry

Submitted By (Group 5): Prateek Sharma (09bshyd1024) Vishal Mehra (09bshyd0982) Karan Kapoor (09bshyd0356) Amit Gangwar (09bshyd0073) Divya Vasudev (09bshyd1103) Abhinav Garg (09bshyd0017)

Submitted to: Prof. M.J. Menon (B2B B, IBS Hyderabad)

Date of Submission: 23rd August, 2010

OVERVIEW OF PACKAGING INDUSTRYAll major industries create wealth but Packaging Industry is one industry that plays a unique role by way of both creation of wealth through a wide range of manufacturing activities and also by way of preserving the wealth or value created by many, many other industries. Packaging in India is estimated to account for a turnover of Rs 15,000 crores, and its linkages are extensive and highly employment-creating. It involves manufacture (and sometimes import) of a wide range of packing material - paper, paperboard, cardboard, a range of polymer products including rigid and flexible packaging material, aluminium foil, tin and good old wood and steel. Apart from the huge value addition and employment involved in this industry, packaging serves the economy by helping preservation of the quality and lengthening the shelf life of innumerable products - ranging from milk and biscuits, to drugs and medicines, processed and semi-processed foods, fruits and vegetables, edible oils, electronic goods etc, Heightened competition in all product sectors within the country and the increasing need to look for export markets is contributing to the rising demand for cost-effective, packaging material and technologies. The World Packaging Organization s (WPO) slogan, Better Quality of Life through Better Packaging , sums up the important place that packaging occupies in a modern economy. Collection, segregation and reuse of synthetic packaging material and observation of regulatory requirements is given importance in order to ensure that public appreciation of this role and the policy-makers support to the industry1.

What is Packaging?Packaging can be defined as a wrapper or a container which is used for a consumer product and serves many purposes including protection and description of the contents, product promotion and theft deterrence. Innovative packaging adds value to the product by adding properties like tamper-proofing, child-proofing, easy-open, easy-store, easy-carry, and non-breakability. The packaging labels are important components of the overall marketing mix and can support advertising claims, establish brand identity, enhance name recognition, and optimize shelf space allocations2. Packacking can be of many types. The main classification being Rigid Packaging (plastic bottles, glass bottles plastic containers), Flexible Packaging (pouches, sachets, wraps) and Corrugated Packaging (cartons, boxes). In this project report we will be discussing about Flexible Packaging2|P a ge

and the kind of work done at Uflex Limited which is a major player in flexible packaging industry.

FLEXIBLE PACKAGINGFlexible packaging is a kind of customized, non-rigid packaging - such as flexible packaging bags, flexible packaging pouches and flexible packaging films - that is used to store a product (i.e. food, pharmaceuticals, fasteners, beverages, etc). Bags, envelopes, pouches, sachets, wraps,

etc., made of easily yielding materials such as film, foil, or paper sheeting which, when filled and sealed, acquires pliable shape3.3|P a ge

Flexible packaging finds its use in packaging food, tea, coffee, spices, chewing tobacco, bakery, confectionary, oils, and in certain other non-food applications such as household detergents, health and personal care, soaps, and shampoos. Flexible packaging is gaining importance and is preferred over other forms of packaging due to various reasons. It provides good barrier properties against moisture and gases and gives total consumer protection by keeping the product clean and protecting it from pilferage and adulteration. Flexible packaging saves cost in material and in storage and transport as it is light weight and fits closely to the shape of the contents. It provides convenience of handling and disposal after use and gives the option to buy only the required quantity at a time. Flexible packaging helps in brand building by enhancing the brand image, increasing sales and realizing new market opportunities.


Uflex Group came into existence in 1983 and has grown into one of the biggest multi integrated packaging groups in the world. The group is a multi faceted organization which has backward integrated its operations and in over two decades of its intensive existence, it has bridged all the gaps in its competencies offering complete solutions in the field of Flexible Packaging. Uflex Limited is a fully backward integrated flexible packaging company, wherein it itself produces machinery, raw materials and other things required to produce a flexible packaging product. The various divisions in terms of backward integration that work in tandem are: y Converting Division- The Converting Division manufactures finished packaging materials i.e Flexible Laminates, carry bags, packaging rolls, and Pouches. The Film division of UFLEX LTD produces films which are used by converting division, i.e. from the simplest base films to specialized multi-layered and multi-coated films, a wide variety of films are manufactured at Uflex. The main Products in its portfolio are BOPET(Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) films, BOPP (Biaxially-Oriented4|P a ge


Polypropylene) films, CPP(Casting Polypropylene) films and Metallised BOPET, BOPP and




CPP Films. The cylinder manufacturing facility at Uflex is a key initiative in completing the process of complete backward integration. Uflex has the capacity to produce 40,000 printing cylinders annually. It enables Uflex to produce its own Rotogravure cylinders in-house for both its own needs as well as meeting the requirements of its customers both in domestic and international markets. Uflex specializes in the manufacture of a wide variety of converting machines used for producing the flexible packaging roll/pouches/laminates. The range of converting machines includes Rotogravure Printing Machines (up to 10 color), Lamination Machines, Slitting Machines, Inspection Machines and Doctoring Machines, Holographic machines and Packaging machines. The chemical division of UFLEX is engaged in the business of production of Rotogravure and Flexographic Liquid, Printing Inks, Laminating Adhesive and PET Chips for use by Flexible Packaging Converter Industry in India and abroad. UFLEX has diversified into Polyester Poly, Shoe Adhesives, Holographic Coatings, UV Coatings, Release Lacquers, Antifreeze Coolants etc.

All the above mentioned divisions are operating at different places around the word. Factories are located at Noida (Uttar Pradesh), Malanpur (Madhya Pradesh), Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Silvassa (Dadra and Nagar Haveli). Other places outside India are UAE, Mexico and Egypt. Uflex is a US $ 800 million company in India, the second largest in its core business in Asia, having integrated production facility from basic raw material to finished products. Uflex group lies in its fully integrated, multi-dollar infrastructure, spread over more than one million sq. mts., comprising: y 6 in-house BOPP/PET film plant having an annual capacity of 80,00 metric tone y 12 Rotogravure, 8-color printing machine y 2 Rotogravure, 10-color printing machine y 6 state of art metallisers with annual capacity of 18000 metric tones y 13 holography machines y In-house Rotogravure cylinder manufacturing capacity of 48000 cylinders per annum y Machinery for manufacturing holographic masters y State-of-art pouch making machinery Uflex is a global organization with strategic offices in the United States, Dubai and India and it enjoys a complete view of the flexible packaging industry worldwide. The major clientele of Uflex includes Procter & gamble, Coca Cola, Pepsi Co., Kellogs, Con Agra foods, Britannia, Colgate-Palmolive India limited, Glaxo Smithcline, Nestle, Perfeti, Cadbury, etc.5|P a ge

It is interesting to know that a Maggi wrapper or a Kurkure wrapper which we just throw off without a thought, goes through a series of well-defined, sophisticated processes when it is made at Uflex.

Marketing Mix strategy adopted by UFLEX LTD :Product:Uflex deals in diverse range of flexible packaging laminates, in roll and pouch form, for various kinds of food and non-food products. The various kind of flexible packaging done in the (Converting Division) at UFLEX is shown below:


FLEXIBLE PACKAGING LAMINATES IN POUCH FOR Apart from the products in the category of plastic packaging, the company also produces gift wrappers and carry bags made up of bamboo resins. The level of production for these two items is not very high, and they are produced in low volumes as the demand for them is not as6|P a ge

high as for the flexible packagings. The Converting division manufactures over 25 million pouches per month and generates an annual turnover of over US$ 600 million. The Various types of flexible packaging pouches produced by uflex are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Center Seal Center seal side gusset. 3 side seal pouch. 2 side seal fold pouch. Stand up pouch.(with and without radius) Bottom fold pouch. 2 side gusset pouch. 3 side gusset pouch. Spout pouch.


Uflex produces all of these products with high quality material and technology, they have latest machines and a brilliant R&D team which comes up with latest innovation under the bra