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Industrial IT f or improv ed productivity

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Industrial IT f or improv ed productivity. Vision. Vision for Industrial IT ; Our commitment to our customers is built on a vision that automation and information across the enterprise must work together seamlessly and in real time. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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No Slide TitleIndustrialIT for improved productivity
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Vision for IndustrialIT;
Our commitment to our customers is built on a vision that automation and information across the enterprise must work together seamlessly and in real time.
It is a vision that demands plug and produce functionality from the most basic to the most complex automation products, systems, solutions and services.
It is a vision that recognizes these deliverables are not an end in themselves, but rather a means to the higher goals of greater productivity, asset optimization and common global processes.
Present three of the major visions for IIT.
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Optimization of production
This slide is related to the first vision from the previous slide.
One of the most important goal for IIT is to integrate all inforamtion in an enterprise, from control and supervision systems up to sales and management systems, and make the data available during the lifetime of the enterprise.
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News – Global partners
IIT is mainly developed by the two IIT development centers in Malmo and Vasteras but also in close co-operation with partners like Micrsoft.
The co-operation with Microsoft is important because it will secure that IIT is being based on the latest IT and SW technolgy today and tomorrow.
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The overal goal for IIT is of course to support our customers needs in terms of continuously improvements of its;
Product quality
Enterprise availability and utilization
The following slides will show examples of how IIT will support continuously improvements for different groups within an enterprise.
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Is it a problem that ...
Operators do not have access to the right information at the right time ???
Present the following statements as an example of how IIT can support the customer in continuously improvements of;
Product quality
Enterprise availability and utilization
”Is it a problem that operators not always have access to all and updated information?”
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How would it be if ...
Operators always had real time access to updated, accurate and current information...
Machine Documentation
Robot Documentation
Informed operators take better decisions -
Better product quality, higher throughput ...
How would it be if operators always have access to all and updated information in realtime ?
We think that informed operators take better decisions and can thereby spend more time to improve the product quality and the process yield.
If suitable, repeat; ” One of the key feature of IIT is to integrate information and make the information availble!!!!! ”
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Is it a problem that ...
engineers have to work with many different engineering tools to configure the plant ???
Controller configuration
Present the following statement as an example of how IIT can support the customer in continuously improvements of;
Product quality
Enterprise availability and utilization
”Is it a problem that engineers have to use different engineering tools to configure an enterprise?”
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How would it be if ...
engineers could configure the complete plant with the help of predefined objects containing all information ...
– shorter time to production, increased consistency…
How would it be if engineers could configure a whole enterprise by using pre-defined object and types including all information...
We think it dramatically will improve the engineering effeciency, reduce the enginnering time and improve the consistancy....
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Is it a problem that ...
maintenace personal don’t have access to updated information that gives the possibility to prevent and solve problems as fast as possible???
Process structure
Event information
Mechanical drawing
Data Sheet
Present the following statement as an example of how IIT can support the customer in continuously improvements of;
Product quality
Enterprise availability and utilization
”Is it a problem that maintenance personal not always have access to updated information, to make it possible to prevent and repair problems in the shortest possible time?
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maintenance personal always and everywhere have access to event information, equipment data, drawings etc. …
I the switch room
In the control room
higher production quality ...
How would it be if maintenance personal always and everywere had access to all needed data and information like event data, drawings and manuals?
We think it dramatically should reduce the production stops, production down time and improve the production quality.
If suitable, repeat; ” One of the key feature of IIT is to integrate information and make the information availble!!!!! ”
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The information exists, but where?
The previous slides shown how important availablility of all information is for an enterprise.
Of course, does the information exist, but where?
Again, one of the key feature of IIT is to integrate information and make the information availble!!!!!
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Hofors Power and Steel plant 1893
Now, some of you are probably thinking; our engineers and operotors have today complete control and knowledge how our processes are being controlled and maintained.
How could IIT really support us in continously improvements?
Yes, you have probably right, but you are forgetting two important future trends and changes; (change slide)
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One of the new challenge for the future is; The information explosion!!!!
We have to manage more and more information in the future. Does any of you dis-agree?
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An answer is needed within 10 minutes!
Supplier X
is critical!
Process sector X fails
Board meeting today
The second of the two new future challenges and trends is; Everything will go faster and faster, e.g. we have to take more complex decisions within a shorter time to stay on business!!!!
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This slides presents how a real object like a valve is represented within IIT as an aspect object (the box) including aspects (layers in the box).
Each aspect (layers in the box). includes a link to the information but also a link to the program (Aspect system) e.g MS Word, IFS, CB..., which will be launched to display the information.
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“… just one mouse-
This slide shows a process sector for an operator.
All information is available just “One Mouse Click Away” by selecting an object, e.g. an valve.
A context meny will show up for the selected object including all information (aspects) connected to this object (the valve).
By just right clicking on any apect in the list, a program (the aspect system) will be launched to dispay the information in a new window (to the right in this slide).
By IIT Aspect Object technology all information within an enterprise will be available from a single window; just “One Mouse Click Away” !!!
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The slide shows how different information can be available for different groups of people from a single window.
Right information in right time- for the right person!!
The key here is to have the possibillity to limit and select the right information for each group.
To much information will reduce the productivity.
By IIT Aspect Object technology the right information can be selected for different groups by defining different ”User groups”, which are selected at log in.
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Reuse by type solutions
Reuse of type solutions
+ effective support for reuse of your solutions
+ type solutions also supports that you only have to do changes or updates in one place and the changes will be distributed automatically to all places the type solution are used (instances of the type). This will secure the changes will be implemented in the right way and will of course reduce a lot of work.
Easy and intuitive engineering tools
+ all engineering tools are integrated and works together. No need to jump around between different environments and tools.
+ a second dimension is the possibilty to let a group of engineers work with a number of engineering tools in parallell to reduce the development time.
Of course are all manual and product document available on-line
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servers etc
Serial, OPC
or fieldbus
Field Bus
Field Bus
Today IIT have today a complete suite of system solutions for automation;
field buses to connect the process actuators and transmitters. IIT supports the most common field buses like Profibus, FF and HART.
Controllers connected via a control network. IIT supports different controllers for different needs of performance.
Servers and work places connected via a client/server network.
Solutions to also connect to e.g. plant networks/Intranet or third party controllers or I/O.
© Copyright year ABB - * -
48 MHz
A key feature to be compatitive is scalability; Pay only for what you need!!
Toady IIT is scalable in three dimension;
Size; You can select the size in terms of e.g. Controllers, networks, work places depending of your needs.
Functionality; You can select the applications, engineering tools, libraries... By buying just the licenses you need.
Performance; You can select the CPU depending on your application in terms of performance or memory size.
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Toady IIT supports full redundancy including;
Redundant I/O modules
Redundant field buses
Redundant control networks
All products from ABB works together ...
Today over 350000 ABB products works together, secured by an IIT certification.
All certified products are marked Industriai IT Enabled.
© Copyright year ABB - * -
IFS maintenance system,Elmaster

The IIT certification includes also a large number of external products like IFS, AXIS........
The list of external Industriai IT Enabled products is expanding.
Control program
Field bus
Real Object
The IIT certification secure also ”Plug & Produce”, which means an easy integration of a new product.
It’s like to install a new printer to your home PC.
A CD is included to each IIT product, including all information (aspects) connected to the product.
By installing the CD all information (aspects) will automatically be integarted into the IIT system products.
© Copyright year ABB - * -
Use what you get what you need.
Today IT supports a number of solutions to migrate existing systems like SATT, Advant, Infi90... to IIT.
The will secure and protect your existing investments and will in the same time open up a door for a cost effective way for integration to IIT.
© Copyright year ABB - * -
One integrated system
– all information one mouse click away
Easy Engineering
Type solutions
“Pay only for what you need”
Based on standards
Common fieldbus technologies
The one-stop shop for automation
These are the major market messages and the customer benefits related to them:
Integrated information
We say our system concept is information centric. We handle users information as aspects of objects he is familiar to, his “real world” objects like pumps, valves, reactors, tanks, even the whole plant. This gives a task oriented environment that is much easier for process people to understand and use efficiently. It makes it easier, and safer, to operate and maintain the plant, and it makes it more efficient to engineer it, and to re-engineer it when that time comes.
Our concept is based on an architecture that enables integration of other applications. This means we can provide a “single window” to most, if not all, plant information or business information through integration of applications already used by the customer.
In short – you have all information at your fingertips – a single window to all information.
We also provide integration to our installed base, which we show significantly at this baseline. This proves ABBs commitment to evolution of the installed base without obsoleting any customer investment.
Efficient engineering
When engineering an application you enter a piece of data only once. The system and its components makes that data available to the parts of the system that need it – in a consistent way. This means cost efficient first time engineering as well as equally cost efficient re-engineering and maintenance.
Re-use of already proven solutions, and bulk management tools with automated object creation makes long lasting configuration jobs fast, easy, and accurate.
Highly Scaleable
Offering solutions from small to large, from logic control to advanced close loop control, we virtually scale across a large part of the market. As we have de-bundled hardware from software you decide what functions you want and to which size, and decide later how and where to run it. Scaleable solutions allow you to grow without changes to the platform – no need for new training, no new learning curves, and so on. “Just buy and pay for what you need now, and add seamlessly later”.
A scalable system gives the user benefits like “learn one – know all”, meaning less training, more re-use, less spare parts, higher quality work. This means in the end higher productivity and better production quality.
Open communication
Openness gives you solutions that are more future safe. We use standard technologies like OPC, Microsoft COM and ActiveX, and commodity components like standard PCs, standard communication devices and network components, etc. This enables connectivity to and integration with other parties products.
ABB is also driving standardization, like the FDT/DTM concept for fieldbuses, and ABB is participating in several areas of standardization, like OPC.
People are familiar to standard technology. This means less training and less risk for misunderstanding, i.e lower cost.
ABB’s scope of supply is unique. ABB can provide Industrial IT enabled products for all needs in a plant, certified to be plugged into an installation together with other products. ABB is truly your “one stop shop for Automation”.
© Copyright year ABB - * -
Success on the market
Since the introduction, year 2000, of the IIT system we have sold;
- 6500 Controllers
… all over the world
It is of course now obvious for all you that only result coming out of a system like IIT is: A SUCCESS!!!!
Since the intoduction 2000 more than;
6500 controllers are sold