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Industrial Introduction to NFV - University of · PDF fileIndustrial Introduction to NFV Contents ... for NFV Containers for NFV could give Carriers and Vendors radical efficiency

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Text of Industrial Introduction to NFV - University of · PDF fileIndustrial Introduction to NFV...

  • Industrial Introduction to NFV

    Peter WillisBT Research & Innovation

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    Industrial Introduction to NFV Contents

    What is Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) ?

    Customer & Operational Benefits

    Industry Adoption

    Open Innovation

    BTs Activities

    Use Cases:

    Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE)

    Cloud Connect Value Added Services

    Industry Perspectives

    BTs NFV Development Status

    Operational Challenges

  • BRAS






    Radio NetworkController

    CarrierGrade NAT

    Session BorderController

    Classical Network ApplianceApproach

    PE RouterSGSN/GGSN

    Fragmented non-commodity hardware.Physical install per appliance per site.Hardware development large barrier to entry for new vendors constraining innovation & competition.

    Network functions VirtualisationApproach


    Standard High Volume Switches

    Standard High Volume Servers

    Standard High Volume Storage

    Orchestrated,automatic &remote install.

    What is Network Functions Virtualisation?

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  • Uniformity of operations

    Reduced training

    Simplified In Service Software Upgrades

    Simplified High Availability

    Simplified planning & provisioning

    Simplified disaster recovery

    Common sparing

    Preferred test & diagnostic tools embedded

    Automation of installation

    Reduced site visits

    From To

    V 1.0 V 1.1

    Operational Benefits

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    Simplification of network gear installed on premises

    Reduced space and energy consumption

    Less truck rolls and site visits (reduces opex)

    Ability to automate introduction of new services with minimal disruption to existing services

    Customer does not need to be present on site for provision of new network function

    Reduced provision time-months to minutes

    Higher availability- reduced box count reduces hardware components that can fail (less power supplies, fans, cables etc)

    Service agility means not just faster, but new models:

    Tailored services for customers Try-before-you-buy

    Customers can respond rapidly to business drivers:

    Bring up new sites quicker to connect to corporate network

    Fast and seamless adaption to on site changes

    Asset recovery- flexible re-use of software assets

    Summary of Customer Benefits

  • 27 network service providers surveyed (representing 53% of global telecom capex) will deploy NFV at some point with 81% expecting to do so by 2017. IHS Technology NFV Strategies Aug 2016.


    The NFV Revolution

  • 7

    Infonetics forecast NFV revenue to grow from $928M in 2014 to $8.1B in CY18, with a 2013-2018 CAGR of 76%.

    Vendor Adoption

  • Extent of initiatives

    Extent of strategic vision

    Live deployments

    PoCs / Trials

    Pragmatic approach

    Long-term approach

    VNF roadmap for the next three years

    Platform-driven approach: UNICA project

    vCPE live trial in Brazil

    Domain 2.0 NFV/SDN program 21 NFs virtualized in 2015, 86 in

    2016 75% of WAN virtualized by 2020 Developed CORD concept Network-on-Demand live Plan to have 50% of open source

    software ECOMP framework up and running

    NFV evolution roadmap activatedin 2015

    Deployment of a Vmware Cloudplatform for NFV & VoLTE

    Live vGGSN at small customers M2M with Affirmed Networks MVNO launched on NFVi in Spain Multi vendor VNF with Amdocs

    Network virtualization plan around NFV and SDN defined in early 2015

    OpenStack platform deployed in 5 DC in 2016

    NFV strategic plan defined, including techno trials and training program

    NetroSphere concept & program

    Launching Live vEPC in early 2016

    Currently virtualizing its IMS platform and launching vSBC

    Going to launch VoLTE services

    Successfully conducted residential vCPE PoC in early 2015

    TeraStream all IP network model SDN-based VPN trial in 2015, Europe-

    wide live deployment by 2018 Experimented running VNFs in Linux


    EasyGo Network (VPN) trial in 2015, already live at some clients, larger deployments in 2016

    Investigation on NextGen PoP RFP on orchestration

    NovoNet 2020 NG network plan (including NFV/SDN)

    vIMS small scale pilot in 2015 Field trial of VRAN in 2015 Preparing NFV-based VoLTE

    Launched VoLTE services with vIMS in Kuwait in 2015

    Anticipation project launched by Orange Labs

    On Demand Network program

    PoCs focused on orchestration, performance, vIMS

    Launched vCPE in 2012 2/3 of total CPE installed base under

    vCPE solution (enterprise customers)

    Launched NFV-based IoT platform with vEPC

    Launching PoC for full ISO 7-layer stack fulfilment, activation and orchestration of VNFs in carrier networks

    Evolving Cloud VPN service by deploying orchestrator to provision and service chain physical and virtual network functions.

    Copyright 2016 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved.Source: Capgemini analysis

    Network Operators Adoption

  • The NFV Open Innovation Story

    Authored & EditedBy BT

    Convened By BTResearch initiated & led by BT

    ETSI NFV Industry Specification Group now has 300 members, ~30 tier 1 carriers.

    The Jul 2014 plenary had 303 participants. 41 multi-vendor NFV Proof of Concepts.

    Informal discussions on cooperation began in April 2012

    At an operator meeting in June 2012 we coined the new term

    Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).

    We decided to convene a new industry forum, and publish a

    joint white paper to galvanise the industry

    In September 2012 we decided to parent the new forum under

    ETSI called the NFV ISG

    In October 2012 we published the first joint-operator NFV white

    paper as a call to action.

    This paper is widely regarded as the seminal paper heralding this new approach for networks.

    The first NFV ISG plenary session was held in January 2013

    In Oct 2013 the 1st NFV ISG documents were released after

    only 10 months, and a second joint-carrier NFV white paper

    published to provide our perspectives on progress.

    Plans to publish 96 specifications of which ~50 are finalised.;NFV&qTB_ID=795;NFV+INF&qTB_ID=796;NFV+MAN&qTB_ID=801;NFV+NOC&qTB_ID=800;NFV+PER&qTB_ID=798;NFV+REL&qTB_ID=799;NFV+SEC&qTB_ID=797;NFV+SWA&qTB_ID=802;NFV+TSC&qINCLUDE_SUB_TB=True&qINCLUDE_MOVED_ON=&qSTOP_FLG=N&qKEYWORD_BOOLEAN=OR&qCLUSTER_BOOLEAN=OR&qFREQUENCIES_BOOLEAN=OR&qSTOPPING_OUTDATED=&butExpertSearch=Search&includeNonActiveTB=FALSE&includeSubProjectCode=FALSE&qREPORT_TYPE=SUMMARY

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    BT Global


    - Hardware ordering, pre-staging, ship- Site visit, physical rack & stack

    - Once server deployed, no further site visits, physical racking/stacking, etc

    - Service outage during commission ~secs/mins- End-to-end service provision time ~minutes/days

    2am 4am

    Planned Work start

    Planned Work end

    Current Model(Appliance per


    NFV Model(Single Box hosts


    Non NFV: 3 * truck rolls

    NFV: 1 * truck roll

    Customer branchoffice deployment

    of network appliances

    BT Global


    Customer branchoffice deployment

    of virtual appliances

    vmware (hypervisor)



    BT Use Case 1: Virtual Enterprise CPEOr Universal CPE

  • The Paradox of a standard high volume server

    Cost of a NFV solution

    Value of NFV is in the openness of the eco-system.

    Standard high volume i.e. portable, software is more important than the

    form factor of the server:

    Different form factors may be more appropriate for different


    Virtual Network Functions (Virtual Appliances) should start from

    leveraging the existing IT software eco-system e.g: x86/ARM,

    Linux/Windows, KVM/Vmware.

  • SmartNID or Rouser v Rack Mount Server forVirtual Enterprise CPE at the Customer Premise

    SmartNID or Rouser

    1 Box solution.

    Server right sized to WAN interface.

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