Inductive Reactance

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Inductive Reactance. Electronics. Inductors in AC Circuits. Inductance. I nductance opposes a change in current. Inductors create a voltage that opposes the current. Counter EMF (voltage). v. L. Inductance. The Henry (symbol: H) is the SI unit of inductance . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Inductive ReactanceElectronics

  • Inductors in AC Circuits

  • InductanceInductance opposes a change in current.

    Inductors create a voltage that opposes the current.Counter EMF(voltage)

  • InductanceThe Henry (symbol: H) is the SI unit of inductance.

    It is named after the American physicist Joseph Henry..

  • CurrentVoltageCapacitor in DC

  • ELI

  • E L IVoltageInductanceCurrentVoltage leads Currentin anInductive Circuit

  • CurrentVoltageInductance in AC

  • Current VoltageI = Ipsin(2ft) Ip-Peak Current 2-Cycle f-frequency(Hz) t-time(seconds) V = L di/dt V = L Ip(2f)cos(2ft) Vp = Ip(2f)L V = L d(Ipsin(2ft))/dt

  • Vp = Ip2fL R = 2fL Inductive ReactanceXL = 2fLL is an Active ComponentVp/Ip= 2fL

  • Calculate the maximum current in a coil which has an inductance of 3 mH. The frequency is 60Hz. The maximum voltage across the coil is 6 V. XL = 2fLL=3mHE=6Vf=60HzXL = 2(60Hz)(.003H)XL = 1.13I = E/XLI = 6V/1.13I = 5.3A

  • Inductive/Resistive Circuit90 Phase Shift caused by InductorImpedance, Z, is calculated by adding XL and R vectorially.

  • What is the impedance of a 100mH choke in series with a 470 resistor with a 12V, 60Hz applied across them? What is the phase angle between voltage and current?XL = 2fLL=100mHE=12Vf=60HzXL = 2(60Hz)(.1H)XL = 37.7R=470

  • CurrentVoltageInductance in AC 4.6

  • Inductance in AC Circuits

  • 1mF = 1 X 10-3F

    1F = 1 X 10-6F

    1nF = 1 X 10-9F

    1pF = 1 X 10-12F

    Capacitor Values

  • RLC Circuits

  • RLC Circuits90 Phase Shift caused by Inductor-90 Phase Shift caused by Capacitor

  • Xc = 1/(2fC)Xc = 1/(2(60)(1.5X10-6)Xc = 1768XL = 2fLXL = 2(60)(0.65)XL = 245 = -81ICE Current leads Voltage by 81

  • ResonanceThe frequency where XL = XCThe Circuit becomes a purely resistive circuit

    Xc = 1/(2fC)XL = 2fL1/(2fC) = 2fL

    Xc = XL1/(42CL) = f2

  • 161 Hz= f

  • Worksheet Lab 2-6Capacitors In AC CircuitsProblems

  • Reactance Test ClassworkLab 7, Book 2 Capacitive ReactanceWorksheetsLab 2-5Lab 2-6Lab 2-8Lab 2-9Lab 2-11Lab 2-12Lab 2-13}Due the day of the test!!


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