INDRO NEWS 20 August 2021 Key dates AUGUST 31 Parent Wellbeing Session 6.00pm 31 IB Mock Exams Year 12 SEPTEMBER 1-9 IB Mock Exams Year 12 1-7 Year 12 Mock Exam Block 2 2023 Programs of Excellence Information Session 5.00pm-6.15pm SEPTEMBER 3 Staff Professional Development Day 9 Year 10 Immunisations 9.00am 14 Spring Junior Gala Day 17 End Term 3 OCTOBER 4 Queen's Birthday Public Holiday 5 Term 4 Commences 11 School Council Meeting 5.00pm-7.00pm OCTOBER 12 Sports Awards Evening 13 P&C Meeting 7.00pm 19 Awards Evening 20 Final Assembly Year 12 21-29 Year 11 Exam Block NOVEMBER 1-15 Year 12 External Exams 1-12 Year 12 IB Exams 15-16 Year 10 Exam Block Please text 0429 347 300 (SMS ONLY), email [email protected] or call 3327 8393 before 9.30am on the day of your student’s absence. Student absences Follow Indro Subscribe www.indoorooshs.eq.edu.au The Department of Education trading as Education Queensland International CRICOS Registration Number 00608A This week at Indro our talented students and staff presented, filmed and edited a video assembly to unite our school community digitally.

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INDRONEWS20 August 2021

Key datesAUGUST 31 Parent Wellbeing Session 6.00pm 31 IB Mock Exams Year 12SEPTEMBER1-9 IB Mock Exams Year 121-7 Year 12 Mock Exam Block2 2023 Programs of Excellence Information Session 5.00pm-6.15pm

SEPTEMBER3 Staff Professional Development Day 9 Year 10 Immunisations 9.00am 14 Spring Junior Gala Day 17 End Term 3 OCTOBER 4 Queen's Birthday Public Holiday5 Term 4 Commences 11 School Council Meeting 5.00pm-7.00pm

OCTOBER12 Sports Awards Evening 13 P&C Meeting 7.00pm19 Awards Evening20 Final Assembly Year 12 21-29 Year 11 Exam Block NOVEMBER1-15 Year 12 External Exams1-12 Year 12 IB Exams15-16 Year 10 Exam Block

Please text 0429 347 300 (SMS ONLY),email [email protected] call 3327 8393 before 9.30am on the day of your student’s absence.


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www.indoorooshs.eq.edu.au The Department of Education trading as Education Queensland International CRICOS Registration Number 00608A

This week at Indro our talented students and staff presented, filmed and edited a video assembly to unite our school community digitally.

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's M


geDerek Weeks Acting Executive Principal

We were absolutely delighted to welcome back students on Friday 13 August. Over 60% of students walked through the gates with their masks on and perhaps covering some mixed emotions. On Monday our attendance had returned to expected levels above 90% as students with connections to other exposure sites were released from quarantine. Our students have been exceptionally compliant with the additional restrictions that are in place for South East Queensland High Schools. To keep our community safe, we will continue to remind students and families about COVID-safe health practices including staying home when unwell and regular COVID-safe hygiene measures such as regular handwashing. We will also continue to conduct additional cleaning throughout the school day.

Our successful return to classrooms last week was an important step for our school community but we recognise that we are not back to normal. At an operational level the current restrictions have implications for assemblies, excursions, incursions, instrumental music ensembles, clubs, sport and being able to hold events and welcome parents and carers onto site. More broadly, we know that these last few weeks will continue to impact us differently as individuals. We will need to continue to look out for each other over these next few months. Together with the support provided in the broader community, the school has supplementary learning and wellbeing resources in place for students as they return to their regular school routines. We will also continue to consider how we can support the wellbeing needs of our broader school community through additional offerings such as the well-attended Sentis Education Wellbeing virtual meeting held last Wednesday 11 August. Our next session with psychologist Krishneel Maharaj for parents and carers will be held Tuesday 31 August and more information appears later in this newsletter.

Finally, a sincere and heartfelt thanks to families, staff and students. Through the challenges of the last two weeks the strength and calibre of our school community has been clearly evident for all to see. As we continue to support each other with kindness, patience and presuming the best intent from our students, families and staff we are confident that we will emerge from these challenging times as a united community of forward thinkers. COVID-19 School Restrictions

On Wednesday 18 August, the Premier announced that there will be an easing of restrictions from 4pm Friday 20 August. This will result in a number of changes at school for students, staff and families from Monday 23 August. Any additional changes to these arrangements will be communicated to students and parents via email.

For the week commencing Monday 23 August:

Facemasks and visitors on site• Masks must be carried by students, staff and visitors at all times. • Masks must be worn in classrooms by students and staff at all times. Masks must also be worn inside all other school buildings unless students are able to remain 1.5m apart from other people.• Where students are outside and able to remain more than 1.5 metres away from others, students may remove their mask. As an example, students will be able to remove their mask when physically distanced from others while walking between buildings. Students will be required to wear masks when queuing for the tuckshop where physical distancing is not able to be maintained. • Parents, carers and visitors are able to come into the school. All visitors must sign in at the

Administration Building and adhere to the ongoing directions regarding the wearing of masks. At Indooroopilly, masks must be worn by all visitors and external providers in classrooms. Masks must also be worn inside all other school buildings unless visitors are able to remain 1.5m apart from other people. Masks may be removed outdoors, as long as visitors can remain 1.5 metres apart from other people.

• While students should arrive at school with a mask, we are able to provide masks if students require one. Students are able to collect additional masks at Student Services and the Administration Building.

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Principal's Message• We understand that some students may experience anxiety or sensory sensitivities with regards to wearing a mask. Staff will support students and make reasonable adjustments where necessary. Parents and/or students do not need a medical certificate to prove they have a reason for not wearing a face mask. School programs

• Large group activities will begin to re-commence. Instrumental Music teachers will communicate specific ensemble arrangements with students and parents. Where students are able to remain 1.5 metres apart from others during these activities they are able to remove their mask. Instrumental music lessons can occur. As always it is essential that staff and students adhere of COVID safe health practices throughout these activities.• Virtual Year Level Assemblies will continue from Monday.• Sporting activities can occur. When students are able to remain 1.5 metres apart from others during these activities they are able to remove their mask. This is likely possible when playing tennis, frisbee and kick-to-kick. Masks will need to be worn where students choose to play touch football or soccer where tackling occurs.

Year 11 Exams

• These examinations will now take place in the Multi-Purpose Hall. When seated and physically distanced under examination conditions, students will be able to remove their mask.

Derek WeeksActing Executive Principal

Virtual Parent/Carer Wellbeing Session

Krishneel Maharaj from Sentis Education, our partners in wellbeing, will be running a virtual Wellbeing Session for our Parents and Carers onThursday 31 August at 6.00pm.

A Registered Psychologist, Krishneel Maharaj, works for Sentis Education and often presents to parents about a variety of topics. Having worked as a School Counsellor/Psychologist, Krishneel is acutely aware of the challenges students face. Krishneel's areas of expertise include the empowerment of the individual, the creation of greater wellbeing, resilience and ultimately impact.

Members of our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community - please note that there will be an Auslan interpreter at the 6.00pm session to support access to this information. The session will be live to allow for questions from parents, carers and staff with topics for discussion including:

• improving performance through developing resillience and mental toughness• creating certainty when lockdown could happen again

As this session will be hosted by Sentis Education, they will be using the Zoom platform for this virtual wellbeing session. Due to copyright provisions, this virtual session will not be captured by video for further publication with our community after the event. The Zoom link will be sent to all parents/carers via email as soon as it is available.

Jenny Knowles Deputy Principal - Organisational Wellbeing


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Michael Berkman MP

Hi Folks I just wanted to convey my heartfelt thanks to the whole school community for the hard work that you’ve all put in over the past few weeks. It’s been incredible to see our community come together in such difficult times. I especially want to thank all of those who are still quarantining now, and those who stepped up to share info, resources and other support within the community. We have you to thank for containing this latest outbreak, for ISHS being able to open back up again to in-person teaching, and for the brevity of the lockdown for the broader SEQ community.

I know there have been some difficulties with communication and admin during the outbreak.

My office has been helping residents with issues like income support, home quarantine orders, and child custody matters, and I know many have been struggling to access income support without a quarantine direction. If you’re in this situation, please call the Metro North Public Health Unit on 3624 1111 and they should be able to issue you a Quarantine Direction. If you’re having any other issues, please get in contact with my office at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Yours in hope Michael Berkman MP for Mairwar

Councillor James MackayHello to the Indooroopilly Community

After a trying month for the Westside, I consider myself very fortunate and privileged to pass on a message of goodwill to the school body.

You would be pleased to know the local community has contacted my office to express not only their admiration but also their thanks for your exemplary leadership during the recent Delta outbreak. That the students, families, and staff of Indooroopilly State High School were so diligent in quarantine is a testament to your commitment to the school values of self-discipline and social responsibility.

On behalf of the local community, please accept thanks and congratulations for shouldering the responsibility that was placed upon you.

Kind regards Cr James MackayCouncillor for Walter Taylor Ward | BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL

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Thank you to our Indro Community

for your kindness and supportDuring quarantine our staff received a vast number of messages from our community and from others not directly part of the Indro community that buoyed our spirits. Whether it was showing support on our Facebook page, or sending us emails, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who offered us support and showed kindness and understanding. Below is a collection of messages we received, which certainly had a positive affect, and were appreciated by our staff.

Great work teachers!!! Suzie; Thank you to all the teachers for the effort. Ana; Great work Indro - hope you are all doing ok, Peter; Great work guys! stay strong!, Gemma; Great School! Great teachers!, Mary; Thank you so much. Phey; This is awesome. Well done ISHS :), Rosanne; Lockdown Legends!!!, Suzie; This is awesome. Well done ISHS :), Rosanne; Good on your guys!! Thank you from the rest of the Indro community, Anne; Shout out to staff who have all been incredible over these last two weeks!, Mary; You guys have been absolutely brilliant in the past few weeks!, Irina; ISHS please tay safe and strong!, Tam;

Very impressed as well with how the school communicated promptly and efficently with its community. Amazing how Assemby happened this morning. Thanks to all the teachers, coordinators and deputies who seem to have been working non stop and at anytime since last Friday morning. It is really appreciated. We are also thinking of the families who are unwell and our heart goes out to them., Sophie;

I just want to pass on my sincere appreciation to your students related to wearing masks in public. I was driving home yesterday just after your school closed. I saw hundreds and hundreds of students walking out of the school towards Indooroopilly station. Every single student that I saw was wearing a mask. And wearing it properly. As an older member of the local community I would like to pass on my thanks to these students. I truly appreciate this. I also appreciate how difficult it must have been for students and staff to have to had quarantine., Frances; I would like to offer our support and let you know that at Donnybrook District High School, in Western Australian, we are thinking of you., Louise, Principal; I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to your school community for their efforts over the last few weeks.If it weren’t for the diligence of your senior student in getting tested promptly when she became ill, followed by the commitment of the wider community in abiding by home quarantine, Queensland would not currently be in the position we are.I hope you have not been subjected to any negative sentiment from the public, but if you have, I hope this email serves to remind you all that there are also many who are very grateful.With thanks and best wishes for the rest of the school year. Rebecca; I would like to send my sincere congratulations and thanks to all the students, parents and carers, and staff of your school. This commitment to keeping SE Queensland safe is so very much appreciated. Special thanks go to those who tested positive and quarantined for an extended period of time!, Ann; Just wanted to say thank you to your school community for their magnificent effort over the last 2 weeks. What an effort and it kept us safe. Thank you, thank you June and Terry; Thank you, Srinivas; Thank you so much for the clear, concise and supportive communication we have received over the past couple of weeks. The school and community have done a wonderful job. Rachel; Thank you for your email and managing the students staff and families during this difficult time. Paul;

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Learning From Home - Reflections and FeedbackDigital technologies and applications are part of everyday learning for us. When students attend school, digital technologies and applications support in-class learning, homework and study at home. Earlier this term we identified the need to enact a whole school student technology audit to ensure all students had a good understanding of the digital platforms used to support learning. Through this process, students were provided with instructional and technical support with those essential digital platforms commonly used across our School including, eDiary, Readcloud and Microsoft Teams. Through this technology audit we were able to troubleshoot common connectivity issues and affirm expectations of how to access these essential digital platforms to improve their classroom learning.

The use of digital platforms for learning enables students to extend their technical knowledge, skill and approach to learning to be well prepared for future learning or employment. As a school we are always providing staff with an opportunity to extend their capability with the technical knowledge and skill required to support online pedagogy to engage our students in interactive and collaborative learning experiences. While learning from home during quarantine was a steep learning curve for students and staff, our staff had access to key support and guidance to assist them with the technical skill required to approach lessons in a live and online format. As a community of learners, both students and staff were extremely adaptive to the challenges of online learning, mastering new skills and functions using the Microsoft Teams platform. After the first week, students and teachers had the technical knowledge and skill to extend student learning experiences and to support curriculum extension in this online learning approach. As we continue to reflect on this approach as a school, we know that it was vital to obtain student feedback about our approach and continue to improve our focus on personal connection with our students while learning from home.

In the final week of quarantine, we enacted a student survey to collect feedback about our approach to online learning. We had an incredible student response rate to the survey that will enable the School to consider further amendments to our online learning policy in the future. Most notably, over 80% of students in all cohorts was the high percentage of students maintaining social contact and connection with friends in virtual formats while in quarantine. While it was clear from the survey that almost 85% of all students knew who to contact if they were having difficulties with their approach to learning while at home. A key point for our leadership team moving forward will be the student response to developing a routine with their approach to learning, on average the student response about over 50% across all cohorts. We have taken on board the feedback provided by our students and have engaged with their personal comments and areas of concern identified within this survey. Student's comments and feedback will be considered as we continue to review our approach to online learning in these circumstances. One comment from a Year 12 student, highlighted their increased autonomy with their approach to learning, I found being in a quieter, controllable environment where I was able to take responsibility and control for my own schedule and workload. The comments from our students were incredibly powerful and provided insights into the challenges they faced while learning in these difficult circumstances. The commitment and perseverance demonstrated by all students at this time was nothing short of incredible.

Continued Page 6

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Courage to Care Year 11 Literature Students IncursionOn Wednesday 28th July, we, as Indooroopilly State High Year 11 Literature students, had a unique opportunity to meet and talk to the volunteers from Courage to Care. Listening to the extraordinary stories of different people and even having an exclusive chance to speak with holocaust survivor, Peter Baruch. Students were able to hear and learn from various experiences and perspectives. Stories of people like Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, William Cooper and Chiune Sugihara helped students to feel and actually understand the concepts of discrimination, cruelty and oppression that people had experienced and still experience in the world globally. Peter shared with the students his unbelievable life experience of being saved by Sugihara, who chose to be an upstander and was able to change the lives of more than 6,000 people during WWII. His example and the discussions that we had with the volunteers showed us how every person can choose not to be just a bystander who is too scared to do something, but, taking all their courage, stand up and speak up for someone who needs their help. From this experience, students didn’t only take fascinating and important history lessons, but also learnt what it means to take responsibility for your actions and choices and make a difference in your communities.

This learning experience also prepared us for the Year 11 Literature analytical study of Maus by engaging in the living history, bringing the contemporary significance of the text to life. Olga Year 11

Elliot Ramm, Michelle Terret, Lee Macname, Peter Baruch, Rosemary Soloman, Dell Vincharmera, Nick O'Connor and Libby Maxwell

Peter Barauchspeaking withYear 11 Literaturestudents

Learning From Home - Reflections and FeedbackProvided were some insights from our students about their approach to online learning:

• It’s difficult with the use of technology… to share responses and answers with the class – Year 9• I prefer face to face learning as teachers help with group discussions and class mates – Year 9• Really hard to concentrate on learning while I’m alone since I get distracted easily – Year 10• A large amount of work needs to be completed in short space of time – Year 10 • At school we know how much depth we need to study on a topic. At home we don’t – Year 12• Sometimes it is hard to concentrate, also for some content you can’t get that immediate clarification if you are on track - Year 12

Thank you to our parents for your support and assistance to students during this period of learning from home during quarantine. On behalf of our staff, thank you for your support and positive affirmations, we were very grateful to be supported by our community during this time. The full report is available here.

Timothy Barraud Acting Senior School Principal

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One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way. Frank Smith Professor of Language in Education

If you find a student at Indooroopilly SHS speaking out loud “ah, wo, er, yi, wu, yu…” in Chinese, do not be surprised. They are practicing their Chinese Pinyin and tones!

Mandarin Chinese has four tones, so one word can be pronounced four different ways and each pronunciation has a different meaning. Pinyin can easily cause ambiguity and even embarrassment since one pinyin can represent different characters with the same pronunciation, which is probably one of the reasons why people find Chinese hard to learn.

Aiming to boost students' confidence in communicating in Mandarin Chinese, during term one. Year 9 Chinese Acceleration and Year 10 Chinese class, we launched a “30 days Chinese pronunciation (Pinyin and Tones) challenge”. Fourteen students from Year 9 and eight students from Year 10 entered into this challenge. They were asked to listen to and mimic one Pinyin recording by Ms Fu for at least 5 minutes for 30 days in a row. Each student was given a laminated palm card to record their daily practice. At the end of the process, twenty-one students were given their Chinese Achievement Certificates to reward their continuous efforts and completion.

Participating students were enthusiastic and passionate about the challenge.

I completed my daily five minutes task in the car on my way to playing rugby. Edward Year 9 Chinese Acceleration

We were assigned the 30 day challenge to improve our perception of tones in Chinese speech. It wasn’t difficult at all, as it only took a couple minutes out of every day, so we didn’t have to go much out of our way in order to do it. Despite not requiring much effort it was still very effective in my opinion, I can say that it helped me improve how I can speak and listen to tones, and I’m sure it also helped many others in the class. Drew Year 9 Chinese Acceleration

Nathan, Halle, Ruby, Ms Fu, Mila, Korya & Thomas Year 10

Mairin, Ella, Emily, Bourne, Edward, Drew, Troy Ms Fu, Zac, Matthew and Ronald Year 9

Chinese Acceleration 30 Day Challenge

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Indooroopilly Writers' SocietyThe Indooroopilly Writers’ Society has enjoyed multiple opportunities to engage with different stimulus activities over the past term, including tabletop roleplaying game The Deep Forest and even picking through Mr Macpherson’s poorly translated YuGiOh card collection (we don’t entirely know where they came from, but that’s a story in itself ). In our first meeting post lockdown, we each chose one peculiar character to introduce with a limerick and describe through a haiku.

Dragon [Limerick] – Lily Year 12

Curving smiles creep up the face on and onSnake curls round spiralling with the creature in transfigurationSummoning monsters under threeComes back to the pile it can’t be freeIt is not, yet is, existing with the title Dragon

Dragon [Limerick] – Lily Year 12

Sliding Scales crossMy bones and skin constrictingDeadly dragon touch

As well as this, we have been busy developing our Bronwyn Lucas Literary Award entries. I have had the privilege of reading through a number of draft samples across genres and am confident that there will be some stiff competition in choosing a winner this year. Entries close Friday Week 6 (20 August).

Our Media Academy students have been hard at work investigating stories over the past two weeks, as both trials and triumphs have dominated our nation’s headlines. In our Week 4 meeting, we took the opportunity to unpack how various angles impact a story’s ability to reach a community and reflected on how our own voice as journalists is important in shaping a broader media narrative.

Junior English Extension is also finalising their groundwork after viewing and unpacking various highlights in Australia’s television space, and exploring how our own anecdotes are potent fuel for the creative fires of writing. From here, we will begin drafting our own scripts for either an existing series or pilot episode of our own design. We are very lucky to be able to enjoy the expertise of our senior students as we write these scripts and push our skillsets past what we’re able to do in our current units of work in the classroom.

If you are interested in any of these programs, please do not hesitate in contacting Mr Macpherson ([email protected], or B Block staffroom at second break).

Meeting Times: Junior English Extension Monday 3.00pm – 4.00pm R13 (limited spaces, please email ahead)Mr Mac’s D&D Writing Group Tuesday First Break R13 (limited spaces, please email ahead)InQLD Media Academy Wednesday First Break R13 (all students welcome throughout Term 3)Indooroopilly Writers’ Society Friday First Break R13 (all students are welcome)

Oliver Macpherson Assistant Head of Department - English

Kegan & Lily Year 12 Ainsley, Amy, Zoe, Flynn and Charlie

Media Academy Week 4 Check-in with Julia, Elin, Spencer, Milli, Amy, Willow, Megan and Teacher Oliver Macpherson

YuGiOh Cards

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I CAN Community Alliance MentorshipMondays during period four, we have continued to see a group of avid students participating in their I CAN lessons. I CAN is a social network for autistic people run by autistic leaders. During the first week of online lessons we had I CAN leaders – Ellie, Arthur and Sam, who will continue to use the zoom platform to deliver lessons for the remainder of the term.

After sharing good news, games were played where we found out that Hannah has NOT met the Queen of Denmark but Clay HAS met Malcolm Turnbull. One of the most popular (and challenging!) segments of the I CAN sessions is the I CAN Talk. Arthur shared his experience of overcoming his fear of public speaking by working in an anime convention. He attributed his success to the support and understanding of people he worked with.

Students then practised their public speaking with an activity called “This is better than that”. Quinn successfully argued that a bamboo straw was better than a coloured bouncy ball, by using many examples. The feedback he received was that he spoke clearly with good pace and volume. The session, as always, ended in shout outs, where students had the opportunity to praise and congratulate others for their efforts and ideas.

Hillary MorrisonHead of Department Integrated Student Support

QTAC Applications QTAC applications are now open and our Guidance Officers have produced The Indro Guide to QTAC Applications for our Year 12 Students.

The guide can be found here on our website and should you have any questions please contact Luke Wallace Guidance Officer (Years 7 & 12) via email [email protected] .

I Can's Sam and ArthurI Can's Ellie with Indro students Clay, Hannah & Stephanie

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What is the IB Programme?The IB Diploma Programme is designed as an academically challenging and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, generally aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. The programme is normally taught over two years and has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

Mission StatementThe International Baccalaureate Organisation aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the IBO encourages students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

For further information contact IB Coordinator Peter Day on [email protected] or (07) 3327 8333.

Aviation is a subject for students who are looking forward to either a career in aviation or flying for pleasure.

Students are able to enrol in Aviation in Years 10, 11 and 12. Students go to a flying school at Archerfield Airport each week during the year. Initially students aim to perform their first solo flight, and must be 15 years of age to do so.

Students work towards a Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) and, after successfully completing navigation flights, gain a Private Pilot Licence. Students will be required to pay their chosen flying school each week for their lesson. This is a pay-as-you-go arrangement with the hire rate of an aircraft and instructor plus landing fees and briefing. It is a significant expense, details of which are available from each flying school.

The theory, comprising Flight Radio Operator’s Licence (FROL), Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) and Private Pilot Licence Theory (PPL) is

studied during Wednesday briefings and at home.

Topics include aircraft familiarisation, aviation terminology, communications, aircraft general knowledge and control, rules and procedures of flight, theory of flight, meteorology and navigation. Students also have the ability to practise flights in the school’s flight simulator.

It is preferable for students to complete the aviation medical and apply for an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) and student pilot licence before commencing flight training, as the first solo flight is not permitted until the documentation has been processed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

For more information contact Matt Reid, Head of Department – Business, Industry & Innovation, [email protected]

The Networking Academy Program is a two-year course offered by Indooroopilly State High School in conjunction with Cisco Systems, a world leading manufacturer of networking equipment.

What do students learn?Students learn to construct and configure Local and Wide Area Networks (LANs and WANs) using state of the art equipment. LANs and WANs interconnecting our computing equipment and the entire global internet.

A student who has successfully completed the course and attained certification will be able to build, maintain and interconnect computer networks. The student will be able to configure networking equipment such as routers and switches which direct and manage network data.

For further information contact CISCO Coordinator Andrew Waddell on [email protected].

CISCO Networking Academy Program

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Aviation at Indro: Sky's the limit

Specialist programs

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Community Notices

Career planning and transition for young people on the autism spectrum| Thursday 2 September, 4.00pm (AEST)In this 60 minute live and interactive webinar, our presenters, Associate Professor Marina Ciccarelli, Cheryl Mangan, and Brendan James will provide information for parents about:

• The Better Outcomes and Successful Transitions for Autism (BOOST-A) research;

• The role of parents and supporters in youth focused, strengths-based career planning; and

• How myWAY Employability career planner can support young people on the autism spectrum to build a customised profile and goals to plan for future career pathways.

Based on six years of research, myWAY Employability is a smart web platform that helps autistic individuals plan and prepare for working life. Autistic individuals co-produced content, design, and usability of the website. myWAY Employability matches an individual’s interests and strengths to relevant careers and pathways. It encourages users to create big dreams, and smaller goals and tasks to track progress.

Register here.