Indonesia Against Corruption (محد شريف)

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  • 8/8/2019 Indonesia Against Corruption ( )


    Should Corruption be Banned In Indonesia???

    Indonesia is a big nation. This nation stands over 65 years. This big nation has been built passed many troubles. Our people have sacrificed against our enemies that have invaded our great nation. Our nation is made by great decision, big chance, surprising action. With the base

    of pancasila, which is declared by our great founding fathers of indonesia. And is that finished? No! our people had to arrange indonesia to be a great nation. And that job is not finished yet,until now, we still have to arrange indonesia to be better. We have many home works that wehave to cure them clearly.

    Like a tiger which hunt is prey, we are haunted by corruption, the big pathetic problem.This problem has made our nation get 1 st grade in the category of big corrupt countries in theasia-pacific. This is mortifying us as an Indonesian people. It means that this is really a problemthat we have to cure clearly. This has made indonesia is getting worse. This frightened case hasmade many bad people that control our government; they act like a heady people. They just

    make our nation getting near to die. They just think about one purpose, MONEY! Not doing for change for this nation. Remember! Our mission is we have to act how indonesia become thegreat countries, not the big corrupt countries.

    But, how come the government can clear this case, if the people are doing this bad thing.Like a dirty broom sweeps dirty floor, the government consists of many corrupt people, but thegovernment tries to clear the corruption. We know that the government people are smart people;they have competence to fix the problem in this nation. But they dont behave which is indicatedthat they will change this nation to be better. They just think about themselves. As a result, theywill do anything for themselves. They will do anything for getting money, include of corruption.

    This thing will be imitated by the other. And if the government is dominated by many corrupt people, it will destruct our nation. We will see the raising of discrepancy of distribution income;we will see more poor people because of corruption in our country. Thats pathetic.

    As we know, the punishments for corruptors are still weak. Like eagles fly freely. manycorruptors in Indonesia live free without punishment. They just bribe the judge and the problemsare done. This proves that law can be bought by money in Indonesia.

    From the arguments above, it is obvious that we should save this nation, like we keep our personal thing. We should cooperate with our government to against this problem together. We

    should punish corruptors in our nation by giving sentence to death. Start from ourselves, startfrom the little thing, start from now, for repairing our mentality for making a big change.