Indigeneous religions

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Text of Indigeneous religions

  • 1. Ancient Hawaaians

2. Native American 3. Medicine Wheel 4. Inuit (Eskimo) 5. Aborigines-Austrailia 6. Maori of New Zealand 7. African Religions 8. Obstacles of AppreciationAaappreciation

        • scholars concentrated on written texts
        • stories, rituals, ceremonies, sandpaintings, songs
        • prayers, dance, masks, wood sculpture
        • permanence vs. impermanence

9. Modern recovery of indigenous religions

  • Efforts of scholars in anthropology - experience
  • Ecological movement-David Suzuki, Wisdom of the Elders, insightful lessons of human/nature relationship
  • Ecologist-Paul Ehrlich-quasireligious approach
  • Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson proposes biophilia, a love of life We must rediscover our kin, the other animals and plants with whom we share the planet.

10. learning from patterns

  • Human Relationship With the Natural World
  • Sacred Time and Sacred Space
  • Respect for Origins, Gods, and Ancestors

11. Human relationship with nature

  • Respectful relationship with nature
  • Animism-everything is alive
  • Life force is in every-thing--trees, plants, animals, humans
  • One reality-wakan

12. Sacred Time

  • Time of eternity; dream time (Aboringenes); distant time (Koyukon-Arctic)
  • Sacred time is cyclical, returning to origins for renewal-ancestors and myths

13. Sacred space

  • Doorway to the other world of gods, ancestors, wisdom, strength and power
  • May encompass a great mountain, volcano, valley, lake, forest, single large tree

14. respect for origins, gods, ancestors

  • ORIGINS- cosmic tales of origins
  • GODS -in stories and nature; altars and imagery dedicated to deity are not common
  • ANCESTORS -com-munication w/ dead

15. Sacred Practices in Indigenous Religions

  • Rituals are basic way to live in harmony with each other and nature
  • Life Cycle Ceremonies
  • Taboo and Sacrifice
  • Shamanism, Trance, and Spiritual Powers

16. Threats to Indigenous Religions Today

  • Global spread of popular culture
  • Loss of natural lands and environments
  • Loss of native languages
  • Conversion to other religions

17. Resolution of Apology toNative People Native People

  • The Faith & Politics Institute and the National Congress of American Indians, reps from six tribes
  • acknowledged the wrongdoing of the Federal Government
  • signed by President Obama, January 2009

18. President Obama Signs Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010

  • end rape and sexual assault of Native and Alaska women
  • more than 1 in 3 Native women will be raped; 86% by non-native perpetrators
  • restores authority, resources, and info to Tribal governments

19. Indigenous Communities Held Hostage in Brazil

  • In 2009 the Guarani Kalowa Ypoi was violently evicted from ancestral land
  • kidnapping/murder
  • In April 2010 the tribe members managed to reoccupy land, but immediately deprived of movement - gun threats