Indian Cuisine - .Indian Cuisine Open 7 days a week 479030 / 483688 Restaurant & Takeaway Experience
Indian Cuisine - .Indian Cuisine Open 7 days a week 479030 / 483688 Restaurant & Takeaway Experience

Indian Cuisine - .Indian Cuisine Open 7 days a week 479030 / 483688 Restaurant & Takeaway Experience

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Text of Indian Cuisine - .Indian Cuisine Open 7 days a week 479030 / 483688 Restaurant & Takeaway...

  • Indian Cuisine

    Open 7 days a week

    479030 / 483688

    Restaurant & Takeaway

    Experience ChristchurchsNewest Indian Culinary Adventure

    Telephone: 01202

    5 - 6 Fountain WaySaxon Centre, Christchurch

    Dorset BH23 1QN

    Fully Air ConditionedIncluding Bank Holidays

    Sun-Thurs: 12noon to 2.30pm and 6.00pm to 11.30pmFri-Sat: 12noon to 2.30pm and 6.00pm 12.00pm

    Free Home DeliveriesWithin 3 miles radius on orders over 20.00








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    Vegetable Curry 3.00 Assorted vegetables in spicesbombay aloo 3.00Potatoes cooked in spices

    aloo gobi 3.00Potatoes with caulifloweronion bhaji 2.25Deep fried spicy onion balls mushrooms bhaji 3.00With fried onions and spicessag bhaji 3.00Spinach fried in spicessag aloo 3.00Spinach and potatoessag Panir 3.00Cheese and spinachbhindi bhaji 3.00Okra with onions and spicesChanna massala 3.00 With fried onions and spicesCauliflower bhaji 3.00With onions and spicesbrinjal bhaji 3.00Aubergine with spicesdall tarka 3.00Lentils fried in garlic

    Cooked with Basmati Rice.Plain riCe 1.95Steamed Rice.

    Pilau riCe 2.25with saffron.

    Vegetable Pilau 2.95with mixed vegetables.

    khoPa riCe 2.95Cooked with onions and coconut.

    keema riCe 2.95with minced lamb.

    mushroom riCe 2.95with mushroom.

    sPeCial riCe 2.95with fried peas and egg.

    onion riCe 2.95Steamed rice fried with onions.

    PaPadum 0.50sPiCed PoPPadom 0.60onion salad 0.50mango Chutney 0.50 mint sauCe 0.50lime PiCkle 0.50mixed raitha 0.50CuCumber raitha 1.00


    nan 1.70Leavened bread in fine flour baked in a tandoor.

    garliC 1.95Leavened bread with garlic.

    Vegetable nan 1.95Leavened bread filled with vegetables.

    keema nan 1.95Leavened bread with mildly spiced minced lamb.

    Peshwari nan 1.95Leavened bread filled with coconut and sultanas.

    Porata 1.70Bread baked with butter, fried in Ghee.

    stuffed Porata 1.95with vegetables.

    roti 1.50Baked wheat bread.

    ChaPati 1.00Soft puffed bread.

    VEGETABLE SIDE DISHES TANDOORI BREADS We would like to invite you to dine at our restaurant MelaOur Chefs are widely celebrated and award winners several

    times over. They have proudly accepted the local Curry chef award for many years and have been featured on

    channel 4 television.

    Whether you choose the traditional Indian food or Bangladesh food which reflects the true art and culture of the originators and exponents of Indian food as the British

    know it, our sole purpose is to make sure that you have the best food, service and ambience possible so that this

    occasion is one that you will want to repeat.

    Mela is easy to reach, has ample car parking on site and a generous 80 - cover restaurant. We cater for weddings,

    birthdays and other special occasions.

    We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers special live music evening why not contact us to find out when we are hosting our next one and enjoy an evening of

    exquisite food, wine and music.

    All Major Cards Accepted 5 - 6 Fountain WaySaxon Centre, Christchurch

    Dorset BH23 1QN

    We aim to provide the best service in town and we take your comments very seriously to help improve our service.

    If you have any suggestions or comments about our service, please contact us 01202 479030




    % 10 Hom

    e Delivery AvailableOn Coll



    Special LunchAny Starter

    Any Main CourseAny Rice or Nan

    And Coffee

    Served from12 noon to 2.30pm


    ExclusiveSunday BuffetWe offer a variety ofmany succulent authentic Bangladeshibuffet arrangements. With many items tochoose from, the New Mela offers youa fantastic diningexperience.

    8.95Per Adult

    5.95Per Child

    Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee!We Only use the finest ingredients in our cooking

    to ensure the highest quality in our products.If you have any special dietary requirement, please tell us when placing your orders.


    ChiCken or lamb shashlik 7.95Tender pieces of chicken/lamb marinated in our Chefs own recipe andbarbecued over flaming charcoal, with tomatoes, capsicum and onions.

    tandoori king Prawn shashlik 10.95Marinated in our Chefs own recipe and barbecued over flamingcharcoal, with tomatoes, capsicum and onions.

    tandoori king Prawn 9.95Succulent king size prawn mild marinated and barbecued in a tandoor.

    ChiCken or lamb tikka 6.95Boneless pieces of chicken/lamb marinated in herbs and spices, andbarbecued over flaming charcoal.

    tandoori mixed grill 9.95Assorted tandoori dishes served with nan bread.

    tandoori ChiCken 6.95Half a spring chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt and grilled in a tandoor.

    tandoori lamb ChoPs 8.95Succulent pieces of lamb marinated and barbecued in clay oven, served with salad.

    tandoori fish 8.95Salmon fillet marinated in spices and yoghurt and grilled in atandoor.



    bengal sPeCial 8.95Marinated chicken cooked in a special medium sauce with mange tout, onions, herbs and spices, garnished with a salad.

    shiraz-e-noor 8.95Fillet of chicken marinated and barbecued in a tandoor. Cooked with medium spices in a thick sauce and an unique selection of herbs.

    anarkali 9.95Marinated breast of chicken barbecued in tandoor with deep fried king prawns, cooked in a tomato based sauce with Indian sliced beans to create a spiced, medium textured dish.ChiCken / lamb laziz 8.95Cooked with capsicum, tomatoes and aromatic spices in the clay oven. Made with a special thick sauce.nowabi jalfrezi 9.95Chicken, Lamb and King prawn cooked with ginger, green chillies and pepper.mela delight 8.95Minced Meat and Tandoori Chickenkastori 10.95King Prawn with shell. Home made sauce, cooked with red onion and green peppermol mol-e- ChiCken 8.95Chicken slices cooked with red onion in a bhuna style. Madras Hot

    dum ka murg 8.95Baked flattened chicken breasts staffed with mixture spinach and cheese. Served with mash potatoes, Rice or nan

    nalli gosht 10.95Lamb Shanks cooked in their own juices with cardamom and saffron. A truly Hyderabadi style. Served with Rice or Nan.


    Platter of starters ( For 2) and (For 4) seafood Platter 11.95 22.95Marinated Fish, barbecued King Prawns,King Prawn butterfly.

    tandoori sPeCial Platter 8.95 16.95Lamb Chops, Chicken Tikka, Sheek kebab.

    PaPadum 0.50Chilli ChiCken 3.95Morsels of chicken, cooked with green chilli sauce,mixed peppers & flavoured with dill leaves.

    Chilli Panir 3.95Batons of cottage cheese, spiced with sweet n sour sauceand tossed in fresh tomatoes.

    gilafi seekh kabab 3.50Minced chicken, spiced with spices, topped with onionand mixed peppers and red onion and chilli jam.

    murga nazakat 3.95Succulent skewered chicken delicately flavoured withgarlic and nutmeg.

    jhinga-e-garliC 5.95King prawns grilled in the tandoori oven with ahint of garlic and mint.

    Chot Poti (award winner) 3.95Chick peas with boiled egg cooked in a special sauce,hot to the taste with a tangy finish.

    Panir shaslik 3.95Diced Indian cheese delicately together with an assortmentof tomatoes, onions and capsicum grilled in a tandoori oven.

    Vegetable or meat samosa 2.95Pastry stuffed with minced meat or vegetable,

    onion bhaji 2.50Four in a portion, served with salad.

    mas Purah 4.95Marinated salmon fillet in our Chefs special sauce and barbecued in a clay oven.

    king Prawn butterfly 4.25King prawn marinated with spices and bread crumbs.

    king Prawn on Puree 5.95Spiced king prawn served with a thick sauce on puree base.

    ChiCken or lamb tikka 3.95Marinated in our Chefs own recipe and barbecued overflaming charcoal with tomatoes, capsicum and onions.

    ChiCken Chat 3.95Spiced chicken served with a thick sauce.

    aloo Chat 2.95Spiced Potato served with a thick sauce.

    mixed kebab 4.50Served with chicken tikka, lamb tikka andsheek kebab with fried onions.

    sheek kebab 3.50Minced lamb marinated with spice and barbecued onskewers, served with salad.

    garliC mushroom 3.95king Prawn sokaa 5.95King prawns cooked in a sweet and sour tamarind sauce.

    lamb zingar 3.95Skewered Lamb grilled in the Tandoor with garlic and herbs.

    ChiCken zingar 3.95Skewered Chicken grilled in the Tandoor with garlic and herbs.

    MELA SPECIALSChiCken or lamb tikka massala 6.95Boneless tikka mildly flavoured and cooked in a massala sauce with almonds and fresh cream.

    ChiCken or lamb jalfrezi 6.95Cooked with onions, capsicum and green chillies, in a hot sauce.ChiCken or lamb tikka bahar 6.95Cooked in tandoor and made with spring onions and special sauce.ChiCken or lamb makhani 6.95Mild and creamy with butter.ChiCken or lamb Pasanda 6.95Very mild in a creamy red wine sauce.ChiCken or lamb razala 6.95Tangy, hot - cooked with yoghurt, mixed onions, capsicum and green chilli.garliC ChiCken or garliC lamb 6.95Tikka with garlic, onions and fresh herbs. Medium Chilli ChiCken 6.95Chicken cooked a blend of ground coriander, green chillies and a hint of garlic.karahi kebab khyberi 6.95Cubed chicken cooked tomatoes, green peppers with chefs own recipe. This dish originates from the khyber-pass.aChari ChiCken or lamb 6.95An authentic tangy preparation of curry flavoured with pickled spices and tomatoes.


    BIRYANI DISHESMild, rich and very aromatic. Consists of a