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<ul><li><p>Space is Limited, Register </p><p>by March 9, 2011 </p><p>This event is free and open to </p><p>the public public </p><p>In Honor of Black History Month and </p><p>Womens History Month </p><p>We are pleased to announce </p><p>TThhee FFaannnnyy JJ.. CCooppppiinn RReesseeaarrcchh SSeemmiinnaarr </p><p>Saturday, March 12, 2011 </p><p>9:00-2:30 </p><p> Keynote Address: </p><p>Dr. Kokahvah Zauditu-Selassie Associate Professor of Humanities </p><p>2010 Fulbright Scholar to Cote DIvoire </p><p>Coppin State University </p><p>Seminar Theme: Studies of History, Advocacy, and Agency in Community: </p><p>Fanny Jackson Coppin and the Self-Emancipated Life </p><p>This interdisciplinary research seminar1 allows faculty to introduce their scholarship (discipline specific OR community driven) within the context of Fanny Jackson Coppins autobiography, Reminiscences of School Life, and Hints on Teaching (1913) </p><p>[]. The seminar is free and includes lunch. Pre-registration and an abstract of research (past or current) are required. Presenters have 10-15 minutes. All participants must present. </p><p>Tentative Schedule </p><p>9:00: Welcome and Introduction </p><p>9:30-10:00: Opening remarks on the life and legacy of Fanny Jackson Coppin </p><p>10:00-1:00: Seminar Presentations/Lunch </p><p>1:00-2:00: Keynote Address </p><p>2:00-2:30: Closing remarks on the seminar and the life and legacy of Fanny Jackson </p><p>Coppin/Adjourn </p><p> Dr. Kokavah Zauditu-Selassie is associate professor of English at Coppin State University, Baltimore. She had her paper, </p><p>"Redistributing Justice and Balancing the Scales of Truth: An Examination of Law in the Novels of Toni Morrison" accepted </p><p>for the 2009 Conference of the American Literature Association, (Boston, May, 2009). She is the author of African Spiritual </p><p>Traditions in the Novels of Toni Morrison (University of Florida Press, 2009). This work has received critical praise: "Zauditu-</p><p>Selassie is uniquely positioned to write this book, as she is not only a literary critic but also a practicing Obatala priest in the </p><p>Yoruba spiritual tradition and a Mama Nganga in the Kongo spiritual system. She analyzes tensions between communal and </p><p>individual values and moral codes as represented in Morrison's novels. She also uses interviews with and nonfiction written by </p><p>Morrison to further build her critical paradigm." </p><p> Sponsored by: The Department of History, Geography, and Global Studies, The Fanny Jackson Coppin Digital History Institute </p><p>(FJCDHI), The Society of African Women Scholars, Coppin State University, 2500 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21216 </p><p> 1 Supported by a grant from The CSU Office of Academic Affairs and the Faculty Research &amp; Development Committee (FR&amp;DC). Co-sponsored by </p><p>The School of Arts and Sciences: History, Geography and Global Studies, Humanities, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts; other schools/departments are welcomed to participate. </p></li><li><p>The Fanny J. Coppin Research Seminar Saturday, March 12, 2011 </p><p>Pre-Registration </p><p> (ends March 9, 2011) </p><p> Name: _______________________________________________________ </p><p>Job Title: ____________________________________________________ </p><p>Department: ________________________________________________ </p><p>School/Company: __________________________________________ </p><p>Address: ____________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________ </p><p> Phone: _______________________________________________________ </p><p> Title of Presentation: _______________________________________ </p><p> ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST REGISTER AND PRESENT ON PAST OR CURRENT RESEARCH </p><p>SCHOLARS HAVE 10-15 MINUTES TO OUTLINE THEIR RESEARCH </p><p>Return the Pre-Registration form to: </p><p>Department of History, Geography and Global Studies Coppin State University </p><p>Grace Jacobs Building Room 409 2500 W. North Avenue </p><p>Baltimore, Maryland 21216-3698 </p><p>Supported by a grant from The CSU Office of Academic Affairs and the Faculty Research &amp; Development Committee (FR&amp;DC) </p><p>File: Seminar 2011 In Honor of Women/CSU Flash/FRDC Luncheon 2010 </p><p>Abstract </p></li></ul>