In-depth Reviews of Current Knowledge in Food Science and Food Safety

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  • 2 COMPREHENSIVE REVIEWS IN FOOD SCIENCE AND FOOD SAFETYVol. 1, 2002 2002 Institute of Food Technologists

    In-depth Reviewsof Current

    Knowledge inFood Science

    and Food Safety

    Welcome to Comprehensive Reviews in Food Scienceand Food Safety (CRFSFS). The Institute of Food Tech-nologists is initiating this new comprehensive reviewjournal that will be offered electronically only, with ti-

    tles published regularly in the Journal of Food Science and FoodTechnology.

    With the assistance and guidance of Owen Fennema and the ef-forts of our Board of Editors, we have spent the last two yearsidentifying topics, contacting potential authors who have accept-ed our invitation and prepared the reviews that have successfullycompleted our peer review process and are now making their ap-pearance in this new journal.

    This journal publishes comprehensive, critical reviews on top-ics of current interest in food science, technology, and safety. Cov-erage includes chemical, physical, physiological, psychological,microbiological, nutritional, sensory, risk analysis (assessment,management, and communication), genetic, engineering, analyti-cal, cost, and regulatory aspects as related to processing, storage,packaging, and safety of foods and food ingredients.

    Articles will range in length from 15 to 100 print pages. This ismeant to be intermediate between the short review articles pub-lished in the Journal of Food Science and monographs. It will al-low comprehensive coverage of an area of current interest in thewide selection of areas listed.

    Topics will be covered in-depth and will embody careful evalu-ation (weaknesses, strengths, an explanation of discrepancies inresults among similar studies) of all pertinent studies, so that in-sightful, integrative interpretations, summaries, and conclusionscan be presented.

    While many of the reviews will be invited by the Scientific Edi-tor and the Board of Editors, contributions are also solicited fromthose willing to author a comprehensive review in an area of cur-rent importance. This new review journal should be especially at-tractive and useful for faculty and graduate students preparing acomprehensive review for a dissertation. If you are interested inauthoring a comprehensive review for CRFSFS, please contact theScientific Editor with a suggested title, authors, and a one-pageoutline of the subject matter to be covered.

    We hope that you will find this series of comprehensive reviewsto be of interest and use. Your suggestions for reviews and au-thors, and comments or suggestions about the journal are wel-comed and solicited.

    David Lineback Scientific Editor